Bet Hard on La Liga Matches This Weekend!

You may have noticed that one of our most recently approved online and mobile betting sites is BetHard, and we are happy to let you know they are offering a huge valued sign up bonus to all punters willing to give their betting site a try, the full details of which along with the terms and conditions can be found on their website, so do take a look.

If you are however an avid fan of football, and you think you have some ideas as to just which football teams are likely to win their matches this weekend in La Liga, then I am happy to report that BetHard are indeed offerings some odds boosters on each of those matches.

With that in mind allow me to now go through each of the La Liga matches that are scheduled to take place on Saturday the 1st of September and the matches that are also going to be played in La Liga on the 2nd of September 2018 too.

As it is BetHard that are offering by far and aware the very best odds on each of those matches, the odds I will be quoting and pointing out to you below are the ones that are available right now at the betting site.

Celta Vigo vs Atletico Madrid

One match that did catch my eye as I was looking over the La Liga betting markets at the BetHard sportsbook is the match between Celta Vigo vs Atletico Madrid, and as for where the value lays in that match, I think the home team that being Celta Vigo have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning at 15/4.

The match is of course one that may just end up in a draw and for that to be the outcome BetHard will give you odds of 27/10, but for all fans of Atletico Madrid their respective win odds are fairly decent too as they are currently on offer at odds of 5/6!

Real Madrid vs Leganes

I doubt you are going to have any other opinion that in the Real Madrid vs Leganes match than the home team will win and will probably bang into the next a huge number of goals this weekend too!

You are probably going to be put off placing any value of bet on that as the odds on Real Madrid winning that match as they should quite easily do are 1/8, the odds on the draw for reference are 37/4 and Leganes, well their odds are gigantic at 25/1!

But do consider perming Real Madrid together with some other matches in doubles or tables, as that way by doing so you will get some much higher pay-outs, if all of the team you bet on and back do win their respective matches!

Levante vs Valencia

There is a much better set of odds however that you may fancy making use of on the Levante vs Valencia  match this weekend, and the home teams odds are decent and will appeal to plenty of punters I’m sure being as they are Levante 13/5.

If you are of the mind however this match is way too close to call and you think the best course of action is betting on the draw the odds on it doing so at BetHard are 27/10, and as for the odds on Valencia they are high at 11/10.

Alaves vs Espanyol

The match between Alaves and Espanyol is an interesting one, for there is no doubt that Alaves could win this match and their home advantage does give them an added advantage too and with their odds being 2/1 that is a standout bet for sure.

There is certainly value to be had for draw backers too as the odds on a draw are 43/20, but it is Espanyol that are the favourites to win that match, but only just at 17/10. But I will let it up to you as to whether which outcome you think will be the one the match ends in!

Barcelona vs SD Huesca

The sheer volume of cash that has already been lumped on Barcelona in their match against SD Huesca is such that if you do fancy the chances of Barcelona winning, which it appears everybody does; the best odds you will get on them doing so are tiny at just 1/15.

There is not much money going on the draw which is reflect on the odds of a draw being the most likely outcome as they are 12/1, and as for what odds you are going to be able to secure on SD Huesca winning they are 41/1 at BetHard!

Real Betis vs Sevilla

You are going to have to wait until Sunday to watch the match between Real Betis and Sevilla, but you can of course place your bets on that match right now if you fancy having a financial interest in that match.

There isn’t much separating each team though as far as their respective win odds go, and as such the odds on a Real Betis win are 7/4, the draw odds are higher at 11/4 and anyone who fancies backing Sevilla to win can do so currently at some valuable odds of 31/20.

Don’t Forget You Can Lay Odds on La Liga Teams to Lose!

Betfair offer a betting exchange on which you can back any team you fancy winning, or can also lay bets any team that you think is going to lose any upcoming match too.

Therefore if you have studied the above list of La Liga matches and are convinced that one or more team cannot possibly win then by offering you own set off win odds to other users of that betting change you can take bets from those punters.

As long as the teams you offered odds on them losing, do lose those matches then you keep the stakes of those punters who accepted your odds, but you do of course have to pay them out their winnings if those bets they placed with you on the Betfair betting exchange win!