Best Odds on the Hungarian Grand Prix

You need to be prepared to shop around and compare the odds at several betting sites if you fancy placing bet on who you think is going to win the Hungarian Grand Prix this year, and it would appear the vast majority of punters are lumping their money on S. Vettel at 15/8, however there are of course plenty of other drivers in with a chance of winning!

One driver that could win this race, and win it very easily is Lewis Hamilton, and a  quick look at several early betting markets on the Hungarian Grand Prix show that he is chalked up as the second favourite to win, and if you are convinced he will win then the odds available on him doing so are 11/4.

Head over to our top rated betting site, that being Betfred if you do fancy placing a bet on this race, for not only will you get offered currently the odds mentioned above on the two drivers named above, but you can also secure odds of 3/1 on the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen winning this race, and there are no shortages of punters who do think he is going to come out on top by the way!

A Few Other Possibilities

There are a couple of other drivers, in fact there are three of them that have fairly low odds on offer on them, which is of course an indication that other people are betting on them and one is the Red Bull driver D. Ricciardo 7/2.

You can however secure odds of 12/1 right now if you do head on over to the Betfred betting site on both the Mercedes driver V. Bottas and also the Ferrari driver K. Raikkonen, but they will of course need all the luck in the world to win this event!

Drivers with Little Chance of Winning

Anything could happen as the Hungarian Grand Prix is in live play, and as such there is nothings topping you from betting one some of the rank outsiders to win, and as there are odds on every driver any of them could win, it’s just that some have more chance of winning than others.

Those drivers with huge odds of 750/1 attached to them are the Renault driver C. Sainz, the Renault driver N. Hulkenberg, the Haas driver R. Grosjean and also the Haas driver K. Magnussen, but if you do fancy the chances of any of them do shop around as you may just find some bigger odds on offer.

If you want to get some even bigger odds then make sure you checkout the odds on offer at Betfred on each of the other drivers, not yet mentioned, in fact those odds to save you looking are huge all at 1000/1, so consider being on the Force India driver S. Perez the McLaren driver F. Alonso 1000/1 or even have something of a small speculative bet on drivers such as the Sauber driver M. Ericsson of the William’s driver S. Sirotkin!