Benfica Best Bet of the Day to Beat Belenenses

There is some money to be made tonight by betting on one standout Portuguese Primeira Liga match, and whilst admittedly the odds on the team I predict are going to win that match are not by anybody’s imagination huge, win that match the following team should do.

That team is of course Benfica and their odds of winning their match tonight are 2/13 and punters should be taking those odds all day long for it is a bet that is going to pay off, I am 100% confident of that!

The odds on offer on the draw do give a very good insight into just what the chances of Benfica are of winning tonight for the draw odds are 6/1, and if you think that the team Benfica are playing are somehow going to win that match, well you will be in a small minority of people who think that, but make no mistake about it the odd you will be offered at betting sites such as Ladbrokes will be huge.

The win odds in this match for Belenenses are 18/1, but to be perfectly honest it is going to be a miracle if they do win that match and it will also be a miracle if the match goes the way do a draw too, so get your money down on a win for Benfica and get ready to collect your winnings once the match ends!

Both Teams to Score Bet

If the odds on Benfica winning this match are not to your liking and you fancy placing a different type of bet rather than an outright winner type of bet then you can place a bet on whether you think both teams are going to score a goal or more than one goal each.

As for what odds are on offer on both teams scoring at the very least one goal each at betting sites such as Ladbrokes are 5/4, and the opposite bet which is a no both teams will not score at the very least one goal each is on offer at odds of 8/13 and that is a fair bet all things consider with some decent odd attached to it too!

Match Odds and Both Teams to Score Bet

If the above bet did spark an interest in you then I have another betting opportunity that you may be interested in making use of that is available over at the Ladbrokes betting site, and that is a set of odds available on both teams to score and any of the three possible outcomes on the match occurring.

So, if you think that both teams are going to score in this match and you think that it will be Benfica that will win the match, you will be able to get odds of 2/1 on that being the case.

If you however think this match will end in a draw but both teams will score in it at some point then the odds on that being the case are 17/2. However, if for whatever reason you think both teams wills core and that it will be Belenenses that will win the match the odds on that betting opportunity are huge 33/1!