Bet on the USA Women v Netherlands Women Match

The third-place playoffs are yet to be played of course, however there is one more match that is going to see some hefty bets being placed upon it as part of this year’s Women’s World Cup, and that is of course the final game.

The two teams that have fought their way to that final game are the USA Women team and the Netherlands Women, and below are several betting opportunities that you may fancy making use of on that match which is going to be kicking off on Sunday the 7th July 2019.

It is always going to be worth checking out the odds being offered at several different bookies sites on matches such as this one, for you may find one of those you do check offering slightly higher odds on the outcome you want to bet on.

As for the generally available odds on the standard match betting markets, well the USA Women are being touted at odds of 9/20 the draw odds are 16/5 and you will bound to be happy if you want to back the Netherlands Women with the odds now on offer which for reference are around the 7/1 mark.

Place a Match Result and Both Teams to Score Bet

A much better paying bet if you do think that the USA Women will win is to couple it up with a both teams to score bet as well, and a yes bet pays out at odds of 5/2 and the no bet is listed at plenty of bookies sites at odds of 6/5.

You can also bet that the match will end in a draw and also couple it with a both teams to score yes bet at odds of 5/1 or couple it with the no bet at odds of 17/2 or for some huge odds of 12/1 bet that the Netherlands Women will win and both teams will score or take the no both teams will not score but the Netherlands Women team will win also being offered at odds of 12/1.

Some Other Bets to Consider

You may fancy pinning your hopes on one team leading at half time and then going on to winning this match too, and by combining those two bets into one which you can do on the win both halves betting markets there are some decent odds currently being offered by bookies such as BetFred.

The one stand out bet on that betting market is of course for the USA Women to take the lead at half time and then to go on to win that match and the odds of them doing so are 5/2, but you may fancy the chances of the Netherlands Women and if you do think they will be in the lead at half time and then win this match the odds available are huge at 33/1.

Picking the team you think will be in the lead at half time but without the draw being taken into account on the odds offered may also be a bet you fancy placing and the odds on Half-Time draw no bet are 2/9 on USA Women and 3/1 on the Netherlands Women team.