Best Weekend Football Betting Opportunities

Whilst you do have plenty of football matches coming up this weekend that you can both watch and bet on, there are some of those matches that have some rather generous betting odds attached and on offer on them.

So today in my best bets of the day guide below, I am going to be highlighting several football matches and teams that are going to be worth having a financial interest in, due to the fact that the odds on offer on them are overly generous!

Be aware that you should always hunt around and compare the odds on any upcoming football matches that you do fancy placing bet on, as often you can find a handful of betting site that will be offering you slightly higher odds than most other betting sites.

However, fortunately for you, you are not going to have to waste any time comparing the odds on offer on any of the following matches as they are all available over at the Betfred betting site!

In fact, as you may not yet have signed up to Betfred, be aware that if you do fancy doing so by clicking on the links you see that will take you to their website that are available all over this website, you are then going to be able to qualify for their new customers sign up offer, the details of which and the full terms and conditions can be found on their website.

Matches Being Played on the 14th September 2018

Let me first take a good look at the matches that are going to be kicking off at some point in time this coming Friday, for a handful of those matches do have some extremely enticing odds attached to that that you are bound to find appealing.

The first match is the one between Birmingham City and West Bromwich Albion what does make this match an interesting one from a betting point of view that the both the home team and the draw are on offer at odds of 12/5, in fact if you do fancy the chances of the away team they can also be backed to win this match at high odds of 13/10.

There is a Scottish match that is kicking off this Friday that does look a very one sided affair however even though that is the case there is some value to be had by betting on it. That match is the St Mirren v Celtic match and currently you can bag gigantic win odds on a St Mirren win of 14/1!

Even the draw is available at some huge odds at Betfred and those odds are 6/1 and you can also back Celtic the red hot favourite to win that match at odds of 2/11.

The Gap Connah’s Quay v Newtown Afc match is also kicking off this Friday night and as far as the betting odds go you can get 4/1 on a home win, the draw is backable at odds of 7/2 and the home team do look out for their depth in this match being as their win odds are high at 13/2!

Matches kicking off on the15th September 2018

Saturday is of course when you are going to find the largest number of football matches all scheduled to start, and with that in mind and as you are bound to fancy placing all manner of different bets this coming Saturday, allow me to point you in the right direction as to just which bets will be worth placing.

There is an early kick off of 12:30 regarding the Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool match, so do make sure that you place a bet nice and early if you do fancy having a financial interest in that football match, as for where the smart money is going, well this match is a fairly even one from a betting point of view of the home team draw and away team odds are currently 15/8, 13/5 and 6/4 respectively.

It may not be a match that you do fancy betting on, but the Caernarfon Town v Barry Town does have some overly generous odds available on all three possible outcome don that match over at the Betfred betting site. The home teams odds are 13/8, the draw odds are fairly decent too being as they are 12/5 and you can also get odds of 6/4 on the away team too.

I had to double check the odds I saw on offer at Betfred on the Huddersfield Town v Crystal Palace match as I was convinced there were not correct and an error had been made.

However, correct those odds were and as such the home team win odds are 9/4, you can back the draw at odds of 11/5 and the away team are certainly worth backing at their current odds of 6/4!

Matches Being Played on the 16th of September 2018

There are two football matches worth betting on, on the 16th of September 2018 and the first one is kicking off at 13:30 that match of course being the Wolverhampton Wanderers v Burnley match.

As for what odds you are going to get coming your way, well the home team are all chalked up at odds of 4/5, the draw does look an interesting proposition at odds of 5/2 and you can secure odds of 9/2 on a Burnley win too.

The only other match I think you are going to be interested in placing  bet on this coming Sunday is of course the Everton v West Ham match, which for reference is going to be kicking off at 16:00.

If you are of the mind, and I do know that many people are, that it is going to be a match that goes the way of Everton, their win odds over at the Betfred betting site are 21/20, you can also get odds of 13/5 on this match ending in a draw, but if you think that West Ham are going to come out on top then their odds to do so are 14/5.