Hi, this page is here to explain our “Advertiser” role. You see, websites do not run themselves, nor are they “FREE” to run. There are multiple costs involved in running any website. Firstly, you need to buy the domain name and pay for hosting the domain. Then, you need to put some CMS (Content Management System) on to the domain (This is the “Page” or the bit you actually see and read).

After this, you need to develop the website, again no free (unless you happen to be a Web Developer OR coder) which we are not! Then you need words on the pages, or Content as it is known. We actually do a lot of this, but as a site grows, the content requirement grows too .. hence the need to Hire a Content Writer  This again needs to be paid for!  

With this in mind, we need to earn a little to keep this great website going, so we help fund the site by advertising some brands and their services. ie. Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, all this means is, after clicking on a link and accepting the services OR bonuses offered, we may receive a payment, at NO COST TO YOU, the customer!