Best Betting Odds on the Whyte v Parker Bout

Boxing fans will no doubt have already pencilled in this Saturday into their diaries, for that is of course the day when the Whyte vs Parker bout is going to be played out on, and the venue that boxing match is taking place in is the London O2 Arena.

The match is also being broadcast live on Sky Sports Box Office, so if you can’t to make it to the O2 Arena in London then you are still going to be able to tune in and what it from home.

However, what is likely to appeal to all punters from a betting point of view about this match is that the odds are fairly even on both boxers, and whilst there is a slight preference with punters on one of them, there is a good chance either of them could win, and it will be no surprise if either of them did win.

As for what odd you are going to be able to secure right now, then having checked the early betting markets over at Betfred they are going 6/5 on Whyte winning and Parker is chalked up right now at odds of 8/11 and the draw if you do fancy betting on the outcome of the match being a draw is on offer at odds of 25/1 too.

Name the Method of Victory

There will of course be plenty of ways that this boxing match could end and if you think that Whyte will win on points then you will find odds of 9/4 on that outcome but the odds available for Parker to win on points are 6/4

For the match to end by a KO, TKO or even a Disqualification you can bet on either player winning via any of those three outcomes at odds of a quite generous 4/1!

Bet on Individual Rounds

There is some value to be bagged if you fancy betting on just which round either of the two boxers will win the match in, but quite unusually for a boxing match of this type the odds on the round betting are the same for each boxer!

So if you think the match will end in round one, two or three then by selecting the boxer you think will win in any of those three rounds you will find Betfred for example offering you odds of 66/1, 50/1 and 40/ respectively.

You may be on the mind the match will end in rounds four to 10 and if so you can bag odds of 33/1 on that outcome but you will have to name the boxer who you thin will win in those rounds as well and naming the round.

As for rounds 11 and 12 the odd son those two rounds for each individual boxer are 40/1! You are also going to be able to lay odds on either of the two boxers losing this match and for you to be able to do so you will simply have to sign up to one of our featured betting exchanges.