Best NFL Money Line Odds for Week 4

Betting the money lines odds is something I do know plenty of you out there do each week on NFL matches, and this week you are, as usual, faced with an array of different betting opportunities much more so if you make use of the betting platforms offered at BetFred.

There are a few standout bets I think you may just be interested in placing on several of this weekend’s upcoming NFL matches, and with that in mind please do read on, and if you like what you see then make sure you get your bets placed nice and early at BetFred!

If you want to be involved from a financial point of view in the very first NFL that will be kicking off this week, then you will need to decide whether Minnesota Vikings or the Los Angeles Rams will win their Friday night match, as far as the odds go the Vikings are 1/3 to win that match and the Rams are on offer at odds of 12/5

Moving onto one NFL match that is in play this coming Saturday that is a very well balanced match it does have to be said, that is the Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts match on which if you bet right now over at BetFred they will give you win odds on the Texans of 10/13 and win odds of 11/10 on the Colts too!

Detroit Lions vs. Dallas Cowboys

One match that I will certainly be both watching and betting on in the NFL this Saturday is the match between the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, and that is a match in which I will be lumping on the Detroit Cowboys as there is no way I can see them losing that match!

If that is a view and opinion that you share then by getting yourself over to the BetFred betting site right now you are going to be offered 3/5 on the Detroit Lions winning that match, and for reference the odds on their opponents, that of course being the Dallas Cowboys are 7/5!

Other NFL Week 4 Team with Fair Odds

If you do fancy placing a couple of other bets this coming weekend on NFL week 4 matches then do consider backing the Cincinnati Bengals at 2/5 for there is no way on earth I can see their opponents that being the Atlanta Falcons winning at their money line odds of 2/1!

The New Orleans Saints vs. New York Giants isn’t going to go the way of a Saints win in my opinion who are 31/20 to win that match, a much better bet will be to back the Giants at their money line odds of  8/15!

One final match in which there can only possibly be one winner is in the San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Chargers match, you can secure odds on the 49ers at BetFred of 2/11 but if for whatever reason you thing the Chargers are going to win their money line odds are huge at BetFred at 4/1!