Best Odds on the International Championship Qualifier Matches

You are going to have your work cut out keeping track of each of the International Championship qualifier snooker matches that are being played today, for there are plenty of them that will be in play at some point during the morning, afternoon and evening too!

However, as I always like to do I have trawled through the early prices that are being offered at several different betting sites and have managed to track down some of the matches that I am sure you will fancy betting on.

The odds you will find listed on the matches below are up for grabs art betting sites such as William Hill, Ladbrokes and Betfred, but do make sure that you click through our links if you want to sign up to any of those sites, so that you additionally qualify for their respective sign up bonuses too.

At 14:30 you are going to be able to sit back and enjoy the Barry Hawkins v Sanderson Lam match which is being broadcast on a number of sports channels today.

However, when it comes to betting on that match you are going to have to bet big on Barry Hawkins to get a decent sized winning pay-out for his win odds are tiny at just 1/33, the odds on Sanderson Lam winning this match are much more appealing at 10/1.

Matthew Selt v Sean O’Sullivan

Another match that is a fairly one-sided one for sure is also starting at the exact same time as the match above, and that match is the Matthew Selt v Sean O’Sullivan one.

As for who you should be backing in that snooker match, well it is very difficult to see the match going any other way than a very decisive win for the multi-talented Matthew Selt as his win odds are 1/7, but there may just be a chance you fancy the chances of Sean O’Sullivan and if so you will be rewarded with high odds right now of 9/2!

Other Afternoon International Championship Qualifiers

I would advise you to consider backing a handful of snooker players in doubles or trebles of even accumulators if you do have your eyes on a few different players today and think they are going to win.

That is due to many favourites to win their respective matches being on offer at such short odds-on, the only way you will get a decent sized winning pay-out is by perming several together is a single bet!

Therefore let me move onto another snooker match that is being played this afternoon and that s the Neil Robertson v Ross Muir match, The odds-n favourite to win that match is Neil Robertson who should indeed win it and his win odds are 1/9 which are of course tiny when you compared them to the odds on Ross Muir winning this match which are 11/2!

You will get some much better odds on the favourite player in the Peter Ebdon v Ian Burns match however, for that is a slightly better balanced match and the odds are 3/10 on Peter Ebdon and 5/2 on Ian Burns.