Bet on the Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs Bout

When it comes to betting on boxing matches such as the Saul Alvarez v Daniel Jacobs match that is going to be in play this very Sunday morning, you are always going to be best advised to follow the smart money and back the favourite.

That favourite is of course Saul Alvarez and if everything goes to plan it isn’t going to take him very long to win that match, but that is of course reflected in the odds all betting sites, sportsbooks and bookies are going to be offering you on him winning, which for reference are tiny at just 1/4.

There are of course plenty of fans of Daniel Jacobs who would love nothing more than him winning this match, and its fair to say there have been a few large bets placed on him doing so, and his loyal fans will be rewarded with odds of 16/5 if they shop around.

If this match goes the way of a draw though it will be a major shock, but as that betting option does have huge odds attached to it, and for reference those odds are  around 18/1, then it may be worth having a few quid on it just in case for reasons not many punters can see happening, the match does end in a draw.

Round Betting Opportunities

I do like the look of the round betting markets plenty of betting sites have made live on this boxing match, and I am certain plenty of you will be too once I reveal the odds attached to each grouping too.

You can bet on the match ending quickly in rounds 1-3 at 9/1, or if you think it will last a little bit longer but will end in rounds 4-6 the odds are 13/2, some decent odds of 6/1 can be secured on this match finishing in rounds 7-9 and the odds of it ending in rounds 10-12 are even higher at 9/1, as for whether the match will go the distance, the odds on that outcome do tell their own story with them being just 1/2!

Method of Victory Betting Markets

Some other bets for you to ponder over include for Saul Alvarez to win on Points and that does look a very fair bet and you can bag odds of around 5/6 if you do some hunting around, and also for Saul Alvarez to win by a KO/TKO/DQ/Technical Decision, you can get some slightly better odds of 12/5 on that betting proposition too.

He may be the underdog but anything could happen in that match of course and if you therefore fancy the chances of Daniel Jacobs to win on Points the odds of 11/2 are up for grabs, and you could prefer to take your chances on Daniel Jacobs to win by a KO/TKO/DQ or a Technical Decision and if you do then look out for odds no shorter than 7/1!