American Football NCAA Match Betting

The NCAA season is of course in full flow, and as such as a fan of betting on American Football you are blessed with plenty of betting opportunities this weekend, and this best bets of the day guide is going to point you in the right direct of just which teams you should be backing.

What is important of course is that you locate a betting site that is going to be giving you access to a fair set of odds on whichever teams in any American Football matches you do fancy backing this weekend, and one betting site that does come highly recommended is Coral.

They not only operate land based betting shops across the UK, but they also have their own online betting site and will give you access to a state of the art betting app, on which you can be on absolutely any NCAA matches.

Below are the matches in which you will find the teams playing that I do think are worth betting on, and the odds quoted are those that Coral are currently offering.

Keep in mind as well that if you click through to their website using our website links, you will of course have access to their enhanced sign up welcome bonus offer, the t’s and c’s of which you will find on their website, so please do read them through before you set about claiming and using that high valued welcome bonus offer.

NCAA Matches Likely to Go the Favourites Way

Top rated betting sites such as Coral are of course going to allow you to perm together any number of teams playing in different matches, should you fancy placing an Acca type of bet, and with that in mind allow me to give you some ideas of just which favourites are fancied to win their respective NCAA matches this coming weekend.

The first of those matches is the USF v Tulsa and it is going to be something of a major upset if USF do not win that match, whilst their odds of doing so are 4/11 by perming them together with any of the other matches listed below you will get some much higher winning pay-outs if all of your select teams win than you would if you bet on USF individual via a single bet. The odds on Tulsa winning by the way are 23/10.

Another match in which I think the result is bound to go the way of the favourites to win it is the Air Force v San Diego St match, the home team are the underdogs to win that match and their win odds of doing so are 7/2, and as such you should be backing the away team who do look something of a value bet at their current win odds of 2/9!

If you fancy betting on the Arizona v Utah then the very best bet I think you can place in that match are Utah, for reference the odds attached to Arizona at the Coral betting site are high at 4/1 but it is Utah who should easily take this match in their stride at win odds of 1/6.

Moving onto the Akron v Buffalo match, once again there is a red-hot favourite to win that match and it isn’t Akron for their win odds are currently 15/4 over at the Coral betting site, and it would appear that the smart money is currently piling in for Buffalo to win that match, so much so the best odds you can secure on them currently are 1/5, so do back them sooner rather than later if you fancy their chance, which I for reference do!

Other American Football NCAA Matches to Include in an Acca Bet

The more teams you do include in an Acca bet the bigger the winning potential of such bets will become, and with that in mind allow me to give you details of some additional American Football NCAA matches that are scheduled to take place this weekend that you may also fancy including in such a bet.

The first of those additional matches is the Florida v Vanderbilt match, and I cannot see that match going any other way than a win for Florida, and the odds compilers over at the Coral betting site agree for they have made them the 4/11 to win, the odds on their opponents if you are interested in backing them are 9/4.

I will be watching the Iowa v Indiana math, for I have bet on Iowa to win that match and win it they should do with relative ease.

Therefore if you do fancy including them in any Acca bets you are placing on NCAA matches this coming weekend make sure that you take their 4/9 win odds as they do look like one of the best valued American Football bets this weekend, Indiana in my opinion have no chance of winning even though their odds are 15/8!

Moving onto the Nebraska v Northwestern match, that match is actually a fairly well balanced one as either team could in it, there is value to be had if you choose to back the home team that being Nebraska at their current win odds of 17/10, but I do think it will be worth siding with Northwestern to win and as such do bag their odds of 1/2 that Cora do have on offer right now!

Odds-on favourites to win their respective NCAA matches this weekend are certainly not in short supply, and another one to include in your Acca best is the Oklahoma St v Kansas St match and it is Oklahoma St who in my opinion should win that match at odds of 1/3, and their opponents odds for reference are much higher at 23/10.

There are plenty of other matches chalked up and on offer on the early betting markets over at the Coral betting site on all of this weekend NCAA matches, so if you want to additional betting opportunities coming your way then please do get on over to their website and check out those betting markets, all of which are now live.