Ante Post Match Odds on the 2018 World Darts Grand Prix

There is not much longer to wait until you are going to have a feast of the very best darts matches being broadcast on several TV sports channels, and those matches are of course all part of the 2018 running of the World Grand Prix of Darts Tournament.

The art of betting on those matches however is of course knowing just which betting sites are going to be running their books with the very lowest of over-rounds, and one betting site that is famed for their higher than average odds on most darts tournaments is of course BetFred.

So without further ado allow me to give you some ideas of just which first round matches in that darts tournaments are offering you to best betting value on the BetFred betting markets, and there is no doubt in my mind you will find the odds on many of the following players in each of those matches appealing.

The Ron Meulenkamp v Joe Cullen match is starting on the 30th of September and as such as the former player is chalked up at BetFred to win at odds of 13/8 that does of course mean the favourite to win hat being Joe Cullen does have some equally appealing odds attached to him of winning that match and those odds are 1/2!

Darren Webster v Stephen Bunting

The highlight for me on the very first day of the World Grand Prix of Darts Tournament has to be the match that is starting at 20:15 and that match is the one that I really do fancy the chances of Darren Webster in, and his opponent for reference is Stephen Bunting.

BetFred do appear to have had a very hard time of trying to work out which of those two players is likely to win that match, and as such the odds on Webster winning are  8/11 but if you fancy the chances of Bunting, which I don’t by the way, his win odds are currently 11/10.

World Grand Prix 1st of October 2108 Matches

There are a total of eight matches that are going to be part of the first round matches in the World Grand Prix darts tournament that are going to be played off on the 1st of October 2018, and once again I have found a few that may just appeal to you.

Take for example the second match of the evening on the 1st, that is the match in which it is Josh Payne that will be taking on Ian White at 19:40, the odds are certainly tempting once again on each player in that match over at BetFred for they are going 2/1 on a Josh Payne win and 2/5 on an Ian White win.

In fact, I do like the look off the odds on both players in the next match of the evening on the 1st of October, and that match starts at 20:15 and will see Danny Noppert taking his chances against Gerwyn Price, as for what odds BetFred are offering you can get 11/8 on a Noppert win and  4/7 on a Price win too.