2019 Northwest Division Winner Basketball Betting

Betting on basketball matches is something plenty of punters and sports fans alike do enjoy doing, for often it is the favourites to win each match that will do so, and as such it can be a tad easier picking out winners than when betting on some other sporting events.

There are plenty of live and in-play along with futures betting markets that will be on offer and available to you at betting sites such as Coral, and if you fancy betting on which team you think will be the winning team of the Northwest Division in 2019 then please do read on.

The odds you will see listed below are of course going to be subject to change at any time, but they are available right now over at the Coral betting site.

There are two teams that punters are heavily backing right now, and the first team that being Oklahoma City Thunder is the 2/1 favourite, however the odds on the second favourite that being the Denver Nuggets are not that much higher at 5/2.

There is something of a big jump in the odds of the other teams and below you will get an idea of whether it will be worth you backing on any of those other teams you do fancy to win that division in 2019.

Portland Trail Blazers

The third favourite team to win the Northwest Division are the Portland Trail Blazers, and if you have your eyes on them as the likely winners of that division then you are bound to be very tempted to back them on the futures betting markets available right now over at the Coral betting site.

For that sportsbook is currently offering punters odds of 10/3 on that team, and to be fair there is an outstanding chance they could be crowned the champions in 2019.

Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves

Northwest Division are going to be ones in 2019 that see some of the underdogs performing well, and there are of course two other teams in that division.

The first of them are Utah Jazz and they do not have too much of an uphill struggle to win several games on the trot and as such their odds are not that huge they have no chance of winning, and for reference those odds are 9/2.

Do also keep in mind that when betting at the Coral online or mobiles sportsbook you can also place bets on all individual basketball matches throughout the season, and there will be plenty of different betting opportunities available at that betting site on each match scheduled to be played too.

There is of course one additional teams that is playing in the Northwest Division and that teams is the Minnesota Timberwolves and whilst they are the outsiders to win that division in 2019 I am confident many of their fans will be tempted to place a speculative bet on them winning, much more so when they discover they are a 10/1 shot on doing so!