Bet Now on the Australian Grand Prix

If betting on Grand Prix races is something that you avidly do, then you will probably be more than aware that on the 17th of March 2019 it is the Australian Grand Prix that is the very next one to be staged, and as such you should be working out who you think will win that race right now.

The reason you should be betting now as opposed to the day of the race itself, is that betting sites such as BetFred are offering some slightly advanced odds on all drivers, including the current favourite to win that being the Ferrari driver S. Vettel, and they are offering him at generous odds of 15/8 to win that race.

Having studied the makeup of this race there are two other drivers that have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning it, and you may also have come to the same conclusion as me too, and if so one of those drivers is the Mercedes driver L. Hamilton who does have some fair odds attached to him, with those odds at BetFred being 9/4.

The other driver that I am sure plenty of you out there will have your eyes on and may just possible want to bet on is the Ferrari driver C. Leclerc and for reference he is available at odds of 5/2.

Other Fancied Drivers

There is of course the chance that any other driver could come out on top and bag this race and if you are of the mind it will be another driver rather than those listed up above there are some very tempting odds attached to each of them.

Take for example the Red Bull driver M. Verstappen he is a reasonable bet at his current win odds at BetFred of 15/2, and you will also have the opportunity of backing the likes of the Mercedes driver V. Bottas at 12/1 and also the Red Bull driver P. Gasly at even bigger win odds of 40/1 too!

Drivers with No Chance of Winning

With odds of at least 250/1 attached to them, it is fair and true to say the remaining drivers that will be taking part in the Australian Grand Prix this year have very little chance of winning, but who am I to put you off betting on any of them,

The odds are there for the taking on all other drivers and two you can back at odds of 250/1 to win this race are N. Hulkenberg and  D. Ricciardo who both drive for Renault of course.

You may be tempted by the even bigger odds of 300/1 on offer on the likes of the two Haas drivers R. Grosjean and K. Magnussen and those exact same high odds of 300/1 are also being offered on the Alfa Romeo driver K. Raikkonen too.

The odds on all other drivers vary in value from 400/1 right up to win odds of a huge 1000/1, so do checkout the BetFred betting site if you do fancy any of those other drivers who are all listed on that betting sites Australian Grand Prix betting markets.