Ante Post 2018 Irish Greyhound Derby Betting

If there is one sporting event that always gets punters in Ireland excited it is the annual Irish Greyhound Derby, and whilst greyhound racing may not be as big in the UK as it once was, if you are a fan of the sport now is the time to start doing your research as to just which greyhound is likely to win that event.

Whilst all of our featured betting site are going to be offering you some form of betting market on the 2018 Irish Greyhound Derby, there is no doubt in my mind that by heading on over to Betfred you are going to find the most comprehensive set of betting markets.

They will be offering you early prices on each of the heats that are held as part of that event, and they have of course just made their outright winner betting market live, and that is what I am going to be concentrating on in the following bets of the day betting guide!

By betting at this very early stage of this event, you are going to find every single greyhound scheduled to take part in it will have its own outright inner odds listed alongside it on the betting market over at the Betfred betting site, and those odds right now are high.

However, as is always the case, as soon as the heats are run, then the number of greyhound remaining in the event will decrease in number, and the odds of each of the remaining one winning the final race will of course decrease too, so now is when you should be placing your Irish Greyhound Derby bets for sure!

Early Favourites to Win the Irish Greyhound Derby

A for just which greyhounds at this very early stage are leading the betting markets, well there are three of them that do catch the eye, and remember that if any of them do start to win their respective heats and get through to the next stages of the Irish Greyhound Derby their odds of winning it outright are only going to move in one direction, and that is downwards!

The one greyhound that is high up on many punters lists as the one that does have, on paper at least, the very best chance of getting through to and then winning the final race is Droopys Verve and if you fancy backing that greyhound right now at Betfred you will be offered some fairly decent odd s of 8/1.

As for the second favourite, that honour goes to Lenson Blinder, and there is no doubting the raw talent and abilities of that greyhound, and as such I am more than confident there will be no shortage of punters who are more than happy to bet on it as its current Betfred odds of 9/1!

It could also be worth considering placing  bet on the third favourite to win this event this year, for at odds of 21/1 there is certainly going to be plenty of value coming your way if you do decided to back the third favourite and currently that greyhound is no other than Slippy Cian.

It is also worth me pointing out that if for any reason you are not yet a customer of the Betfred betting site, then by clicking onto any of the links you see for their betting sites throughout this site, you will then qualify instantly for their above average sign up welcome bonus package, so make sure you do click on our links and check out and claim that high valued betting bonus!

Excellent Each-Way Betting Terms

It will be the each-way betting opportunities at Betfred that are bound to be of interest to most punters, for they are offering one quarter of the win odds on their early betting market of this event and are paying six places on each-way bets too.

I did spend some time checking out the each-way terms and several different batting sites on the 2018 Irish Greyhound Derby ante post betting markets and I didn’t find one other site that offers each-way terms as generous as Betfred!

As you are going to get paid out to six places, then that does of course mean there are going to be several other greyhounds that are going to be worth betting on, for even if they do not win but get through to the final race, no matter in which position they finish you will still get paid out a quarter of their win odds on the place part of such a bet!

Several greyhounds that do therefore come into the reckoning are Droopys Davy, Magical Bale and Borna Gin who can all currently be backed at 16/1.

For those of you who do fancy backing a greyhound at some much higher odds, but greyhounds that do have some good form behind them are Jaytee Taylor, Skywalker Logan, Cash Is King and Whoops Jack who are all very appealing to each-way backers at odds of 25/1!

A few Other Possibilities

Bigger odds doesn’t necessarily mean a greyhound has no chance of winning the Irish Greyhound Derby, much more so at this very easy stage of the betting, and with that in mind I will now draw this best bets of the day guide to a close by presenting you with the names of some outsiders that could win or get placed.

There is a case to be made for greyhounds such as Cabra Hurricane at 28/1, Doggy Mcdogface at 33/1 and Droopys Expert at 40/1and there is no denying the value to be had by backing the likes of Titus Spirit, Beaming Paradise or even Native Chimes at 50/1!

You will probably bet better odds checking out the odds available on the betting exchange at Betfair if you do fancy the chances of one of the complete outsiders, and the odds available there will be much higher than anything a standard betting site will be offering you for sure!