Back Hull, Ipswich, Luton and MK Dons to Win Tomorrow

As is always the case on Saturdays during March, tomorrow you are going to be faced with a huge number of football betting opportunities, and will have more than even betting sites at your disposal all of which are going to be offering you their own unique set of odds on the possible outcomes of those matches too.

One betting sites that I often tend to make a beeline to when I am planning my weekends football betting exploits is Ladbrokes, for they do offer plenty of value betting opportunities son most football matches, so make sure you do check that betting site out if a football bet is something you are planning on placing tomorrow.

I have been casting my eye over the huge number of football matches that are going to be in play at some point tomorrow, and one match that did jump out of me from a betting point of view is the Hull vs. Birmingham match.

No matter how I look at that match I am of the mind that Hull are going to win it and probably by a good couple of goals too and as such the 7/5 odds being offered by Ladbrokes on Hull winning that match in my opinion seem very generous to say the least!

Ipswich are a Solid Bet at 15/8

Another match that I do think is going to be worth betting on and a team that you should be including in any multiple or Acca bets tomorrow is the Ipswich vs. Reading and it is the home team I think are going to win that match.

A win for Ipswich isn’t something that most if not all betting sites think is going to happen for at Ladbrokes for example they have them chalked up as a 15/8 shot to win that match and have Reading as the favourite at odds of 8/5, however an Ipswich win is where my money will be going.

Take 4/9 on Luton and 6/10 on the MK Dons

Luton are rock solid in the betting regarding their odds of winning against Rochdale tomorrow and whilst those odds are not huge by any stretch of the imagination it is very hard to see that match ending in any other way than a win for the home team.

You may fancy the chance so Rochdale or think that the match will go the way of a draw and if so the odds Rochdale winning that match are 13//2 and the draw is available all day long as odds of 17/5!

Moving onto the final match that did catch my eye earlier today, that being the MK Dons vs. Crawley match, I think the odds on that match give punters an idea of just where the smart money is going.

MK Dons are expected to win that match as their 6/10 win odds do suggest, and with odds of 3/1 on offer on the draw and with the odds on a Crawley win being 9/2 I doubt that match will end in either a draw or a win for the away team!