Accelerate Still the Favourite to Win the 2018 Breeders’ Cup

The Breeders Cup is one of the most bet on races in November, and right now you are going to find plenty of punters are actively making use of the ante post and futures betting markets offered by all betting sites, regarding getting their bets placed nice and early on that race.

If you do have your eye on any of the horses that will be lining up and running in the 2018 Breeders’ Cup and you haven’t yet placed a bet on them, then time is running out for you to do so, much more so if you fancy making use of the high ante post betting odds being offered by several different online and mobile sportsbooks.

One betting site that I do know has become famed for offering the very best odds on races such as the Breeders Cup, much more so on their ante post betting markets is MintBet, and to give you some ideas of just how higher their current set of odds are on this race, I have an overview of them all below.

It is however Accelerate that has been the most backed horse in the 2018 Breeders’ Cup for many months now, and if you are of the mind that horse can do no wrong and is going to win, then by acting quickly i.e. right now you are going to be able to secure odds on 11/4 on it winning by making use of the ante post betting market on this race over at the MintBet betting site!

Other Fancied Horses in the Breeders Cup

If you think that the favourite that being Accelerate isn’t going to win the Breeders Cup this year, and that is in fact something that  do know many horse race punters are of the mind of, then you should be looking at some of the other fancied runners as the one that you place you bet on.

As for the second favourite to win this race this year, well there are currently two joint favourites that many punters are latching on to, and they are Catholic Boy and Mckinzie and by choosing to bet at MintBet and getting you ante post bets placed right now you are going to be able to secure odds of 6/1 on either of those two joint second favourites.

There is also another horses that I do feel that if everything does fall into place during the running of the Breeders Cup this year may just get its head up in front and win, and that horse is West Coast and there has been a fair amount of support on that horses already, for it has been backed right down to odds of 7/1 which are still fairly high to be honest.

Moving onto some other horses that could surprise everybody and win at some fairly high odds, well they do of course include the likes of Roaring Lion at 10/1 and there are no end of horses that are on offer at odds of 12/1, and they include Diversify, Hofburg, Mendelssohn, Thunder Snow and Yoshida.

Breeders Cup 2018 Each-Way Value Bets

Picking out just one horse you think could win the Breeders Cup this year may seem an impossible mission, and therefore you may feel you have a much greater chance of success by picking out a horse to get placed, and once again MintBet do come out top regarding their each-way betting terms.

So if you fancy trying to pick out at a horse that will either win, and if so you get paid out at the full ante post odds you secured when playing that bet, but also want to get paid something out if your chosen horses finishes in second or third place, then do consider backing them each-way at MintBet.

They will give you on fifth of the win odds if your horse does finish, first, second or third, but you will also get paid out at the full odds you secured when placing your ante post bet on the win part of an each-way bet too.

Therefore here are the odds available on each of the other horses that are expected, all being well, to line up and take their chances in the Breeders Cup this year. The next horse in the betting is Audible and that does look like the value bet in this race for you and currently get odds of 14/1 at MintBet on it.

There are also too horses that whilst not having the very best form in this race, they do both have a fair chance of winning, but will of course need all the luck of winning, and they are Catalina Cruiser and Collected who cannot be separated in the betting for they are both chalked up at win odds of 16/1.

As for a 20/1 shot that could scrape into one of the top three places this year, well that horse is Gronkowski and whilst you will of course be taking chance betting on it, on the past there have of course been some big priced winners of the Breeders Cup and plenty of big priced horses have managed to get into one of the top three positions in his race too.

For something of a much more speculative punt on the Breeders Cup in 2018, it may be worth considering placing a small amount to cash on horses such as Pavel at 33/1 or even Vino Rosso at 40/1 in the hope they do manage to get into one of the top three positions at least, which let’s face it, either of those two horses may just do!

As for the complete outsiders to win this race this year, well there are two of them that currently have some huge odds on offer on them over at the MintBet betting site, and they are Bolt Doro and also Toast of New York who are fairly friendless in the betting markets and can be backed at huge odds of 50/1!