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2018 UK Flat Jockeys Championship

UK Flat Jockeys Championship 2018

There are of course plenty of different bets and wagers you can place on horse races, why not read our guide on betting on Horse Racing , however one bet that can often bear fruits, if you are a fan of flat racing, is to have a bet on the jockey who is going to win the most races during the flat season. By keeping your eyes peeled for any trainers that are consistently in form and by checking out who their preferred jockeys are you can often get a good idea of just which jockey will achieve the most winner runs during a season. This is a contest that is based around both Flat and All-Weather races and the contest is live from Saturday the 5th of May 2018 until Saturday the 20th of October 2018.

The odds will of course change as the results of each race come in, but without a shadow of a doubt it is always going to be the jockeys that are riding for the in-form trainers that do stand a much greater chance of winning this content. Not all betting sites will be offering a betting market on the UK 2018 Flat Jockeys Championship, however you will find that all the leading UK based bookmakers will have a betting market in place, and as such if you are looking for one of the more unusual bets and wager you can place, then this is certainly one worth considering.
Below you will get an insight into the current betting market and I will also be passing you on some historical data concerning the results of this contest over the last few years too.

Bet on Horse racing

Current Flat Jockeys Championship Odds

The current favourite to win the Flat Jockeys Championship in in 2018 season is Silvestre De Sousa, in fact so much so are the quality of rides this season he has already bene installed as the current 4/9 favourite to win this contest!
The second favourite is of course Andrea Atzeni, who has proven time and time again he knows just how to pull a race out of the bag, and if you think Andrea is going to win this content then his current win odds of doing so are tempting being 6/1.

It is always true to say that luck can play a huge part on whether a jockey is going to win this content, and as such some of the mid-priced jockeys that worth considering include Jim Crowley at 9/1, the vastly experienced Ryan Moore at14/1 and a couple of the younger up and coming jockeys including both Daniel Tudhope and William Buick who are both trading at around the 16/1 mark.

There has been some money on the betting markets recently for Oisin Murphy whose odds have dropped from 25/1 to 20/1 and James Doyle who started off at 33/1 to win this contest but is now available at 25/1.
Some other jockeys who are in with a chance of winning the title, albeit a small chance include both Adam Kirby and Paul Hanagan at 33/1, Luke Morris at 50/1, Joe Fanning at 66/1 and you will get odds of 100/1 on Fran Berry, Frankie Dettori, Jamie Spencer and P J McDonald.

Other Horse Racing Bets On Offer

The Flat Jockeys Championship is of course a novelty type bet, but with some luck it can be a bet that pays off, if you take advantage of the early betting markets. The odds of each jockey will start to fluctuate as the result of each meeting are known, so do consider placing a bet early.

If you are interested in placing a range of additional bets on horse racing, then one type of bet that will give you an interest in a race meeting all day is a placepot bet. That bet is a pooled bet where stakes of all bettors are placed into the pot, and a dividend less commission and other fees are removed from the pot will be declared are the end of a race meeting.

To win a share of that pot you must correctly predict one horse to be placed in each of the races at a racecourse, if each horse you do select does get placed then a share of the pot will be yours.

Another popular type of bet that can return some huge pay-out dividends is a Tricast bet. That bet requires you to pick out three horses in an up and coming horse race, and then hope they finish in first, second and third place as you have written them down on your betting slip.

Previous Winners of the Flat Jockeys Championship

One thing that you are bound to notice when you look at the previous winners list of the Flat Jockeys Championship, is that the same jockeys do tend to win the event year after year, and they are always the jockeys that are retained by the most successful trainers too.

bet on horse racing, horse racingIn 2017 it was Silvestre De Sousa who won the contest, and the year before that it was the turn of Jim Crowley to win, but the previous year to that was in 2015 it was Silvestre De Sousa who won.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Richard Hughes won the champion jockey and in the two years before he won his hattrick in 2011 and 2010 Paul Hanagan won the championship. One jockey won also won this content several times is Ryan Moore.
It was in 2009, 2008 and in 2006 that Ryan Moore was crowned champion flat jockey, but in 2007 the contest was tie with both Jamie Spencer and Sebastian Sanders sharing the title.

Jamie Spencer won this contest back in 2005 and everybody’s favourite jockey that being Frankie Dettori won it back in 2004. Kevin Darley won from 1997 to 1999 and again from 2001 to 2002 with Kevin Darley winning the title in 2000.
If this is a bet you fancy placing then currently the smart money is going on the favourite to win the title, that of course being Silvestre De Sousa.

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