32Red Review

You will have seen plenty of advertisements for the sportsbook at 32Red if you live in the UK, for they are a betting site that does actively like to promote itself and also return something to the sporting world, which is done by horse race sponsorship and football team sponsorship too.

As far as the history of 32Red goes, well they started out as a casino operator, and through a series of acquisitions increased the number of casino sites they own and operate, and also moved into the sports betting environment not that long ago.

It has to be their commitment to their customers that does make them stand out in a very overcrowded marketplace, and they have a huge army of customers who trust them with all of their sport betting and gambling requirements.

I am happy to announce that the 32Red sportsbook is now one of our approved betting sites, and when you couple that with the fact that they are licensed and regulated by both the UK Gambling Commission and the Gaming Commissioner over in Gibraltar you are going to be in very safe hands if you choose to gamble there.

Please do read through this review of the 32Red sportsbook in its entirety for you are going to be in the best position possible to determine if they are a betting site that will suit you down to the ground, and you will of course also be able to claim our exclusive welcome bonus offer if you do decide to give them a try too!

Multiple Bonuses and Betting Offers

As 32Red now own and operate a very large number of different gambling sites, you are going to be able to sign up to any or all of them and avail yourself of the welcome bonus offers at each of their sites, and that does of course include their sports betting site too.

However, what you often find as an online or mobile sports betting, is that once you have claimed a welcome offer a sportsbook will then forget about you and not give you access to anything else! That is certainly not going to be the case over at 32Red, for they value their customer’s loyalty and always reward that loyalty too.

As such, whenever you do fancy placing any type of sports bet online or via your mobile phone, I would actively encourage you to take a look at their early and ante post betting markets on offer at 32Red sportsbook, for by doing so you will find a range of daily odds boosters and enhanced odds on a wide and very diverse range of different sporting events.

The odds available at 32Red are some of the best in the business, and when you couple that fact with the best odds guarantees they like to offer, you really are going to be getting the maximum value. Please click onto any of our 32Red links to visit their website and to ensure you instantly qualify for their welcome bonus too!

Very Well Designed Online Betting Platform

It can often drive you mad when you come across some online betting platforms, for there are some that have been designed with no rhyme or reason and it could take you an absolute age to finally be able to look up the odds available on the sporting event you do fancy placing a bet on.

There will be none of that nonsense when you sign up to the 32Red betting site, for they have ensured that even first time and complete novice online sport bettors are soon going to get their grips with using their betting platform.

In fact, all you need to do to look up any odds is click onto the sport category that you are interested in and by doing so a sub menu of all upcoming betting opportunities in that category of sport will then be presented to you.

As long as you have logged into their online betting platform, and have money available in your account you can then secure in real time the odds being offered to you in a matter of seconds.

A full audit trail is of course also offered to each of their betting customers, so you will always know the status of any and all bets you have placed. As soon as any sporting event results are known all outstanding bets are settled instantly too.

Bet via the 32Red Betting App

Every gambling site that 32Red owns and operates does also have its own standalone app, and that is the case with their betting site too. So, if you do want to be able to place a bet no matter where you are then I really would encourage you to download that app onto your mobile phone.

The app itself has been designed in such a way that there are no differences what so ever in regards to any one single aspect of their betting app when you compared it to their online betting platform, so first and foremost be aware that every single sport bet available to their online customers are available to their mobile customers too.

Not only that but as far as the banking interface and types of bets you can place, they are just the same as when you do set about using their online betting platform, so you do have the maximum number of deposit and withdrawal options on their app and can place every single type of bet you would ever get the urge to place too.

The app is designed to allow you to completely seamlessly place a bet, which you do by swiping and tapping on the screen, and once you have opened either an online or mobile betting app account your log in details will give you access to the other betting platform too, so just one account gives you full access to the app and online betting platform.

Payments and Betting Limits

As you do have the option and ability of making a deposit of low and high amounts into your 32Red account via a very diverse range of different currencies, as someone that is based in the UK it will be beneficial for you to opt for GBP as you chosen account currency setting.

By doing so you are never going to then have to convert your deposits into any other currency, but you are also going to be able to benefit from the largest array of different payment option too.

Those payment options include all major debit and credit cards, and you will also be able to use any web or e-wallet too one of which is PayPal, plus you do have the option of using prepaid cards and vouchers if you wish to make a deposit using those types of payment options.

Al players do however need to be over the age of 18 and to benefit from the fast and on time every time pay-out service offered to all customers of 32Red you are going to have to get your account verified as soon as you possibly can do.

Regarding the cash out limits in place on the mobile and online apps and platforms at 32Red, you are going to find that they do have some of the very highest cash out limits in the industry, so if you do win big you will be able to cash out your winnings as one single winning pay-out.

More Reasons to Bet at 32Red

I do know that anybody that does have an interest in betting on sports and gambling in general is going to get the urge to play all manner of games of chance every now and then, and as 32Red own a poker site, several different games and casino sites then you will have access to each of them too when you sign up to their betting site.

Be aware that bonuses and rewards are also going to become available to you at each of their other gambling and gaming sites, so you will probably never need to have to sign up to any other gambling related site as a customer of 32Red.

They are fully licensed in the UK and many other European countries too, and you do have a range of different language options and account currency settings too, so you can and will be able to play in your hoe currency as one of their customers.

Around the clock support is also something else they pride themselves in offer each of their customers, and plenty of ongoing promotional offers are going to keep you very loyal to all of their brand too, in fact head on over to their website now, for you will very quickly get an idea of just how generous there are when it comes to keeping their customers happy.

All in all I am more than confident you will never experience any type of problems gambling at 32Red, no matter whether you are a sport bettor, a casino game player or even a poker or bingo player!