Ante Post Betting on the Men’s Australian Open

There are always going to be pros and cons of betting on the ante post betting markets, however when it comes to next year’s Men’s Australian Open tennis tournament, the odds currently available from Bruce Betting are going to tempt many punters to place their bets nice and early.

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However, if you are of the mind that you do fancy the chances of any of the players that are scheduled to take their chances in the 2019 Men’s Australian Open, then today I am going to be taking a look at the ante post betting markets at Bruce Betting and will be giving you an full overview of the odds they are offering on each of the players.

You can of course opt to back any of the following tennis player’s each-way as well as backing them to win the tournament outright.

True to their usual form Bruce Betting are offering you ne half of the win odds on each-way bets if your chosen player finishes in first or second place, which is good to know ,and does open up even more betting opportunities of course!

Novak Djokovic Favourite to Win the 2019 Men’s Australian Open

You probably already have some ideas of the golfers that are in with the best chances of winning the 2019 Men’s Australian Open. However, there is no getting away from the fact that Novak Djokovic is the punters favourite to win, and a fair amount of cash has already been coming in for him.

Therefore do not expect to be rewarded with some mega sized odds if you fancy backing him to win this year, but the odds you will be offered right now on him winning are fair, in fact very fair at Bruce Betting as they have him chalked up at odds of 6/4 to win.

Keep in mind that as the ante post betting market on this major golf tournament is live, any large volumes of cash that does get placed on Novak Djokovic are going to see his odds shorten, so if you do fancy securing those odds you will need to act quickly and get your money down.

However, having said that, if there is a lot of support of any of the many other golfers then the odds on Novak Djokovic winning could grow larger, and that is of course one of the risks of betting on the ante post betting markets, and a risk you may or may not be prepared to take!

With that in mind I will now move onto giving you an insight in the odds also on offer on some of the most fancied golfers to win, and will also below be giving you an insight into some of the many complete and rank outsiders to win this tournament too!

Federer, Nadal and Zverev

Moving onto some other players that you may be much more interested in having a financial interest in, how can anybody underestimate the chance of say Roger Federer, for he won’t need too much luck to win this tournament and is current odds of 17/4 do make him an interesting bet for sure at this early stage!

You will also find that Rafael Nadal is attracting a lot of support on the early betting markets for the Men’s Australian Open in 2019 and if you do fancy his chances then now is certainly the time to secure the best odds that are available on him winning which for reference are currently 11/2.

Also keep in mind that as soon as this major tennis tournament starts, and the matches are played off the odds on those players that are left in the tournament are going to start to move and probably not upwards in value either!

Therefore if you are of the mind, and I am sure plenty of you will, be that it is going to be the turn of Alexander Zverev to shine this year then you really should be securing his current odds of 12/1 that are on offer to you on the ante post betting markets over at the Bruce Betting site.

There are a couple of players that are currently chalked up at odds of 14/1, and you will certain have heard of them for they are Murray, Andy and Juan Martin DEL Potro, and at those odds there are bound to be plenty of you out there that are prepared to lay down your hard earned money on them to win!

Perhaps an Each-Way Bet Will Appeal to you?

As you will be offered ,on the place part of any each-way bet you place on this tennis tournament one half of the win odds if you chosen players finishes in first or second place, then that does mean you may be prepared to place a few each-way bets on some of the lesser fancied players.

There are plenty of players you may fancy the chances of, but some that I would say have a fair if not reasonable chance of getting placed if not winning include the likes of Nick Kyrgios who is 20/1, Main Cilic who is fairly easy too back at his win odds of 22/1 and also Dominic Thiem at 25/1 does look something of a fair and very interesting bet for sure!

Just make sure you do weight up the odds and form of any of the outsiders to win the Men’s Australian Open in 2019, for any of them could suddenly find their form before the tournament and if they do you can bet your bottom dollar their respect vie win odds on this tournament will then start to fall in value!