Best Odds on World Snooker Championship Qualifiers

As there is a very good chance if you are a fan of snooker, that you will want to place all manner of different bets on the World Championship qualifier matches that are scheduled to take place tomorrow, I have compiled the following betting guide.

Be aware though, half of the battle when placing snooker related bets is ensuring that you are getting access to the best odds, and that is something you will find will be coming your way when you make the smart decision of placing your bets over at the Paddy Power sportsbook!

The Mei Xiwen vs Florian Nuessle match is going to be one of the very first qualifier matches that will be played off tomorrow, however whether you are going to want to back either of the players in that match remains to be seen, for there sadly isn’t too much betting value to be had, unless of course you fancy the underdog to come out on top!

It is Xiwen that is the favourite to win that match in fact I would go as far as to say he should win that match with his eyes closed for his win odds in that match are 1/40 and those skinny odds mean that you can back his opponent that being Nuessle at huge odds to win that match of 16/1!

Yan Bingtao vs Lukas Kleckers

Now, whilst there are plenty of qualifiers being played out tomorrow, one that should go the way of the favourite in a very decisive fashion is the Yan Bingtao vs Lukas Kleckers match, but betting on that favourite is not going to be very profitable.

I say that due to the simple fact that Yan is the red-hot and massive odds-on favourite to win that match and those odds for reference are just 1/16! So, whilst he will win it isn’t a match that most punters are going to want to bet on, unless they fancy the chances of Kleckers who is very easy to back at huge odds to win that match of 17/2!

Place an Acca Bet for Bigger Returns

As all of the players that are expected to win their qualifier matches tomorrow are being offered at such tiny odds, the only real way you are going to have any chance of getting some much higher winning pay-outs is by putting as many of the players you fancy winning tomorrow in a single acca type of bet.

If you do fancy doing so then those favourite and most fancied players named up above are going to be worth adding onto that bet at their current odds and also it may be worth adding Michael Holt onto such a bet too for he may only be on offer at odds of 1/10 but he should win his match against Brandon Sargeant who for reference is friendless in the betting markets at his win odds of 6/1!

If you want to bet on the Gary Wilson vs Sanderson Lam match then there is only going to be one player that will win it and there is no doubt in my mind that at tiny odds of just 1/40 it is Wilson that will win that match for sure!