Bet Now on the British Grand Prix

It is of course the turn of the UK to host their next Grand Prix this Sunday, and if you fancy a bit of a change from watching Wimbledon and the World Cup then you will be pleased to hear that race is being broadcast on Channel 4 and also over on Sky Sports too.

But as soon as you set about looking at the betting outright betting markets at any betting site you are going to see the odds compilers are taking no risks on this event, for they have chalked up Lewis Hamilton as the 5/6 favourite to win it.

He does of course have an outstanding chance of winning it and it would be no surprise if he did so, but there is always chance that another driver could win the British Grand Prix and his closest rival on the betting markets is S. Vettel who may be worth a punt at 7/2!

Bottas will of course be doing everything in his power to try and beat both Hamilton and Vettel and if you do think he is going to lead the way and win then his odds are 11/2, the only other driver that has a chance of winning, albeit a much reduced one compared to that of those three drivers is M. Verstappen at 15/2!

Picking the Team That Will Win the British Grand Prix

Let me now give you some ideas of the other betting opportunities available to you on the British Grand Prize, and the name the winning team betting market is a good place to start and the favourite team to win is of course Mercedes at 4/9!

The Ferrari team could come up trumps however and their odds are reasonable and fair at 9/4, but for some speculative bets then perhaps a bet on Red Bull at 7/2, Renault at 400/1 or Toro Rosso at 750/1 will be more of interest to you!

Which Driver Will Achieve the Fastest Lap Time?

If you think that L. Stroll, S. Sirotkin or M. Ericsson will be the driver that is going to achieve the fastest lap time in the main race of the 2018 British Grand Prix then you will get odds of 1000/1 on each of them doing so, but think long and hard about placing such a bet as their chances of doing so are below tiny!

The smart money on this betting market is going on drivers such as L. Hamilton at 5/2 and V. Bottas at 3/1, but a few punters are of the mind the driver who will be the one winning the honour of getting the fastest lap time will be S. Vettel and with his odds of doing so being 7/2 it could turn out to be a good bet.

However, do take a look over betting site such as Betfred for that particular betting site does offer a huge array of additional betting markets on this event, some of which I think are going to be of interest to you!