Betfred Review

Betting shops are found in nearly every town and city in the UK, however one company that is renowned for giving their betting shop punters more, by way of better odds, bigger pay-outs and a whole lot more is Betfred.

As the UK’s largest independent bookmaker, they are never afraid of wiping the floor with their competition, and as they have now ventured into both the online and mobile betting environments, you can now get just as much betting value when gambling on your computer or mobile phone as you would do when you wander into one of their betting shops!

Much Bigger Bonuses and Promotional Deals

To give you an incentive to sign up today, Betfred re offering a bet £10 Get in £30 free bets (Ts&Cs apply) sign up offer, that you can claim if you have never signed up to their betting site before, and that bonus will become available in your account rapidly after you have placed your initial bet.

That bonus has been designed in such a way that you can make a minimum deposit and then get used to betting on their online platform and it is also available if you decide to utilize their state of the art betting app too.

This offer is for customers only. Lease not that Terms and Conditions Apply. Please visit the Betfred website for more details. To claim this bonus offer must be 18+ and be over that age to legally bet on either a mobile device or online.

You are under no obligation to make use of that bonus, but as soon as you do sign up make sure you check their website and your emails regularly, as they are then going to be offering you all manner of additional promotional offers, not only from their betting sites but from their other gambling sites too.

Mobile, Online and In-Shop Betting

There are more than enough betting shops dotted around the UK that go under the Betfred brand name, in fact recently they took over all Tote betting shops too so there are now ever more betting shops you can visit in person and place any type of bet.

However, you are probably going to find it much easier to bet online or via a mobile device, and when you sign up to their online platform or their betting app you will be supplied with a single log in that will work on both the online platform and app.

Much like when you visit a Betfred betting hop anything you want to bet on they will offer you odds when using the app or the online platform, and the odds will be the same no matter which environment you choose to bet in.

But one thing I have noticed when you bet with the app or online, so that the bonus offers, and ongoing promotional deals are much more valuable than anything a betting shop punter will be offered, so keep that in mind for you will always want to be rewarded for your betting action, which is what Betfred will always be doing!

The Bonus King

Betfred have the motto the Bonus Kings, and they have earned that nickname too, for compared to any other sportsbook, betting site or land-based betting shop operator, they are top of the list when it comes to giving their customers more.

Now, do not take my word for it, simply head on over to their website at any time of the night or day and you will see just what offers are available each day.

You will find that Tricast bets for example will be rounded up to the next pound if you place a winning one on selected races, odds boosters are also available day in day out, and the best odds guarantees are the best in the business.

Also, you will find that if you are a user of Twitter then they have a new service whereby you can ask for better odds on selected races, and if the odds compilers think you deserve better odds then they will offer them to you!

High Limits and Rapid Pay-Outs

You are not going to fail to be impressed by the betting limits in place on the Betfred website, and that also include their mobile betting app. Most betting sites are going to limit your account if they think you are a winning punter, but there will be none of that nonsense at Betfred!

When you win they will always pay you out in full and with no messing about, and it may be worth checking out some of their lottery betting opportunities, if you do fancy placing a very low stake bet but one that could return some huge pay-outs!

The way in which your account is going to get verified is usually automatically, however if they are unable to verify your age, your address or your identity then they will request you send into them some copies of identification documents, once you do any limits on your account are lifted,

You are then going to be able to make a deposit or withdrawal at any time, and to endue that you always stay in control when betting online or via their app you can set your own lost limits and deposit limits too.

On the Ball Customer Support

As mentioned up above, if you want to ask for better odds on any of their chosen betting markets you can make direct contact with the odds compilers on Twitter, and they do tend to increase the odds when you ask for them to be!

Another handy aspect of Betfred is that if you much prefer placing your bets over the phone then they do offer, and have done for many, many years now a telephone betting account, allowing you to contact their team at any time and play a bet at any time too.

It must be pointed out though that they do offer all their customers and around the clock customer support team so if you are ever unsure or puzzled about anything you find on their app or betting platform the simply contact them.

However, the sign-up process is rapid, their banking interface whilst extremely easy to use is highly secure, and you are never going to find it difficult to place a bet or look up the odds available on anything you decide to bet on, so you are unlikely to ever need to get in touch with their support team, but they are there if you need them!

Multiple Deposit Options

To make a deposit into the Betfred app or online betting platform you simply need to log into your account and the click or tap onto the cashiers button, and that is when the magic will happen!

You are going to be presented with lots of different payment options, you can choose to use a debit card or credit card, or you can use a prepaid voucher or prepaid card and even deposit using all major web and e-wallets, including PayPal if you are based on the UK.

If you are in the UK then you can set your betting account to GBP, and once you have chosen a deposit option and have chosen how much you wish to deposit you simply click onto the OK button and your deposit will be processed in real time and your funds added to your account.

Getting paid out is just as hassle free a process, and you will need to ensure you select a payment option that is convenient to you, and you can choose to get paid out back to your bank account linked up to any debit card you have used to get paid out back to a web or e-wallet too.

Why Bet at Betfred?

Trust is what you will be seeking when gambling online, and with Betfred being a rock-solid company and one that can and does pay-out some massive amounts of cash ever day of the week, and in full too, you will never experience problems getting paid!

However, as you have learnt from above, it is the extras you are going to receive as one of their customers that will make betting with Betfred the ultimate experience you will have online, for I have yet to find another betting site that gives away as many betting related offers and deals as they do.

Being able to bet in GBP is another of the many reasons why Betfred is such a popular site with UK punters however if you do live in another of their permitted countries then you are always going to be able to deposit, bet and receive your winnings in your own home currency.

The only real way to see if they are as good as they sound is to give them a try, and the sooner you do so the sooner you can bag their sign up welcome offer, so what are you waiting for, give them a try and see how you get on!