Ante Post Betting on the Churchill Stakes

The ante post betting markets on the Churchill Stakes are very active at the minute over at betting sites such as Ladbrokes, and with plenty of money swirling around that betting market, by taking a close look at it you are going to be able to see where the smart money is going of course!

Well, that supposed smart money does appear to be going on Addeybb, for with continued support during the last few days it has been backed right down to win odds of 2/1, and as such that may be a horse you fancy placing a bet on this Saturday for sure, and if so then Ladbrokes is where you should be placing that bet!

There is of course the option for you to back any horse you fancy betting on in this year’s Churchill Stakes race each-way, and if that is something you have been thinking about doing then you should be placing any such bets over at Ladbrokes.

The reason for me saying that is that they are going to be paying out on each-way bets to three places and the percentage of the win odds you will get if your horse does finish in one of the top three places in this race are one fifth of the win odds too.

Second Favourite

Master the World is a worthy second favourite, and it has been getting a fair bit of support on the ante post betting markets, and there is always the chance it could win the Churchill Stakes, and I do know that many punters are convinced it is going to run a very good race this Saturday too.

As such there is some excellent value if you fancy the chances of the second favourite to win, especially if you make the wise decision of backing it over at the Ladbrokes betting site for they have it up and on offer right now at odds of 9/2, so do be quick as I doubt those odds are not going to be around forever!

The Rest of the Field

You may however prefer backing one of the outsiders to win the Churchill Stakes, and if that is the case you will find horses such as Scarlet Dragon very easy to back right now at Ladbrokes for they are going 11/2 on that horse.

There is a little bit of money coming in too for Big Country, and the form of that horse and the makeup of this race does give it a leading chance of winning, and as for its current odds, well they are around the 6/1 mark

Spark Plug so also trading at odds of around 6/1 too, but when you start looking at horses such as Primero the odds of 7/1 do look tempting.

Frankuus and Maverick Wave are both outsider and probably have very little chance of winning or getting places at their current odds of 18/1 and as for the horse that is completely friendless in the betting market, that horse is Snowflakes and you will be taking one risk too many it would appear if you back it, for its odds of 20/1 do give you a very good insight into its winning chances, which for reference are virtually zero!