Bag the Best Odds on Todays English Championship Matches

There is a chance that you are planning spending the day on the beach today if you have been given the day off to celebrate Good Friday, however you may also be planning a day sports betting, and there are no ends of sporting event son which you can place a bet today.

However, I am going to be taking a look below at some of the English Championship matches that I do like the look off, and will be passing onto you my tips relating to the teams I think are going to win those matches too, to secure the odds mentioned below it will be at the Paddy Power betting site you will need to pay a visit to!

There are some decent odds chalked up and on offer on plenty of today’s matches and one match that did catch my eye this morning was the 12:00 match in which Bristol City are up against Reading, and with odds of 4/6 about Bristol City it is hard to see them not winning that match!

Next is the 12:30 Sheff Utd vs Nottingham Forest match and that isn’t going to take you very long to work out the team that should take the three points today, for that team is of course the inform Sheff Utd who are readily available at betting sites such as Paddy Power at win odds of 8/15.

Millwall Look Likely to Beat Brentford

I did spend some time trying to make a case for Brentford winning today, but it is difficult to do so, and as such in the Millwall vs Brentford match that is kicking off at 13:00 you should be baking the home team to win that match as I expect them to do just that.

As for whether you are going to be rewarded with huge and value packed odds when backing them to win that match, well Millwall are 6/5 to win, but given the extremely obvious chances of winning that match those odds are reasonable!

Brentford are on offer at odds of 11/5 to win that match and you can back the draw if you think it will end that way at odds of 12/5

Plenty of Other Teams to Back Today

There are plenty of other matches that you can bet on today and moving onto the Birmingham vs Derby match, that is one of the most difficult matches to try and predict the outcome of and that is reflected in the odds being offered on all three of them by Paddy Power and they are Birmingham at 6/4 the draw odds at 9/4 and Derby at 9/5.

The Bolton vs Aston Villa match isn’t going to take you any time whatsoever to try and work out the most likely result as the odds will give you little help in making that decision and they are Bolton 15/2, the draw 4/1 and Aston Villa are 1/3 to win that match which they are bound to do by the way.