Ante Post Betting on the Guinness Kerry National at Listowel

It can be very easy to overlook some of the major horse races that are being held in Ireland throughout the year, but make no mistake about it, there are always going to be some exciting races to both watch and bet on when you do make a point of checking out the schedule of race meetings held there!

Take for example this coming Wednesday that is the day when the Guinness Kerry Nation race is scheduled to be run over at the Listowel racecourse, and there are plenty of horses that do have an outstanding chance of winning that race this year.

In fact, so many horses are both taking part in that race that do have a chance of winning, most bookies have been struggling to work out a book on that race! However, thanks to their own in-house team of odds compilers, I am pleased to say that Ladbrokes have been able to work out a betting market, and that is what I want to take a look at today.

Before I do start to give you some pointers as to just which horses you should be backing on the Guinness Kerry National and giving you some idea of the odds available at Ladbrokes, don’t forget to make use of our exclusive sign up bonus which will be yours to claim instantly when you click on any of our website links to get you over to their sports betting website!

Punters Favourites to Win the Guinness Kerry National

Just so you are aware the Guinness Kerry National is being held this Wednesday the 12th of September and the starting time of that race is 16:20, so you do have plenty of time to study the form or each horses, their jockey and even the trainer and even owner of each horse, to allow you to make up your own mind as to which, if any, horse to place your hard earned money on!

As for just which horses are currently attracting the most support from punters on the ante post betting markets currently up and available on the Ladbrokes sports betting online platform and mobile betting app, well there are a few of them that are being backed.

The most support however has been coming in for Snow Falcon, who is currently just heading the field of runners, and if you fancy getting in early on that horses its current win odds are certainly appealing at Ladbrokes being as they are 13/2.

Any late interest and high volumes of wagers on that horse however are going to see its odds dropping in value, so the sooner you do place a bet on Snow Flacon the sooner you can lock in those odds.

As for the two joint second favourites, those are Blazer and Jury Duty both chalked up at odds of 7/1, as you can see all three of those horses that are at the top of the betting markets are not separated by much in regards to their odds, so any surge of money for any of them could result in them becoming the firm favourite!

Each-Way Possibilities and Best Each-way Terms

Ladbrokes are always going to give you some very favourable terms when you set about placing an each-way bet with them, on any horse race.

Therefore allow me to give you an overview of the each-way betting terms available on the Guinness Kerry National at Ladbrokes, and then give you a quick run through of some of the other horses that may be worth backing each-way too!

When betting each-way you will be paid out at one quarter of the win odds on this race on the place part of such a bet, and Ladbrokes are offering four places too on that race, so as long as your chosen horses do go on to get placed in one of the four places you will get something back from such a bet!

However, to get the best chances of a decent sized winning pay-out you should be looking for a horse that could not only get placed, but one that does have the skill and abilities of also winning the race too, and with that in mind let me take a look at some horses that could go on to win this race, at some much higher valued odds than those horses listed above.

There are a number of horses that are on offer at Ladbrokes currently at odds of 12/1, and considering the odds of the favourite those horses do have a fair and every reasonable chance of both getting placed and also possibly winning this race too.

Those 12/1 shots are Timiyan, Oscar Knight, Shantou Village, Peregrine Run and Vieux Morvan and it is fair and very true to stay the form figures on all of them do give them an outstanding chance of running exceptionally well in this race, so it would surprise no one if any of them did get placed or goes on to win.

There is also some value to also be had when betting each-way on any of the 14/1 shots too and for reference they are currently Rogue Angel, Slowmotion, Bay Of Freedom, Haymount and also Saturnas.

You may have a sneaking suspicion that one of the placed horses or even the winner of the Guinness Kerry National this year are going to be one of the mid-priced horses and with that in mind the current 16/1 shots are all in with a chance and those horses are Bishops Road, A Rated, Spider Web, Sandymount Duke, Townshend and also Our Father.

It wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if a 20/1 went on to win this race this year and there are certainly plenty of horses currently chalked up at those odds, so make sure you take a much closer look at the form of horses such as Call It Magic, Dell’ Arca, Carlingford Lough and All Hell Let Loose too.