27th of June World Cup Group Stage Betting

It has been very interesting watching the teams play in the Group Stages of the World Cup this year, from a betting point of view, for whilst plenty of favourites to win many matches have come up trumps, there has been plenty of shock results too.

Today could be another day of unusual results in any of the four Group Stage matches that are scheduled to kick off, and if you do fancy placing a range of different bets then all of our featured betting sites will be offering you plenty of betting opportunities.

However, it is fair to say that an outright win bet could be the order of the day on any or even all of those matches, but I do know many punters are going to be perming teams together in doubles, trebles and even four-fold accumulators, as that way if they do predict the winners of each match they select their returns are going to be much higher than when placing a single win bet.

To help you make up your mind on just which teams may just win today or whether any matches could end in a draw, below I will give you an overview of all four of the matches that will be kicking off at some point today.

Matches Starting at 15:00

There are two matches that will be kicking off at 3pm today and the first one is the match between Mexico and Sweden, from a betting point of view that match is a close on, however looking at the form of each team Mexico may have the upper hand and they are available at odds of 7/5, however the draw is 23/10 and the odds on Sweden winning are 15/8.

It will be South Korea that are tasked with trying to beat Germany today, and their odds of doing so are 14/1 and the draw odds are huge at 6/1, however most punters are of the mind that Germany will win that match and their odds of doing so are 1/6!

Today’s Two Evening Matches

For reasons unknown the powers that be have also scheduled tonight’s two other matches in the Group Stages to kick off at the exact same time and as such at 7pm you will have to pick whether to watch the Switzerland v Costa match or the Serbia v Brazil match.

If you fancy watching and also betting on the Switzerland v Costa match then the smart money does appear to be going on Switzerland for their win odds are 4/5, the draw is pencilled up at odds of 21/10 and the odds on Costa Rica coming out on top are high are 9/2.

I doubt there is going to be any other outcome on the Serbia v Brazil match that a win for Brazil, and with odds of 1/2 currently available on them doing so it does appear plenty of bookies are thinking the same way.

However, you can of course take a chance the Serbia will come out on top in that match and you will be rewarded for keeping your faith in them with odds of 6/1 and if you think the match will end in a draw the odds are 3/1!