BetBull Review

Times are certainly changing, and if you are a fan of betting on your mobile phone but are looking for a brand new and much more social type of betting experience, then allow me to introduce you to BetBull.

In fact BetBull is one of the only betting companies I can think of that do not have an online betting platform, and as such they are taking something of a chance with their mobile betting app, for there are still many punters who much prefer betting online, but it does appear to be a risk they think is worth taking.

Over the years there has been something of a noticeable shift regarding the way that people do tend to place their bets and wagers, and the team behind BetBull are convinced their efforts need to be firmly on proving their customers with a solid yet very robust and unique betting app, and that is certainly what they have managed to do.

The main aspect of what makes BetBull complete unique and like no other betting app, and let’s face it there are literally hundreds if not thousands of different betting apps available these days, is that it offers a much more community based betting environment

You are going to be able to full interact with fellow users of that betting app and can discuss tactics, pass on betting tips and hopefully use the knowledge and experience of your fellow punters to have a much more enjoyable and potentially profitable experience too!

New Customers Can Claim a Matched Bet

There is of course an added incentive if you choose to give BetBull a try, and that takes the form of a free matched bet.

To claim that welcome sign up bonus however you need to click or tap through any of the links you can see upon this website to visit their site and you will then be given instructions on how to download and install their app onto your mobile phone.

The way in which their matched bet welcome offer has been designed is that you will of course first need to make a deposit and then place a bet with your own money, as per their terms and conditions, and win or lose once that bet has then been settled you will then be awarded a matched bet.

Please do however ensure that you do familiarise yourself with those terms and conditions, and also be aware that you are also going to be qualifying for a range of ongoing betting promotional offers as one of their regular customer, so you will get plenty of additional chances to lock in even more betting value!

No End of Betting Opportunities

It is of course going to be the never ending number of different betting opportunities and betting markets that are going to appeal to you the most over at BetBull, and make no mistake about it, no matter what sporting events that you fancy betting on you are always going to find odds on offer on them!

You will find ante post betting markets that are going to allow you to bet far in advance of any sporting events actually starting, and it is often the much higher odds that are available on those ante post and futures betting markets that are very appealing to punters,

However, having said that, you are also going to find each day BetBull will have the odds they are offering on all of the upcoming days sporting events available, and with best odds guarantees and other similar promotional offers, including boosted and enhanced odds on their early betting markets there is always going to be plenty of value waiting to be mopped up.

The live betting markets are all updated in real time, and I should also point out that as soon as any sporting events start, you are then going to find those live betting markets will switch over to in-play betting markets.

Therefore you are going to then be in the position to continue placing all manner of different bets and wagers as any sporting events are being played out, which is good to know of course!

Bet Big or Bet Small at BetBull

You will often find that some online betting sites and mobile betting apps are going to force you to have to make some fairly high valued deposits and also have some high minimum betting limits in place on their betting platforms and apps.

However, you can forget about all of that nonsense as a customer of the BetBull betting app, for you are going to be able to make deposits of any value and when it comes to placing a bet you can bet as little or as much as you like on any betting opportunity that does catch your eye.

I should also point out that every single bet you place is going to be instantly logged onto their system, and as such you will always have access to a full and very definitive audit trail of all bets that you have placed,

You will therefore be able to double check the bets and wagers you have placed, the amount of those bets, the time the bets were placed and the amount you staked on them and the odds you secured.

As soon as any sporting event that you have chosen to place a bet on has ended and the official result has then been declared all open bets on that sporting event are then going to be settled, so there are never any drawn out delays in you getting paid out your winnings once you have been lucky enough to place a winning bet!

Fast Payouts and Multiple Deposit Options

The speed at which your deposits will be processed and then added to your account at BetBull couldn’t be quicker, for when using their highly secure mobile banking interface, each and every single deposit you make will be processed in real time.

However, it is fair to say that you are never going to want to have to experience any delays or fuss or hassle when you win and you make a withdrawal from your BetBull account, and that is something you will never experience for they are one of the fattest paying mobile betting apps and they always aim to be too.

There is however the need for you to be over the age of 18 to legally place bets at BetBull and as such if you are not over 18 years of age then do not attempt to sign up and register as a new customers.

To ensure that they do indeed comply with the regulations imposed on them by their betting license issuer, all new customers must have their identity verified and also their age and address too, so do not be too surprised if not very long after signing up you are asked to pride them with copies of your identification documents.

As soon as your account at the BetBull betting app has been fully approved then you are free to make a withdrawal at any time and it will then be paid out to you in full and rapidly and also by your chosen payment option too!

Interact with Other Punters

It may seem a completely alien concept to you being able to interact with other punters when you are betting on a betting app, but just think of it as being able to walk into a cyber betting shop!

When visiting a betting shop you are always going to hear other peoples opinions on what you should bet on or why a team, athlete or horse or greyhound should win, and that is similar to what is going to be on offer to you at BetBull.

However, as you are actively going to be able to engage in conversation with people you have chosen to interact with, you are never going to have to endure the mindless waffle from people you are likely to meet in a land based betting shop!

What I would encourage you to do if you are not yet 100% sure as to whether BetBull is going to be the ideal app for you, is to actually download it and install it onto your smart phone or tablet device, as by doing so you can always sign up and take a look around the app and see what it has to offer without having to make an initial deposit.

However, I am more than confident that you will like what you find when you do become a customer of BetBull and if you do decide to make a deposit then do ensure that you make use of that welcome sign up bonus offer I told you about up above!