Best Football Bets for the 23rd of February

You can have plenty of fun and winning opportunities betting on football match of course, and today the 23rd of February sees more than enough matches scheduled to kick off at various times during the day.

But make sure one of the betting sites you do make use of or at the very least checkout is Paddy Power for they have enhanced odds on several matches and they do also let punter cash out early on several of the matches they have listed up today.

As you may be trying to compile your football Acca bet today then allow me to give you a few predictions on several matches that I will be betting on today, and they include the Millwall vs. Preston, which on paper at least does look a hard match to predict it does have to be said.

All things taken into account though, I am of the mind that wit will be Millwall that will take all the beating in that match and the odds you can get on them winning at Paddy Power are too high to miss out on and those odds are 13/8.

Norwich vs. Bristol City

Looking at the Norwich vs. Bristol City it is hard to look past Norwich as the most likely winner of that match and as such they are another team I feel are going to be worth including in any Acca bets you are thinking about placing today.

Paddy Power are once again offering a fair set of odds not only on Norwich but on both the draw and the away team win and the odds are 5/6 on Norwich winning this match, the draw odds are 5/2 and they also have Bristol City on offer are 3/1.

Reading vs. Rotherham

With even money being offered on the home team in the Reading vs. Rotherham match that does of course mean the odds compilers are not one hundred percent convinced they are going to win that match and it may be worth betting against them winning.

As for just which way that match will end, well I am of the mind it will end in a  draw and you can get odds of 11/5 on the draw, as for the chances of Rotherham winning that match the odds on them doing just that right now are 12/5.

Another match that is bound to have punters slightly puzzled as to just which way it will end is the Sheffield Wed vs. Swansea match, and that is another match that I think may just end in a draw too, and the draw odds are 21/10.

If you think it will be Reading however that will win that match then the 17/10 odds being offered on them doing so are decent enough, and the same can also be said for the odds on offer on Rotherham for those odds are 13/8.