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betting sites 2018This particular guide has become one of the most read ones available on this website, and there is a good reason for that, it lists a range of the very best betting sites that are going to be the ideal ones to place your sports related bets at in regards to a range of different benefits those sites have on offer.

The Best Betting Sites of 2019 are:

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Now as a punter, you are never going to want to have to jump through hoops to get paid out your winnings, nor are you going to want to be presented with betting odds that are not worth taking and are much lower than are available at some other betting sites.

Therefore spend a little bit of time reading though the following guide, for I guarantee that by doing so you are then going to be able to find a betting site that you are going to want to bet at time and time again, for many different unique reasons!

Rapid Paying Bookmaker

It will be totally pointless betting at a betting site if you are not going to be reliably paid out your winnings on time, for it is each punters bankroll that matters and having a withdrawal sat pending for days on end can drive event the sanest of punter mad!

As such, what I would recommend you do first and foremost is not only pick out a betting site that guarantees to pay you out your winnings on time every single time you cash out, but also select a payment method that will allow them to pay you out quicker.

It is going to be at betting sites such as Novibet that you are always both going to find every possible type of payment method on offer to you coupled with a guarantee to pay you out your winnings rapidly too.

In fact, as that betting site does verify their new customers accounts rapidly too, if you do sign up to their site and win on the first few bets you place, they are never going to drag out paying you out, using the old excuse that they are still verifying your account, which will happen at many other betting sites by the way!

Best Sportsbooks for Ongoing Promotions

Now that you know which the fastest paying betting site is, you will also want to have a good idea of which betting sites if any are going to look after you when it comes to the little and not so little extras too.

Daily and ongoing promotional offers are what often tempt punters to sign up to some betting sites and as such if you are after best odds guarantees, money back specials and plenty of consolation betting offers one betting site does stand out ahead of all others.

That betting site for reference is PaddyPower, and having bet with them for more years than I care to remember, I have always found they always offer a very constant and very steady stream of ongoing bonuses and promotional offers.

Whilst most betting sites do tend to offer ongoing promotional deals, it is the terms and conditions that will ultimately determine if they are worth making use of, and they certainly one of the best betting sites I have just introduced you to!

Bookies Offering Much Better Odds

No matter what sporting events you fancy betting on, at the end of the day if you do not get offered the best odds available, you are never going to get any real betting value.

I have lost track of the number of betting sites that at one time or another used to offer some of the very highest odds in the business, but then when corporate greed took over, they quickly became betting sites offering poor valued odds and odds you will never be interested in securing.

It can often be a betting site that has been around for many years and is still hugely popular with punters at which you are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing the odds they offer are more than fair and reasonable, and one such site is the Coral online betting site.

I can recommend them personally, for I am aware that they have a massive team of odds compilers that are dedicated to ensuring the odds they offer on every single betting market and every single betting opportunity they have on their betting platforms are some of the most generous and highest ones available.

Best Bookies for Ante Post Odds and Early Prices

I used to be of the mind that it would be a much better betting strategy to place my bets and wagers at the last possible minute, as that way I could see where the supposed smart money was going and bet accordingly.

However, experience has taught me that it is often going to be on the ante post and early betting markets that they very best valued can and will be secured, much more so at betting sites that offer things such as best odds guarantees on those types of betting markets.

Therefore it does go without saying that if you are a fan of betting early and often well in advance of any sporting events starting you will be much better off betting at sites such as 10Bet, as you will never find any shortage of such betting markets on offer to you, and plenty of built in promotional offers and deals available on them too!

Top Rated Bookmakers for In-Play Betting

Have you discovered the new in-play betting markets that most if not all or the best betting sites have recently made available to their customers? If not then boy is it about time you did so, for they are a way of hedging bets placed before the starting time of any sporting event, or even as a way to allow you to have possibly a much increased chance of playing a winning bet.

When you do sign up to different betting sites it can sadly be the case that not only are they going to be offering just a small number of live and in-play betting markets, but the number of bets and wagers you can place on those betting markets are not what you would call imaginative or high in number!

The Ladbrokes betting site is one of the best betting sites for in-play betting markets, for they have made a very real and concerted effort to ensure they are always going to give their customers by far and away the largest number of betting opportunities when they make use of their in play betting markets, which by the way are up and running morning noon and night too!

Best Mobile Betting Platforms

When it comes to betting on your mobile phone, what you should be demanding from any betting sites is both a fully downloadable betting app but also a mobile betting platform that you can freely access by a mobile devices web browser.

That way you are always going to have the best of both worlds and will always be in control of just how you then can go about placing your best and wagers on any type of mobile device.

However, there are of course many other things that you should be actively demanding from any mobile betting site, and they include things such as fast winning payouts, a huge and never ending array of different betting opportunities and the best odds too.

With all of that in mind I would like to introduce you to the Betfair betting site for not only do they have one of the most advanced of online betting platforms, but you do also get access to a mobile betting app and also a web browser based mobile betting platform too!

Top Betting Site for Football Coupons

I know that many of you out there quite religiously place bets on football coupons each week, and one of the main reasons you do so is of course there is always going to be the potential to win big, even when betting on them for tiny stake levels.

Whilst it is very fair and true to say that most betting site tend to offer the usual and fairly standard long list type of football betting coupons, there is one betting site that has really upped their game in regards to just how many such coupon bets their offer their customers.

That betting site if you haven’t yet worked it out is of course Winner Sports, and thanks to their true commitment to not only offer by far and away the very largest number of different and diverse football coupons, but also offer the very best win odds on each of them too, if you are a fan of football and betting on football matches they are a site worthy of your custom for sure.

In fact, I would also take a look over the live football betting markets too, for it is not unheard of for them to offer well in excess of 100 individual bets on every upcoming football match too!

Best Betting Sites
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