Bet Early on the 2019 All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship

It is of course the Liam MacCarthay Cup that the teams taking part in the All Ireland Championship each year have one eye on winning, and with the next season not that far away, today I am going to be looking at the best betting opportunities available right now.

Whilst GAA may not be a sport you follow, if you are an avid punter who is looking for some excellent betting opportunities, I would advise you to consider checking out the futures betting market on the GAA Hurling All-Ireland Senior Championship over at Coral, as they really have made an effort to ensure their odds on each team are attractive to punters, no matter which team they fancy.

As for a little background information you do need to be aware of, Kilkenny do have a rock solid track record of winning the title and the Liam MacCarthay Cup, for to date they have won it a total of 36 times, the current title holders however are Limerick who have to date won the title 8 times.

Below I am going to give you the current odds available over at the Coral betting site on each of the teams taking part in the All-Ireland Championship in 2019, and I will also enlighten you on their winning chances too.

For the record you do have the option of being able to pick out any one single team and bet on them to win the title, but if you prefer placing an each-way bet you will also find Coral give you one half on the win odds on teams placed first and second too.

Favourites to Win the 2019 All Ireland SHC

Unlike when you bet on for example football teams to win certain titles and cups, you are not going to find the odds way to low to secure when you want to bet in advance of the team that you think will win the All Ireland SHC title when making use of the future betting markets at betting sites such as Coral.

Take for example the current favourite to win the title next year in 2019, that team is Galway, and if you do fancy backing the favourite then you will certainly be tempted to do at this very early stage in the betting, for Coral have them on offer at odds of 3/1!

It is Cork and Limerick and Tipperary that are the second favourite teams to win, and if you do fancy the chances of any of those teams having an excellent season next year and to go on to win the cup then now is the time to be grabbing the 9/2 odds that Coral are currently offering.

A couple of other teams that I would advise you to keep an eye on but also study the form of are Kilkenny for they are the team that Coral have listed next on their futures betting market and have them on offer at odds of 11/2 and also Clare who have what I would term a reasonable chance of winning the title next year, and their odds of doing so are 8/1.

Outsiders to Win the All Ireland Championship

The odds that you are going to find attached to all f the other GAA teams that are going to be taking their chances in the All Ireland Championship do get very noticeably higher, and that is where some other bets value does lay, much more so when backing them each-way as opposed to placing a single outright winner bet at Coral.

Take for example Waterford; whilst not up there with the very best GAA teams, they do have a very fair and reasonable chance of making it to the second spot even if not the top spot and their odds are attractive to be honest currently as they are on offer at 12/1.

Two other teams that do have, in everything goes their way next season of reaching one of the top two spots, much more so that those listed further down this best bets of the day guide are both Dublin and Wexford, and by backing either team right now today you should be able to secure odds of 20/1 on either of them.

Teams That Surely Cannot Win the Title in 2019

Let me now finish off this betting guide by giving you an insight into each of the last few remaining teams that will be taking part in the All Ireland Championship next year, but teams that are classed as the no hopers, and it really would be something of a miracle if any of them did win the title and cup next year!

I doubt that you are going to want to back Carlow to win, unless you are a very avid fan of that team for their current odds are huge at 1500/1 and those odds do clearly give you an insight into just what the odds compilers over at the Corral betting site think of their chances of winning.

Offaly are on offer t some much bigger odds, and those odds for reference are 2500/1, but if you are tempted to back them keep in mind that Coral do have a maximum pay-out limit on this betting market so do not go placing too high a bet that could push your potential winnings over that pay-out limit.

There are four more teams that are going to be playing in the All Ireland GAA Championship next season and those teams are Antrim, Kerry, Laois and also Westmeath, but you really are going to be taking some chances if you fancy backing any of them!

I say that with complete confidence for all four of those GAA teams are on offer at odds of 5000/1, and I have never seen a team on offer at such high odds on the futures betting market before the season begins that have ever gone on to win at such huge odds, so do keep that in mind!