Best Value Rugby World Cup Bets

If you have been studying this weeks Rugby World Cup matches, then it will have become very apparent that some teams are such odds-on favourites to win their matches there is no value whatsoever to be had by backing them.

Unless of course you are prepared to place some gigantic bets that is, and even if you do place massive bets the returns due to the tiny odds-on odds are not going to see you getting much back in winnings, however let me now look at the matches that are going to be played off this week.

The odds available currently on the Australia v Georgia match sees the home team, being offered at win odds of 1/80 and they should win that match by the way, and the draw odds are 66/1 and Georgia are being offered at huge odds of 18/1.

The odds are so tiny on New Zealand to win their match this week against Italy are not going to tempted anyone to bet on them, for they are going to win that match very easily if those odds are to be taken at face value but who is going to be prepared to take odds of just 1/500? The draw odds are however huge at 100/1 as too are the odds on an Italy win and those odds for reference are 66/1.

Much Better Odds on an England Win

Let me now look at the odds that are on offer on the England v France match which should go the way of an England win, those odds are 1/6 on England, 40/1 on the draw and you can also get odds of 4/1 on France winning.

Whilst Ireland are the red-hot favourite to beat Samoa this week their current outright match win odds of 1/250 are too low for most punters to want to make use of, and dear odds by the way are 80/1 and some juicer odds of 22/1 are available on Samoa.

The Remainder of Matches This Week

The rest of this week’s Rugby World Cup matches include the Namibia v Canada match and as far as the team goes that I will be backing that team is Namibia and they are easy to back at odds of even money and they should go on to win in my opinion.

I am also going to be pinning my hopes on a Tonga win is the USA v Tonga match later on this week and the odds I have been tempted to take and you just be tempted to take too are 4/9.

Finally it is the Japan v Scotland match that will be in play later this week that you could fancy placing a bet on and as for my tip on the team I think is going to win that match well at odds of 4.9 my money is on Scotland to beat the host nation.