Are Chelsea Destined for Europa League Glory?

Many punters are of the mind that Chelsea will be taking the Europa League trophy home with them at the end of the season, and so many of them have been putting their money on Chelsea doing just that the best odds I have seen on that team doing so today is 4/1.

That does of course mean that if you also want to back them too you are going to have to get something of a move on, for those odds at betting sites such as BetFred are not going to be around for very much longer!

However, there are plenty of other betting opportunities, and you may have your eyes on another team coming out on top and winning, and no matter which team you do fancy doing so, BetFred will be offering you some fairly decent odds right now.

Just keep in mind through that the odds I will be quoting you below are going to be subject to chance at any time, so to secure those odds you need to bet early!

As for the current second favourite to win the Europa League title this season, well that is yet another English team that team being Arsenal and as for the odd you can secure on them right now they are fairly decent to at 6/1.

Plenty of punters are also taking their chances by backing Sevilla to win too, and they look a fair bet right now for the odds available are 10/1, and if they continue to play up to their very best form it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see them do well in this competition.

Other Potential Europa League Bets

What you need to keep in mind on the Europa League futures betting markets is that you can back any team outright, or for a slightly lower risk bet you can also back any team each-way too.

By doing so at BetFred you will get half of the win odds if your chosen team does manage to make it through to the final game on the each-way part of such a bet, and you will of course get the full odds on the win part of such a bet if the team you choose to win does go on to win the title and trophy.

There are plenty of teams that could with a lot of luck however scrape through to the final game, such as both Villarreal and Bayer Leverkusen at 20/1 or you may fancy the chances of Lazio, Real Betis, Eintracht Frankfurt, Red Bull Salzburg, AC Milan and RB Leipzig who to be honest are all very easy to back currently being as they are all on offer at odds of 25/1.

Zenit at 33/1 look a fair bet at those odds when you actor everything into the equation, but you may be taking one chance too many if you back the likes of Sporting CP at 40/1 or bet on any of the 66/1 shots of which there are plenty of pick and choose from.

For reference those teams that are currently being offered at those huge odds of 66/1 are Dynamo Kiev, Kobenhavn, Fenerbahce, Krasnador, Besiktas and Dinamo Zagreb, and as long as you keep in mind those odds do give you a chance of their realistic and overall chances of winning, you will not go too far wrong backing any of them, just don’t go overboard on your stakes is my advice!

Teams with Odds of 100/1 and Higher

You may be tempted to back a few teams that have huge odds attached to them, but if you do so never go too mad regarding the actual stake you back those teams with, for it is highly unlikely that any of the following teams I am going to be showcasing to you are going to have any chance of winning the title this season.

There are several teams that are on offer with odds of 100/1 and those odds do give you a very fair insight as to each of the following team’s chances of winning.

Those teams include Spartak Moscow, Olympiakos, Astana, Zurich, Celtic and Rennes at 100/1 however I do feel that if you are tempted to back any of them you will be much better advised to, take at look over the Betfair betting exchange.

The reason I say that is that as you are going to be backing against other punters when you do set about betting on the Betfair betting exchange you can ask for your own odds on those teams, and will often find another punter that is prepared to lay your bets with some much bigger odds than any bookie is going to be offering you.

In fact, if that is something you do fancy doing then make sure you get on over to that betting exchange but by making use of any of our website links, as that way you will also be able to make use of their sign up bonus when you register as a new customer that has come from out site to their using our links, and that sign up offer is certainly worth claiming right now foe sure!

I wouldn’t advised you to back teams such as Slavia Praha, Malmo, Genk, Rangers, Rapid Vienna, PAOK or Standard Liege for as all of those teams are on offer at odds of 150/1, there is very little chance of any of them coming out on top and winning this season.

Four teams are also currently trading at massive odds of 250/1 and they are MOL Vidi, Sarpsborg, BATE and also Spartak Trnava, but can you honestly see any of them being crowned the winners of the Europa League this season or for that matter any other season?

There are two teams that you are only going to want to back if you a very loyal fan of either of them and those two teams are Qarabag at 500/1 and Vorksla Poltava at 750/1!