Best Odds on this Weeks Bundesliga Matches

Whilst you are going to be spoiled for choice regarding the number of Bundesliga football matches you can bet on this coming week, what you will find quite difficult is finding a betting site that can be relied on to give you some of the very highest odds in the betting industry.

However, when it does come to enhanced and boosted odds on all upcoming Bundesliga matches, you can rely on the BetHard betting site to have them on offer, and with that in mind what I want to do today is point you in the right direction of just which of those matches are worth backing later on this week.

Let me start off with the first Bundesliga match of the week that is being played on the 19th of October that is of course the match that sees Eintracht Frankfurt playing against Dusseldorf.

As for the odds that BetHard are offering on this match I think there is some terrific value to be had betting on Eintracht Frankfurt to win at that betting site for they are going 5/6 on them winning.

You could of course opt to take the draw offs which are currently 29/10, but it does have to be said that whilst the odds on Dusseldorf winning that match at BetHard are high at 7/2, their chances of doing so are tiny!

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Bundesliga Matches Scheduled for the 20th of October

It will of course be on the 20th of this month that you are going to find plenty of Bundesliga matches scheduled to kick off and as such please do read on if you fancy backing any of the teams playing in those matches, but want to secure the very highest odds currently available.

As far as the Augsburg v RB Leipzig match goes, it is the home team that are not being backed with any great deal of confidence, and that fact has enabled BetHard to offer odds on Augsburg winning that match of 43/20, as for the draw, well there are some much bigger odds associated with that outcome and they are 51/20, but the smart money is being lumped on RB Leipzig to win at 27/20!

Moving swiftly on to the Wolfsburg v Bayern Munich match, it is hard to see Wolfsburg winning that match, but if you do think they will now is the time to be securing the massive odds of them doing so of 31/4!

The draw is a possible outcome of that match and BetHard will give you odds of 4/1 on the match ending in a draw, but it is very hard to see Bayern Munich losing that match and as such their current win odds of 10/27 do look extremely generous to say the least!

A slightly better set of odds are available on the Leverkusen v Hannover if you do want to back the favourite to win that Bundesliga football match, and the favourite to win it is of course Leverkusen who are available at odds of 4/7, as for the draw and away team odds they are 33/10 and 21/4 respectively.

It is hard to see the Nurnberg v Hoffenheim ending in any out result than a decisive win for the away team and as such the odds on all three possible outcomes in this match that you can secure right now over at the BetHard betting site are 14/5 on a Nurnberg win, 29/10 on the draw and 30/21 on a win for Hoffenheim, and win that match they should do!

Another match that is surely going to go the way of the away team is the Stuttgart v Dortmund match and when weighing up the form and winning chances of Stuttgart you will soon realize why BetHard are giving them win odds of 3/1! The draw is easy to back at 27/10 and the odds on Dortmund winning this match are certainly appealing being as they are currently 20/21 at BetHard.

If you fancy a punt on the Schalke v Werder Bremen match I think you will be best advised to lay your money down on a home win for Schalke and take the current odds of 23/20, but for all you out there that are of the mind that the match will end in a draw the draw odds are 12/5 and as for the odds on a win for Werder Bremen they are high at 53/20!

Bundesliga Kicking Off on the 21st of October

There are some Bundesliga matches that you can both watch and bet on this coming Sunday the 21st of October 2018 and the first one that may be of interest to you is the Hertha Berlin v Freiburg match.

That match however should be going the way of the home team Hertha Berlin and their win odds of 20/21 do reflect that fact, as for what you can get by way of odd and valued on the draw those odds are currently 5/2 and for any loyal Freiburg fans out there, their win odds are attractive at 33/10.

The evening kick off time regarding the Monchengladbach v Mainz match does mean that you have plenty of time to assess whether you do fancy backing either team to win that match or even backing the draw and the odds are Monchengladbach at 20/31, the draw at 33/10 and Mainz are chalked up at win odds of 17/4 on the BetHard Bundesliga betting market right now.

Just make sure if you fancy backing any teams to win that are available at long odds-on you consider perming them together in a single multiple type of bet, which BetHard will of course allow you to place.