Best Odds on Today’s Brisbane Dart Masters Matches

There is only one betting site you should be paying a visit to today if you fancy betting on any of the four matches that are being played off today as part of the Brisbane Darts Master tournament, and that betting site is Betfred!

I say that as having taken a good look over their betting market this morning, and have compared the odds on both players in each of those four matches, BetFred do appear to be running a very low over-round on each of those matches, which in turns means their odds are much higher than are on offer at other betting sites.

But as always you should hunt around, and also keep in mind that betting sites such as Betfair, with the live betting exchange, are going to allow you to lay bets to other users of that betting exchange on any darts player you are convinced are going to lose their matches as opposed to winning them!

The very first match of the day today is the Gary Anderson v Raymond Van Barneveld match, and it is looking like Anderson should win that match with great ease looking at his current win odds of 4/11, but you can get odds of 11/5 if you think that Barneveld will win!

Rob Cross v Corey Cadby

The second match that is being played today is the Rob Cross v Corey Cadby match and there is also plenty of value to be had on that match if you do want to simply select the winner, however keep in mind you are going to be offered a huge range of additional betting opportunities at Betfred on each match being played today.

But as far as just where the smart money is going on that match, it is Cross who punters are latching onto, so much so the very best odds you are going to be offered on him winning, which most punters think he will do are 1/2.

However, anything can and often does happen in these darts matches and it could be the case that Cadby finds his very best form and if so if you have taken the 13/8 odds on offer at Betfred then you could get a fair sized winning pay-out, dependent on what you have staked on him of course!

Do keep in mind that if for any reasons you have not yet signed up to the Betfred betting site, there is an exclusive and very high valued sign up welcome bonus offer available to you.

To claim that bonus simply click onto any of the links you see for the Betfred betting sites throughout this very website and when you do arrive at their website and sign up as a new customer you will then instantly qualify for that new player sign up bonus offer which is going to give you additional winning opportunities!

Michael Van Gerwen v Kyle Anderson

The match between Michael Van Gerwen v Kyle Anderson is one of the most one-sided darts matches being played in Brisbane today, and that match from a betting point of view is not going to be worth betting on, unless you think the underdog is going to beat the huge odds-on favourite.

The favourite to win this match and indeed the tournament is of course the immensely talented Michael Van Gerwen and being such he is on offer to win this match at odds of 1/12, so even though he should in, ask yourself whether you do want to risk some huge amounts of cash to get paid out just a tiny amount of cash in winnings.

If you think that is will be Anderson that will win this match, and you will be in the minority of punters if you think he will do, you are going to find his win odds quite tempting over at Betfred, for they are going 13/2 on him winning.

It will probably be more beneficial for you for you to place a few doubles or trebles or even a four-fold multiplier on each of the four players that you think are going to win their respective matches today.

That way for one single stake you will get some much higher valued winning pay-outs that you would by backing each darts players individually in singles, so keep that in mind if you do fancy the chances of one play in all four of today’s Brisbane Darts Masters matches!

Peter Wright v Raymond Smith

The fourth and final match that is going to be playing off today over in Brisbane is one in which two highly talented darts playing will be aiming to progress through to the final game, and those two players are of course Peter Wright and Raymond Smith,

Before this major and popular darts tournament began, plenty of punters did lump on Peter Wright to make it to the final and also win the final game too, and as such there is going to be a lot of interest in this match today.

However, as Wright is looking the most likely of the two players to win this match and get to the final game, you are not going to be rewarded with some huge odds, in fact as he is all chalked up at tiny odds of 1/10 to win this match you are going to have to place some hefty stakes on him winning to be celebrating a large winning pay-out if as expected he does go on to win it!

There are of course plenty of fans of his opponent that being  Raymond Smith and there is no doubt in my mind plenty of them will be taking advantage of the  6/1 odds up for grabs at betting sites such as BetFred, but make sure you are quick as those odds are only available for a limited time.

Plus, due to the time delays between Australia and the UK those matches are going to be played off later this morning and into the afternoon, so get your bets on now!