Ante Post Betting on the Ayr Gold Cup

It is a tad over two weeks to go until this year’s Ayr Gold Cup race is being run at the Ayr racecourse, and sites like Ladbrokes have already made live their ante post betting market on that race, so all you eager beavers out there can bet right now on any horse you think will win it.

However, it is worth noting that due to the sheer number of horses that do take their chances in the Ayr Gold Cup, by betting in advance of the race starting, there is some value to be had regarding the size of the odds you will be offered, if you are prepared to bet today.

That is certainly the case this year as there is no definitive red hot favourite so to speak, and that has been causing the odds compilers something of a headache as they try and work out just what odds to offer on that race.

However, they have done their job and have managed to put together a set of odds on all runners that will be taking part in this race, and today I want to point out the best bets of the day that are going to be on offer to you at Ladbrokes.

The only word of caution I would give you however, due to the fact the Ayr Gold Cup ante post betting markets are now live, is that the odds mentioned below could change at any time, as punters place their bets and wagers, so any high volumes of cash for one or more horse, will cause their respective odds to drop.

It is also possible for you to not only back any horse you fancy winning this race right now to win, but Ladbrokes are also be giving you the opportunity of placing an each way bet too, and I do have to say their each-way terms are generous, so there is some additional value up for grabs if you prefer placing those types of bets at that betting site!

Current Favourites to Win the Ayr Gold Cup

Believe it or not the odds available on the two current joint favourites to win this year’s running of the Ayr Gold Cup are high at 10/1, but that does however give you  very clear indication of just how open a race it is this year and any horse could actually win it, it is fair to say.

Those two joint favourites are Flaming Spear and Urban Beat, and if you do fancy taking advantage of their current 10/1 odds then Ladbrokes is the betting site you should be making a beeline too, as they do have some high betting limits and are never afraid of laying big bets too!

There are plenty of other horses that may just win this year’s Ayr Gold Cup and some others that are high up the ante post betting market include the likes of Glenamoy Lad and Gunmetal who if you are quickly you should be able to secure win odds of 12/1 on either of them.

Some punters are lumping on horses such a Growl, Laugh A Minute and Mankib, and if you do like the form and chances of any three of those horses then you can easily secure odds of 14/1 on any of them winning, over at the Ladbrokes sportsbook.

As for horses that are currently listed to win this race at odds of 16/1, well there is a very large number of them some of those horses include Global Applause, Major Jumbo, Rapid Applause, Spring Loaded, Tis Marvellous and George Bowen.

However, as for the horses currently chalked up at odds of 16/1 that do appear to be attracting the most cash, they are Justanotherbottle, Culturati, Golden Apollo, and Ardhoomey, so do consider a small possible saver type of bet on any of those horses.

Ayr Gold Cup Each Way Possibilities

Ladbrokes are going to be paying out to four places on the Ayr Gold Cup and punters will be given one quarter of the pay-out odds for the placed horses on the place part of an each-way bet, and therefore you may fancy taking a few chances by backing some of the horses available at much bigger odds on such a bet.

As for just which horses are going to be worth backing at some much bigger odds, well I will leave the decision to you, but what I will do now is to give you some ideas of what the odds are on each of the horses who do currently have some decent high valued odds on offer on them at Ladbrokes.

There could be a case made of any of the 20/1 to win this race this year, but the ones I do think have a much greater chance of at the very least getting placed are Intisaab, Bacchus, Al Qahwa, Silent Echo, Kimberella and possibly also Victory Angel and Bambino Lola too.

That does of course mean that any of the other 20/1 shots are not in with a chance, and for reference they include horses such as Raucous, Spanish City, Flying Pursuit, Blue de Vega, Summerghand, Get Knotted, Aces and Cardsharp.

There does appear also to be plenty of horses you an back at odds of 25/1 and some of them are certainly worth a much closer look in the betting markets and with that in mind do consider a much closer inspection of the form and abilities of horses such as Perfect Pasture,  Downforce, Normandy Barriere and Lake Volta as they are all up for grabs currently at odds of 25/1!

A few other horses that may or may not take your fancy at some even higher odds to win the Ayr World Cup include Holmeswood at 33/1 Son Of Rest and Watchable who are both 40/1and who knows with some luck in running it could be Cold Stare who wins this race with some luck in running at odds currently of 50/1!