Alpine Skiing Women’s World Cup Betting

It will be in March 2019 that the Alpine Skiing Women’s World Cup will be in play, and that is an event that many bookies are now offering a futures betting market on, and it may just be a sporting event that you do fancy betting on nice and early too.

If so William Hill are as always offering a fair set of early prices, and you do have the option of betting on any of the skiers involved in it to win it outright, or you can lower the risk so to speak by backing any of them each-way instead.

If you do opt to back a skier each-way then William Hill will be paying you out on the place part of that bet at one quarter of the win odds and will also be paying out to three places too, so there is certainly value to be had if you do fancy backing any skier each-way at that betting site.

Keep in mind that as the Alpine Skiing Women’s World Cup is not going to start for quite some time, unless there is a huge volume of money wagered on any of the skiers mentioned below, their respective odds shouldn’t change too much from those I will be quoting below, but as always the earlier you place you bet the better your chances of securing the following higher odds.

Mikaela Shiffrin Favourite to Win

If you do follow this type of sport then you will not be too surprised to discover that the skier that is listed as the favourite to win this event at all betting site is of course Mikaela Shiffrin who many punters and fans of the sport are convinced will win.

She is for reference a skier that hails from the USA and as far as the odds you are going to be offered right now over at the William Hill betting site, well they are 2/5, and whilst there is no value to be gained by backing her each-way to win this event, but if you do think she will do those odds are not too bad for an outright winner type of bet!

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Big Odds on All Other Skiers

If you are of the mind that Mikaela Shiffrin isn’t going to live up to her hype and win this event next year, then you really do need to sit up and take notice of the very high odds that are being offered on all other skiers, for you are going to be amazed at just how high their respective odds are.

Take for example both Lara Gut and Sofia Goggia, by making use of the early betting market over at William Hill you are going to be able to secure odds right now of a high 10/1 on both of them, and keep in mind that is where those very favorable each-way terms are also going to come into their own!

Wendy Holdener  is another skier that could just which this event next year or could end up being placed in one of the top three positions on the leader board at the end of the tournament, and as such is available at odds of 12/1 then she is certainly worth backing.

The odds start to jump in value quite noticeably as you look further down the list of female skiers that are taking part in the Alpine Skiing Women’s World Cup next year, and one that I do fancy the chances of and you may do too is Michelle Gisin and she is very easy to back right now at her win odds of 20/1

Viktoria Rebensburg is from Germany and if everything does fall into place at the Alpine Skiing Women’s World Cup she is another skier that may just get placed, and as far as the odds she is being offered at to win this event, William Hill are offering odds of 22/1 on her winning it

It is Anna Veith, Ilka Stuhec and Tina Weirather who are all chalked up at odds of 25/1 to win this event and there are also a couple of 33/1 shots that you may just be interested in backing, and they are Federica Brignone and Petra Vlhova.

There is of course one of the outsiders could in this event and if you are of the mind that one of them could do some of the outsiders that have a slightly better chance of winning than some of the other outsiders include the likes of Lindsey Vonn and Ragnhild Mowinckel who are both trading at 40/1, you also have Cornelia Huetter who is 50/1 and also Tessa Worley whose odds currently are 66/1

All of the other skiers including Estelle Alphand, Frida Hansdotter, Margot Bailet, Marta Bassino, Nina Loeseth and Stephanie Venier are on offer at odds of 100/1, both Bernadette Schild and Melanie Meillard do appear to have very little chance what so ever of winning this event next March for their respective odds are both 200/1.

As far as just which siker is the one that is totally and completely friendless in the futures betting market, well that is Ania Monica Caill, but if you do fancy her chances you are going to be rewarded with truly massive win offer of 500/1 when you make use of the futures betting market over at William Hill.