Best American Football Bets of the Day

As there are going to be a huge number of different American Football matches that you can bet on today, I have spent the evening working my way through the many different betting sites that offer odds on such matches and will be giving you an insight below into which matches are worth betting on.

One thing I have found is that the 10Bet betting site, which for reference is one of our featured and top rated betting site always can be relied on to ensure they are offering some of the fairest and most reasonable odds on all upcoming American Football matches.

With that in mind as I work my way through the best American Football bets of the day I will be quoting the odds they are offering, so if you do fancy backing any of the teams in any of the matches I will be showcasing below, then make sure you do sign up to 10Bet.

There is also a sign up offer available if you are not yet a customer of that betting site, but be warned to ensure that you qualify it you must click through to their website by using any of our 10Bet betting site links of which we have plenty of them throughout this website.

Keep in mind that the odds quoted can change at any time, however I have always found 10Bet do try and keep the odds they are offering fairly static and the odds will only ever start to move in one direction or another on any upcoming American Football matches if the volume of money on any team is huge, so there is always a very good chance you will be able to secure the following odds if you bet early!

American Football Teams that Should Win Today

It could be the case that you fancy backing several teams that are scheduled to play their respective matches today and perm them all together in an Acca type of bet, and as such allow me to now give you an overview of just which teams you should be including on such a bet.

The first match in which I do feel one team is going to win is in the Cincinnati Bearcats v Temple Owls match, 10Bet are offering some reasonable odds on both team and are working to a very low over-round percentage.

The odds therefore available on Cincinnati Bearcats are 27/20, but the tip for the winner of that match is Temple Owls at 10/19, so do include them in an accumulator bets today that you do decide to place, and do also make sure they are the odds you secure too!

Another match in which I do feel there is some value to be mopped up if you are prepared to bet on an American Football match today is in regards to the Miami Ohio Red Hawks vs the Army Black Knights match.

I will not be backing the Miami Ohio Red Hawks, even though to be fair on the odds compilers at 10Bet they are offerings some very tempting odds of 23/10 on them doing so, I will instead be backing the Army Black Knights to win that match as their 2/7 win odds are well worth making use of sand securing!

There is another match on which the favourite team to win it are available at short odds on, but do not let those short odds put you off backing the favourites as win that match they are going to do, well in my opinion anyway, and that match for reference is the Maryland Terrapins v the Iowa Hawkeyes match.

Now I do know that the Maryland Terrapins have a great number of fans who will be backing them no matter whether they are the favourites to win any match or not, and if you are a fan and want to remain loyal to them then you can secure odds right now of 13/5 on them winning that match.

However, if you do want to have some winnings then I would advise you to back the Iowa Hawkeyes, for there is no way in the world I can see them losing that match and it would be a major shock if they did lose, and as far as just what odds you are going to be able to secure on them winning they are up for grabs at odds of 1/4 at the 10Bet sportsbook.

In regards to the Northwestern Wildcats v the Rutgers Scarlet Knights match, you are going to have to be a very loyal fan of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights if you are planning on backing them to win that match for they do appear to have no chance what so ever of winning it.

The reason for that will soon become very apparent not only when you look over the form of both team, but also as soon as you realise 10Bet have the Northwestern Wildcats on offer at win odds of 1/25!

But whilst you are not really going to want to back the favourites to win that match win it is what they are likely to do and if for whatever reason you are going to be backing the Rutgers Scarlet Knights to win then you will be amazed at the odds that 10Bet are offering on them winning that match for they are massive at 29/4!

A much better match to bet on if you do want to back a short odds-on favourite but with much more realistic odds on offer on the favourite is in the Michigan Wolverines v Michigan State Spartans match, which is another one available on the American Football betting markets over at the 10Bet sportsbook.

The team that is favourite to win that match and therefore is certainly worth backing to win it are the Michigan Wolverines and their odds are 2/7 and as far as the odds you will get on their opponents today winning that match, well 10Bet are offering odds of 47/20 on a Michigan State Spartans win!