Best Motorsport Bets of the Day

As far as motorsport betting goes, there is no doubt in my mind that as soon as you make the very wise decision of signing up to any of our featured betting sites, but much more so the Bruce Betting site, you are always going to find a plethora of betting opportunities.

So much so, that today I have spend quite some time looking at the early prices being offered to customers of the Bruce Betting sites on three major motor sport betting events, those being the Formula 1 Championship, the Belgian Grand Prix and the Constructors Championship betting market too.

Therefore, if you do have something of a passion for not only watching motorsports but also do enjoy placing all manner of weird and wonderful bets on such events, please do read on for I am going to be giving you an insight into just which bets do offer the very best value.

Belgian Grand Prix

You should be getting a move on if you fancy placing a bet on the upcoming Belgian Grand Prix, and do make sure that you sign up to Bruce Betting too, for not only are the odds currently available on that race impressive, but by you clicking onto any of our website links to visit the Bruce Betting site you will also get a year-long sign up bonus package too!

Now as far as where the early and some would say smart money is going on the Belgian Grand Prix, it is Lewis Hamilton that is attracting some huge volumes of cash, so much so the best odds you can now get on him winning the Belgian Grand Prix are 13/10.

But, and this is a big but, he is not the one standout favourite to win that race, for he is the current joint favourite, and as such the other driver you should be trying to work out whether he will be the one that comes out on top is Sebastian Vettel, and being the joint favourite it goes without saying his win odds are also 13/10 too!

You will probably have your own ideas as to just which driver you will hope wins this race, and if one of the drivers you do fancy to win is Kimi Raikkonen his odds at Bruce Betting are currently tempting at 6/1 in fact the odds on Valtteri Bottas are also worth considering too for they are high at 8/1.

You can of course choose to place an each-way bet which is probably going to be the smart thing to do if you fancy the chances of one of the other drivers, due to the fact there are some huge odds attached to them and Bruce Betting are offering one third the win odds on each-way bets on positions one and two in this race.

As for the odds available on the other drivers taking part in the Belgian Grand Prize they include odds of 14/1 on Max Verstappen, you can secure right now odds of 16/1 on Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussena and Romain Grosjean are chalked up at win odds of 750/1!

As for the two rank outsider to win this race, if you haven’t yet worked it out they are Carlos Sainz Junior and Nico Hulkenberg who are both friendless in the betting markets and very easy to back too at odds of 1000/1, which do accurately give you a true idea of what their winning chances in this race are!

Formula 1 Championship

You may be tempted to place a bet on who you think is going to win the Formula 1 Drivers Championship outright, however it is very fair and true to say most punters and fans of motorsport and F1 in particular think it’s a foregone conclusion that Lewis Hamilton will win the Drivers Championship and his odds of doing so at Bruce betting reflect those chances at 2/5!

There is of course the very real chance that Sebastian Vettel could just pull the championship out of the bag and you have the faith in him to do so you will currently be rewarded with odds of 13/8!

You will however be rewarded with some mega sized odds if you are of the mind that any of the other drivers that could have any possible chance of winning the Driver Championship this year will do so with Kimi Raikkonen at 150/1, Valtteri Bottas at 200/1 and both Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo on offer at odds of 250/1!

What you could also be tempted to do however is to head on over to the live betting exchange that is in place at the Betfair betting site, for by doing so you will be able to ask for slightly higher odds and may just be paired up with another user of that betting exchange that is prepared to offer you higher valued odds.

In fact, if you are of the mind that any of the drivers is not going to win the Drivers Championship this year and let’s face it only one driver is going to do so, then you can lay your own set of odds for other Betfair users to take!

Constructors Championship Winner Betting Market

You have the choice of just three teams that are likely to be crowned the Constructors Champion this year and having studied the odds available at several different betting sites and once against it is The Bruce Betting site that has got some of the most appealing of odds available on that betting market.

If you cannot see any other team winning this award other than Mercedes then you need to act quickly to guarantee that you can secure the current 1/2 odds on them doing, so as those odds are likely to drop and drop quickly as other punters bet on then!

You may however be convinced that this title is going to go to Ferrari, and to be fair there is a very good chance it may just do and their odds for reference are 11/8, and as for the chances of Red Bull Racing their odds are huge at 66/1!