An Overview of How to Place an Each-Way Bet

There are no ends of sporting events that you can place an each-way bet on, and it is a bet that does offer punters the chance of winning even if their chosen selection on the sporting event they have chosen to place such a bet on isn’t the winner.

It is however a bet that comes in two parts, firstly you will be placing half of your stake money on whom you will hope wins the event you have chosen to bet on, and the other half of the bet is going to be covering that selection to finish in one of the top few positions, the place part of the bet receives a percentage of the win odds on your selection wins or gets placed.

The types of sports you can place an each-way bet on can include horse races, cycling races and greyhound races for example, but you are also going to be able to place such bets on any teams that you think will win a league or any darts or snooker players that you think will win a snooker tournament.

Further down this each-way bet guide I will give you an insight into just what you should be looking for from any betting site that you fancy placing such a bet at to ensure you get the maximum value, however let me first point you in the direction of a betting site that I just know you are going to be made most welcome at by way of their sign up bonuses and boosted odds too.

Paddy Power the Number One Site for Each-Way Bets

Make no mistake about it, you are going to come across hundreds and it will not be very long thousands of different online and mobile betting sites as a punter that is based in the UK.

However, not all of them are run to the very highest of standards nor do they all offer high valued bonuses to new and existing players and not all of them pay you our rapidly and with no fuss and hassle when you win, however Paddy Power is a site that is and does and they are definitely a betting site at which you should always place your each-way bets at!

Best Value Each-Way Betting

By betting at betting sites such as Paddy Power what you will find on offer on any of their betting markets that allow you to bet each-way are some of the best terms associated with the payouts of such bets.

Their win odds are always some of the very highest ones in the industry and as such your win part of an each-way bet is always going to get you the maximum returns if your selection does win.

However, the place part of an each-way bet will also see you getting some decent payouts too for Paddy Power often pay out to more placed positions in many different sporting events and they often also pay a much higher percentage of the win odds on that part of a bet too, which is always good to know!