Best Paying Football Coupons

There should only be one place you visit if you want to ensure you are getting the best possible paybacks from all your football coupon bets and wagers, and the is our top rated Betfred betting site.

If there is one thing that they are famed for doing it is wiping the floor with their competitors, when it comes to enhanced and boosted pay-outs on their every goring range of football coupon betting opportunities, and they are also very big on football related bonuses and free bets too.

Betfred are also one of the only betting sites that I know of that will happily pay out their customers’ league title winner winning football bets before the end of the season! The owner of Betfred that being Fred Done has been stung before by doing so, when the team he thought was going to win the title didn’t, but he took it on the chin and always wants his customers to have the best deals.

Below you will find details of how their best paying football betting coupons have been designed, and if you have never yet placed a bet on one of them, then it really is about time you did so.

So, read on and educate yourself as to why the savviest off football bettors always bet at Betfred and nowhere else, then head over to their website and make sure you sign up today and make full use of their overly generous welcome bonus offer that is credited to your account rapidly.

Betfred Goals Galore Football Betting Coupons

It is the range of Goals Galore coupon that you should always choose to concentrate your football betting activates on, and with that in mind I now want to walk you through the way each of those coupons bets have been designed.

Keep in mind to that Betfred, being one of our approved sportsbook have an exclusive welcome betting offer that you can make use of, so simply click onto any of our links to visit their website for a full overview of the terms and conditions attached to that bonus and how to claim it too.

Goals Galore Coupon

When you make use of the standard Goals Galore coupon from Betfred you must place at least three selections from any of the teams listed on that betting coupon.

What you are hoping will happen during each football match you select is that both teams will score at least one goal, the match for betting purposes lasts the full 90 minutes and any additional injury or stoppage time added at the referee’s discretion.

If all your selections are winning ones then you are a winner and your bet is going to be settled as an accumulator. If you pick just three selections though and one match doesn’t take place then the other best still on the coupon are steeled at odds of 6/4 or 4/7 if just one match takes place from the three you have chosen.

Goals Galore Bonus Coupon

The Goals Galore bonus coupon is unique in as much as the odds that are on offer have been boosted on the teams listed on that coupon, so you will have the chance of winning more than you would when betting on the above coupon, however there are not as many football matches on this coupon as there will be on the one above.

The way you win is however identical to the bet above and that is by you correctly predicting which matches from those on offer to you are going to end with at least one goal being scored by both teams, if both teams do score on every match you select you will be in the money.

Once again though, you are obliged to place a minimum of three selections on the Goals Galore bonus coupon for that bet to be accepted, but there is no limit on the maximum number of teams you can pick, other than the maximum number of them on each the coupon!

Goals Galore – No Draw Coupon

Now the Goals Galore No Draw coupon is an interesting one, for you still must pick a match in which both teams will score at least one goal, but to win each match selected much not end in a draw!

The odds available are extremely generous on this betting coupon, for example if you pick out just two matches to bet on and both teams score more than one goal but the match does not end in a draw you are paid out at odds of 6/1.

If you ever manage to pick out 10 matches and both teams score and the match does not end in a draw then you will be rewarded with pay-out odds of a whopping 25000/1!

Unlike the two coupon bets listed above the minimum number of matches you can pick is just two or them as opposed to three on those coupons mentioned above, but if you are looking for a potentially huge paying coupon bet then this one is certainly worth considering.

Goals Galore – 1st Half/2nd Half Coupon

The final Goals Galore coupon is a tricky affair, for you must predict which teams you think are going to score in either the first half or the second half of a match.

Both teams however must sore in the first half if that is the one you select or the second half if you opted for that option, and there are some very high and appealing odds on offer.

For example, if you go for the first half goals option and pick out just two teams from two matches to score in the first half, then the pay-out is a whopping 20/1. Odds of 11/1 are on offer if you select two teams from two matches to both score in the second half instead.

You must however select a minimum of two matches for both of those two different bets, but the more of them you do pick the bigger and higher in value your final pay-out could become!

Guide to Football Coupon Betting

If you are from the USA you will probably identify coupons with money off vouchers and the suchlike, however when you come across football betting coupons they are simply a betting slip on which you can bet on a range of soccer matches, and get paid out at some enhanced odds, if you are lucky enough to predict the correct outcomes on them.

What I have therefore done in the following guide is to put together an overview of the many different types and kinds of football betting coupons that you can make use of, many of which can be found at our featured betting sites.

The thing to keep in mind about soccer coupon betting is that you can win some huge amounts of cash when everything falls into place, and you usually do win when you are least expecting it! However, it is always the luck of the draw when betting on soccer, but you never will know when your luck will be in.

On a quick side note, if you are into betting on football, then all of the betting sites you will see showcased throughout this website are famed for some of the best soccer related offers, deals and promotions, and when signing up to any of those sites for the very first time you can bag for yourself all manner of extras too, via their welcome offers, so do check them out and claim those offers as soon as you can do!

Both Teams to Score Coupon

One type of football betting coupon that will certainly give you an interest in all football matches right until the dying seconds of each game is a both teams to score coupon.

When you come across such a coupon you will be presented with a very long list of football matches, that tend to be playing on the same day, or on consecutive days of the week, and alongside each of the two teams names that are playing against each other you will find yes odds and no odds.

The aim of this coupon is that you must predict whether both teams are going to score at the very least one goal each in each match selected, and if you think they will click or tap or mark the yes tab or the no tab.

There will be a set of odds against the yes or no option, which will reflect the odds you will be paid out at if you guess correctly. If you select any number of teams to either both score a goal or not, then the stake you wager on that bet will be wagered on the first selection and if that is a winning one your winnings will roll over in turn onto the next selections you have made.

You can place very low valued stakes on this betting coupon or some high-stake amounts, that decision is yours to make, and you will be able to pick as many teams as you like, and there will of course only be two possible outcomes on each bet, either the teams do score one goal each or they don’t, so you have a 50/50 chance of success on each match chosen.

Long List Football Betting Coupons

The original football betting coupon, which is still as popular with punters today as it has always been is known as the long list.

What you are going to find listed on that coupon are every match scheduled to take place over the weekend or sometimes during one full week.

Every match will have listed alongside the two teams names the home team win odds, the draw odds and the away team win odds, and you must pick out as many teams as you like by predicting what way the match will end.

Once again and much like the football coupon bet above you will need to correctly predict every single matches outcome correctly to receive a winning pay-out, for the bet you will be placing is an accumulator type of bet.

The stakes that can be placed on such a bet are variable and the potential winnings can be huge, but that will always be determined by your staked amount coupled with the total number of matches you predict. Be aware that some betting sites are going to require you to select a minimum number of matches to predict the outcome of on such bets, which is usually at least three matches to bet on.

Under/Over 2.5 Goals Betting Coupons

There is another football betting coupon that I do think is going to be of interest to quite a lot of avid football fans, and that is one that is designed as something known as an under/over 2.5 goals football betting coupon.

Now the name of this coupon does give you a very clear idea of what it is based around, and that if you must correctly predict whether the total number of goals scored will be under 2.5 or over 2.5 on any number of matches.

As there is only going to be two possible outcomes on each match, that being yet there will be more than 2.5 goals scored in each match, or no there wont be, you will see listed alongside each match on the coupon the odds of the yes and no predication.

Once you placed your bet and the results are known if each match you have predicted does have the correct outcome as predicted by you regarding the number of goals scored being under or over 2.5 then your stake will be placed on the first match in your list, the winnings will be worked out and then that and the stake are then placed on the next match, and the next and so on until your final winnings are known.

This is another football betting coupon that can pay-out some very large amounts of cash at times, even if you only bet a small amount on it!

Guide to the Most Placed Bets and Wagers

Long gone have the days when the only bets you could place were a simple win type of bet or an each-way bet, for these days each betting sites will not only be offering you loads of standard bets and wagers, but they will be offering you the ability of placing some unique and exclusive bets too.

However, I want to strip things back a little in this guide, for what you are going to find listed below are the most placed types of bets and wagers that most sports bettors will be placing, any time they fancy having a bet.

Whilst these bets are not very complicated and are quite basic bets, they are ones that you will never find any problems being able to place, no matter where you choose to bet.

But as the betting sites showcased to you throughout this website are offering a range of welcome bonuses and sign up promotions, when you place any of the following bets in conjunction with those offers, bonuses and deals you will find you get much better betting value, and could end up getting paid out more if your bets do turn out to be winning ones!

Outright Winner Bets

You will find you can place an outright winner bet on absolutely any sporting event, and all that is required for you to do when placing this most basic of bet is to pick out the winner of any sporting event you want to have a financial interest in.

If you are a fan of a golfer then you can place an outright winner bet on him or her winning, or if you have a favourite soccer team you can bet on that team to win a match, the league or even any cup games they are playing in.

Most betting sites offer fixed odds as they are known when you want to place this type of bet so the odds you can take are never going to change no matter how much money gets placed on any of the betting opportunities. However, some sports such as horse racing can offer odds you can take when placing a bet or you can wait to get paid out at the starting price once the result has been declared.

There is always a gamble when you choose to take the starting price for example as the odds declared are an average of several on course bookmakers when the race started.

Double and Trebles Bets

The next most commonly placed sports bets are known as doubles and trebles, and when you bet on a double you are picking out two selections both of which will have to win for you to get a winning pay-out.

The winnings and your stake on the first selection if it wins are then automatically placed onto your second selection, so the returns can be quite high for one single bet as opposed to betting two individual single win bets.

A Treble as you have probably already worked out is when you pick out three selections to place a bet on, and the stake you select and any winnings on the first rolls over onto the second, and if that wins then the winnings and the now much higher stake rolls over onto the third selection.

But each selection you pick when placing a Double or Treble bet must win, if any selection you choose to bet on loses then your bet has lost. You are also allowed to place any stake you want on either of those two bets, so they are suitable for very low or very high-stake gamblers and everybody in between!

Accumulator Bets

You could win a large amount of cash if everything does fall into place when you choose to place an accumulator bet, but to have the chance of great rewards there are plenty of risk associated with placing this type of bet.

If you do want to place such a bet firstly you will need to pick out as many different selections, which could be golf players horses or soccer and basketball teams, that you think are going to win their next matches or races.

You then right each selection down on a betting slip or enter then into an online or mobile betting slip by click on them, and next you choose a stake.

All that needs to happen next is that you end up winning, and that is what you will do if ever selection you placed on an accumulator bet wins, and if they do the stakes and winners from the first one roll over and get placed onto the next bet and so on until all bets have been paid out.

Low Risk Each Way Bets

Each-way betting is going to see you winning more often that you will do when placing most other types of bets, for how an each-way bet has been designed is in two parts, and as such you are forced to wager double the amount you would on a win bet for example.

The first bet you are placing in one that covers your selection to win, and if that selection does win then you are paid out at the odds you took or the starting price for example on a horse you didn’t take odds on.

However, the second part of the bet covers your selection to finish in one of the top positions, so if a horse you get on comes first or second and in some cases even third, fourth for fifth you will get a percentage of the win odds on the second part of the bet.

It is probably not advisable to bet on selections that are huge odds-on by placing an each-way bet for the returns on both parts of the best, especially the placed part will be tiny if your selection does go on to win but at odds-on, so do keep that in mind if you decide to play an each-way bet in the future!

New Range of Pooled Bets from BritBet

Have you ever been to a racecourse in the UK or even a greyhound track? If so then you will know there are a few different ways you can place a bet at such a venue, the first is by placing your bets with the trackside bookies.

If you have your mobile phone or tablet device with you, then you can of course bet online or via a mobile betting app, and the other way you can place a bet when visiting such a venue if by placing it on the Tote.

The Tote is a pooled betting service, which once was Government owned, then was purchased by Betfred, but it is now facing competition from a brand-new pool betting service that being BritBet.

BritBet is made up of a lot of racecourse owners across the UK who are going to be offering their customers a range of bets and wagers that operate using a pool betting system, much like the old Tote, and below I have listed, and I will be giving you an insight into how these new BritBets have all been designed, which are very similar to the old range of Tote bets by the way!

BritBet Win Bet and Place Bet

Picking a winner of a race is of course what every punter wants to do, however to get some of the bigger pay-outs from the BritBet Win Bet you should try and select one of the outsiders to win the race as there may not be many people who bet on that horse.

But which horse you pick is up to you however, and if your horse wins then so will your Win Bet, the more you bet though the bigger share of the pool you will get.

The old Tote Place bet was very confusing, but BritBet have designed their Place Bet in such a way all you need to find out is how many horses are running in a race, and then you will know how many positions the bet will pay out to.

Two places are paid out to races with 5 to 7 runners in them, a third place is paid out to races with 8 to 15 runners in them, four places are paid out on races with 16 to 24 horses in them and you get paid out to five positions when there are more than 24 horses running in any race you do decide to place a BritBet Place Bet on.

First Two Bet

The following few bets are all designed to allow anyone wanting to win some much higher valued winning pay-outs to be able to place a range of higher risk best that could see them winning big.

However, the easiest of them to win I suppose is the First Two Bet, and that is a simple bet which sees you having to pick the winner of any horse race and the horse that will finish in second place.

It is going to be the win odds and starting prices on the first and second horse that will ultimately determine how big the winning pay-out on this bet will be, as fewer people will have bet on two outsiders for example than will have picked the more fancied runners such as the first and second favourites to come first and second.

First Three Bet

This bet is much like a Tricast bet or a Trifecta bet, as the way it has been designed is such that a punter much pick the first, second and third horses to pass the winning post in the correct order to get a share of the First Three prize pool.

First Four Bet

You should only consider placing a First Four BritBet bet occasionally for you could spend days, weeks months or even years trying to successfully predict the first four placed horses in the correct order and sill never be able to achieve doing so!

First Five Bet

You will be best advised to pick out and perm together several race horses in one single race to have a much greater chance of winning a First Five bet, for the way this bet is structured is that it will pay out a dividend only to those lucky punters who do manage to pick the first five horses placed in any horse race!


Picking the first six or seven winners at a chosen racecourse is the name of the game when placing a GoldPot bet, and boy are you going to have to be skilful at picking winners if you do decide to give this bet a try!

The odds are so huge on someone being able to win on this bet, the prize pool is often going to roll over to another race, and it is going to continue to roll over and get bigger and bigger until some jammy beggar wins it!


The SiverPot is a bet in which you will be looking at picking one horse from the third to sixth races at any UK racecourse, and will be hoping each of them win, but a consolation cash prize is paid out if you pick out just three of the four winners.

However, much like the bet above there is a huge amount of luck needed to win one of these bets, but as the prize money does come with a guaranteed minimum, it could be a bet that tempts you!


No major skill or tactics are needed to win a Placer bet, for you must pick out one horse from any of the first six races at any race meeting, and if each horse you pick gets placed you are a winner.

However, if I was to place such bet I would be picking the horses with higher starting prices, for if you discount the favourites in each race, and they get turned over, there is a good chance of a huge winning pay-out.

Guide to Placing Bets on the Tote

The sheer number of unique bets and wagers that you are going to be able to place at any of our featured betting sites is enormous, and at the end of the day you will need to get a good understanding of every possible type of bet that will become available to you.

By knowing how each bet has been designed and structured, and any additional benefits of placing one bet over any other, you can then make a well-balanced decision on which bets you should be placing, dependent on what it is you wish to bet on.

If you enjoy betting on greyhound races or horse races, or you are thinking about starting to do so, then you need to be aware of a range of bets available from the Tote.

The Tote offer pooled betting opportunities, and how they different from standard bets you place with bookmaker, is that all the stakes placed on any type of Tote bet are all pooled together, and the winners of each individual bet then get a share of the pool, based on their stake wagered, but the Tote organiser does get a small commission out of the pool before it is split up between winners.

Tote Win and Tote Place Bets Explained

If you are planning a trip to a racecourse then you will probably want to ensure that your bankroll and gambling budget lasts the full day, and you will of course also need to have some ideas of the best types of bets to place if you do want to use the Tote.

But if you have never placed a bet before in your life or have never placed a Tote bet before, then a good one to start off with is a Tote Win bet. Placing such a bet requires a stake of just 2.00 and you to pick a horse running in any race, and if your horse wins then you will your share of the pool.

If a favourite wins a race though the dividend is never going to be as high in value as when an outsider wins a race!

If you want to place a much lower risk type of bet then consider placing a Tote Place Bet, for when you do so if you horse finishes, first, second and sometimes third or fourth you will still receive a share of the place pool. The number of horses and the type of horse race will determine how many places the Tote Place bet will pay-out to.

Tote Exacta

As soon as you get the hang of placing each of the many different Tote type of bets you really are going to be spilt for choose, as there are plenty of them available each offering all manner of different winning pay-outs and stake levels.

Take for example the Tote Exacta bet, the minimum cost of placing that bet in the UK is just £2 and when placing that bet you must think long and hard about which horse you think is going to win and which horse is most likely to come in second place.

If those two horses, you have chosen do finish in first and second place then wait until thee weighed-in announcement and then a dividend will be announced based on how much went into the pool and how much each winning ticket holder is going to get paid out based on their stake wagered.

Tote Trifecta

The next step up from placing an Exacta bet is placing a Trifecta bet, but it is a much harder bet to win on, for you are tasked with having to pick not only the winner of a horse race and the horse that finishes in second place, but you also must choose which horse will finish in third place too.

However, the one thing that does attract many punters to place several Tote Trifecta bets each day is that the winning pay-outs can be high in value, even if you are placing only the minimum stake requirement.

So, add this bet to your every growing list of Tote bets to place as you may have some luck when you do place it and will be rewarded with some decent pay-outs if you do win!

Tote Quadpot

It doesn’t matter which UK racecourse you want to visit or simply place bets on you are going to be able to place a Tote Quadpot bet on the third to sixth race of any meeting you choose.

All you must do is bet a minimum of just 10p and pick out one horse in each race that you think is going to win or get placed, if all four of your selections do win or get placed you win a share of the prize pool but based on the stake you wagered.

Tote Placepot

The Tote Placepot will give you an interest in six of the first races at any racecourse, but what you need to have the skill in doing to win when pacing such a bet is pick one horse in each of those six races that will win or get placed.

By doing so you will find a share of the Tote Placepot pool based on how much you wagered, the one thing that is ultimately going to determine if you win big on this bet are the odds of the other placed horses, if they are not favourites or second favourites the dividend can be and often is huge!

Tote Jackpot

You will not be mistaken for thinking the above bet is a hard one to win on, but the Tote Jackpot is even harder to win on for it is a pooled type of bet which covers the first six races at any chosen race meeting, and you must pick out the winner of each of those six meetings.

Due to the odds of a punter successfully doing that, most days the jackpot isn’t won and when that is the case the jackpot then rolls over to a race the following day and the jackpot is carried over to that race too, it continues to roll over until such a time that it is won!

How to Place Lucky 15, 31, 63 and Goliath Bets

When you set about planning your daily sports betting activities, you may find that on any given day of the week you will just find one single sporting event that you fancy placing a wager on, however sometimes you may find several that do catch your eye.

In the event of the latter, then you should always be aware of what your options are regarding what types of full cover bets are going to be available to you, as often the odds on several of your potentially winning sports betting opportunities have low and unappealing odds attached to them.

If that is something that sounds familiar, then this guide is going to introduce to you four unique bets that go by the name of 15, 31, 63 and Goliath bets, and they are bets that let you perm together several different bets all on one single one.

What makes those bets appealing to sports bettors looking or the maximum possible returns is that there are a range of bonus winning pay-outs that you will qualify for, if some or all your selections turn out to be winning ones!

Lucky 15 Bets

You are not going to be too surprised to learn that a Lucky 15 bet is made up of 15 individual bets, unless of course you decide to bet each way, and if so then you will be placing a total of 30 bets.

There is a requirement though to make four selections which could be four different soccer teams, but each team must be playing in a different match.

Those four teams are then going to be covered by four single bets, so if just one of them wins you will get something back, in fact most betting sites will double the odds if you do pick just one winner on this type of bet!

There will also be 6 doubles, 4 trebles and all your selections will also be covered by one four-timer too, which is how you can win big on this type of bet!

The basic aim of placing a Lucky 15 bet is for you to get all four selections you make winning, and that way each of the fifteen bets will be winning ones and you will qualify for a 10% bonus too, but that bonus can vary in value at different betting sites so do shop around for the best bonus pay-out!

Lucky 31 Bet

If you like the thrill of betting on serval different sporting events such as soccer matches or horse races in one single day then how about changing your arm on a Lucky 31 bet, they are very easy to understand for you first must select five sporting events that you want to bet on.

Those five selections you choose must be in different events, so you can pick more than one horse in a horse race of example and the five selections you make are divided up into 31 bets.

Those 31 bets are 5 singles, 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 5 four-folds and a five-fold accumulator, so the aim of the game is to try and pick out five winners, as that way all 31 bets will be winning ones, and if you do pick all five winners a bonus of around ten to fifteen percentage is added onto your pay-out!

But pick just one winner and most betting sites will feel your pain and will double the odds of that one winning selection!

Lucky 63 Bet

You can up your game somewhat by instead of placing one of the two bets listed up above, give a Lucky 63 bet a try, and as the name implies when pacing such a bet you will have 63 different bets live on that bet.

You will however need to pick out six selection to form the basis of that bet and your 63 individual bets will be 6 singles, 15 doubles, 20 trebles, 15 four-folds, 6 five-folds and a six-fold accumulator.

Just one winner guarantees a winning pay-out on which the odds will be doubled and get all six selections winning and a bonus will be added to your pay-out, typically 10 to 20 percent of your overall winnings, depending on which betting site you have bet at!

Goliath Bet

Now, if you have a substantial gambling budget and are prepared to take a few chances here and there when betting on let’s say horse racing, then a Goliath Bet is likely to be one bet that will defiantly appeal to you.

When placing such a bet you are first staked with picking out 8 selections, and in total those 8 selections are going to be permed together in a total of 247 bets consisting of 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 four-folds, 56 five-folds, 28 six-folds, 8 seven-folds and an eight-fold accumulator.

As the minimum permutation of bet is a double, therefore you are required to have at least two winning selections to guarantee a winning pay-out, and that pay-out will start to increase in value if you get more than two of your selections winning.

Due to the high risk but high reward potential of a Goliath bet, they are not suitable for all sports bettors namely those that do not have a huge bankroll, but every now and then you should try and place at least one of these bets, for when every selection wins the pay-outs can be mind boggling in size!

Early Prices on the PDC World Championship

Bet Early on the 2019 PDC World Championship

You must hand it to the darts playing community, over the last few years they have really turned that sport around, so much so that there are loads of different darts tournaments being played throughout the year, and all of them do attract huge crowds of spectators too.

One darts tournament that does attract huge volumes of money from sports bettors and even casual fans of the sport is the annual PDC World Championship, and the next one is scheduled to take place in 2019.

Even though you may not have even considered placing a range of bets on that tournament, so far away from its actual scheduled starting date, if you do want to back some of the lesser fancies players, who may just find form before that tournament, you will get plenty of betting value.

However, one bet that isn’t going to offer you value at this very early stage of the betting is a wager on Michael van Gerwen, for due to that players amazing form recently the very best odds you can hope for currently are just even money.

But even those odds could tempt a few punters looking for a long-term bet, but you never know any of the following darts players could suddenly find their very best form and take that tournament in their stride!

Best Value PDC World Championship Betting Opportunities

If the early betting markets on the 2019 PDC World Championship are to be believed, then no other player other than Michael van Gerwen has any hope of winning this tournament, but you may have a different opinion!

world darts championship

If you do then you will find any of the following darts players could be the ones to turn him over and be crowned the champion, and as you can bet at one half the odds to two places on the each-way early betting markets there are going to be plenty of betting opportunities for you.

I do think that Gary Anderson at 6/1 is certainly one darts player worth betting on via the early betting markets and there is no doubt in my mind at his current odds of 6/1 there will be plenty of punters out there who are currently lumping on him at those odds.

Rob Cross at 6/1 and Peter Wright who surprisingly is available at high odds of 12/1 to win this event look solid betting opportunities too, and there may be some value to be had by hoping that Michael Smith find his very best form again and if you do fancy his chances his odds are now 20/1.

Several players can be had at odds of 33/1 and they include Phil Taylor, Corey Cadby, Daryl Gurney and Raymond van Barneveld. But for a much more speculative bet do consider having some cash on Mensur Suljovic at 40/1 or even Dimitri van den Bergh at 50/1.

Big Odds Big Payouts

When you do fancy having an ante post bet as they are also known the odds that are on offer on those betting markets own, or futures bet if you are from the US, you are always going to be taking a few chances, however regarding the odds you can take you will be amazed at just how high some of them will be on those players who seemingly have no chance of winning.

Therefore, let me now rattle through the names of some total and rank outsiders who have odds so huge associated with them currently you will find you are drawn into betting on them.

The first player is James Wade who is 66/1. For a three-figure odds bet consider lumping on Gerwyn Price at 100/1 or possibly take a chance on Jan Dekker or Ian White or even throw caution to the wind and have an each-way bet on Steve West at 500/1, who has just as much chance of winning or getting placed as any other lower rung player I guess!

Guide to Betting at US Sportsbooks

Betting at US Sportsbooks

This guide as you may have guessed from its title has been designed to allow you to get your head around the many unique types of bets and wagers that you will come across and are going to be able to place when you bet at an online, mobile or even land-based US sportsbook.

Many betting sites do cater for US sports bettors, and as such alongside the betting opportunities you will be fully aware of and may have placed before, you will often find some that are designed in a completely different way or may simply be known by a different name.

Any sports bettor that is going to hold account at many different online and mobile sportsbooks should always ensure that they are familiar with every type of betting opportunity, as sometimes the best course of action is to place one type of bet rather than another.

So, read on just to ensure you are fully up to speed with these types of popular US types of bets, as you may fancy placing several of them at some point in the future, or you may fancy placing one much sooner when you next choose to bet so sports!

Straight Bets and Parlay Bets

Keeping things nice and simple is what you will be doing when you set about placing a Straight Bet, for that is a win type of be or an outright winner bet, so if for example you are betting on a horse you simply choose a stake and either take the money lines being offered to you or the odds and place that bet.

betting at US sportsbooks

If your horse in our example wins, then you are paid out at the odds or via the money lines you accepted when placing that bet!

But however, if you are looking for a bet that can return some huge winning pay-outs, but from a very small stake, then what you will need to place is a Parlay Bet, for when placing such a bet you must pick let’s say several different Baseball teams to win their matches.

If each of your teams do win, then you will get a huge winning pay-out, depending on how many of them have won, for the stakes and the winnings from the first one rolls over to the next and then the next and so on. But if any team doesn’t win then your Parlay Bet will be a losing one, so do keep that in mind!


Don’t be confused with terms that you have never come before if you choose to bet at sites such as Bovada Sportsbook, for you will have more than likely come across some of the betting markets those names and terms refer to before at a UK facing betting site.

Take for example Futures betting markets, they are simply ante post betting markets on which you are going to be able to place your bets and wagers on events that are due to start well into the future.

Any long-term sports bettor will know there can be plenty of value to be had on such betting markets, so always be prepared to place your best early, so that you can secure some much higher odds!


There will, be a range of unique and often some quite unusual betting opportunities that some sportsbooks, betting sites and bookmakers will be offering you on any sporting event.

For example, in a darts match they could be offering you odds on who will score one or more 180’s, or in a golf tournament you will always find odds on each golfer scoring a hole in one.

Those types of bets are known in America as Proposition or Prop bets and as such they are simply a range of bets that you can place other than just picking the outright winner of any type of sporting event, and sometimes the odds that are on offer can be very tempting too!


A teaser bet is a bet that you will often find being offered to you at UK facing sportsbooks that are based on football or basketball matches and they all the point spread to adjusted in such a way that additional points in the punters favour could become active on more than one game.

In a football game for example a punter may choose to move the posted point spread by up to 14 points. Regarding a basketball match you could be offer up to a 5-point teasers too.

Round Robin Bets

The one main reason why a sports bettor is going to want to place a bet known as a Round Robin, is so that he or she can get some much bigger pay-outs from betting on low odds betting opportunities, such as when betting on favourites that are odds-on for example.

A Round Robin is a set of three individual double bets and a bet on which you must pick three sports betting opportunities, if you were to pick three soccer teams to win then those teams would be permed together as a Team A and Team B double, a Team A and Team C double and a final Team B and Team C double.

So, if two teams win you have one winning permutation guaranteed, but if all three of your teams win their respective matches you have three winning bets!

In-Play Betting Markets

You can now place bets on most sporting events once they have started, so if you didn’t have time to place a bet before the start of say a soccer match or even a horse race then simply log onto your chosen betting site or online or mobile sportsbook and click on the live In-Play betting markets.

The one thing to be aware of when you do bet on such a betting market is that as the sporting events are live and being played out, the odds on a range of different things you can bet on in those events are going to be changing as the events unfold, so you must place your bets very quickly as the odds will be changing quickly too!

Follow the Smart Money on the World Cup Group Stage Matches

World Cup Group Stage Betting

They do say that if you follow where the smart money is going on any soccer matches, then you will experience plenty of winning outcomes, and can often spot a few bets and wagers you may not have considered placing.

Therefore, as the excitement really is building up to the Group Stages of the World Cup, I am going to be looking at which teams in their Group Stage matches are worrying the bookies, due to the very high volumes of wagers being placed on certain teams!

One thing you are going to find no matter where you choose to place a bet on the Russia vs Saudi Arabia match on the 14th of June 2018, is that the bookies know that Russia should win it and are only going 3/10 on them doing so. The draw odds are 7/2 and Saudi Arabia must be a mug bet at 11/1!

Uruguay Should Win Against Egypt

Betting sites across the world are hoping that Uruguay get stuffed by Egypt, for I do know lots of them have been taking some hefty bets on Uruguay to win, so much so the book on that match is Egypt 6/1 to win, the draw is 11/4 and Uruguay are now 8/15 to win.

The above match along with the following two are being played on June the 15th, and it is Morocco at 13/10 that the smart money is going on in their match against Iran who are 12/5 to win, the draw at 2/1 does offer a tad of value though.

I doubt the 5/6 odds that are currently on offer on Spain beating the 16/5 outsiders Portugal in their match on the 15th are going to be on offer for much longer, and the draw if that is something you think will be the outcome is on offer at 23/10.

France are Going to Stuff the Aussies!

When one team are in a different class to another you are going to find all betting sites, sportsbooks are bookies are going to give the favourites to win a match such short odds-on no one will want to place those bets.

That is what you will notice on the France vs Australia match, for France are going to win this match, there is no disputing that fact, and their odds are 1/6 to do so, but that does mean those mug punters of there who want to bet on the draw can do so at 5/1 or on Australia to win they will get odds of 18/1!

A similar set of circumstances to the above match also being played on the 16th of June is on place on the Argentina vs Iceland match, for Argentina should win that match so the bookies have their odds pinned down low at 3/10, the draw is 7/2 and Iceland who cannot possibly win this match can be had at odds of 10/1!

The Peru vs Denmark match is one that does have some value to it, for Peru are 11/4 the draw is on offer at 9/4 and the bookies make Denmark the eve money favourite to win that match.

One match that is also on the 16th of June which isn’t unfair regarding the odds on each possible outcome is the Croatia vs Nigeria match, Croatia should win at 4/5 but do not discount the draw at odds of 12/5 or even a Nigeria win at odds of 7/2!

You Can Now Bet on Virtual Sports at Home

Betting on Virtual Sports at Home

If you have been a regular punter in betting shops over the last few years, then you will have seen plenty of changes in those venues. More and more visitors to such venues though are going inside to bet on the FOBT’s that offer a huge range of different games of chances such as slot machines and roulette games.

However, as well as those gaming machines, which by the way are going to have their maximum stakes lowered by fifty times what they are now, there are other new ways that people can bet in betting shops.

One new way is by betting on virtual sports, and now ever free minutes in a betting shop there will be a nonstop range of virtual horse races and virtual greyhound races being played out on at least on one of the TV screens in such venues.

The way in which a virtual sports event work is that a list of horses for example in a virtual horse race are selected to run against each other, and a computer works out the odds of each of them running in those virtual races, as per the way the random number generator has been designed.

You could look at the way at virtual sports have been designed as like a raffle, the favourite will have the most tickets in the raffle drum and the outsider will have the least tickets, then one outcome is selected, and the race will then begin.

The outcome of the race is determined by the computer as per the outcome of the random number generator, and as such each virtual horse running in a race will have a chance of winning, but it will all be down to the RNG’s decision as to just which horse will win!

Online Virtual Races

If you do want to bet on virtual sports from home, then I have some good news for you as each of our featured betting sites now have a wide and very varied range of them available, and all that you need to do is to sign up to any of those sites and give virtual sports betting a try.

virtual horse racing

Keep in mind too that there will be all manner of sign up welcome bonuses waiting to be claimed when you do make use of their virtual sports betting platform and plenty of ongoing bonuses and promotional deals too.

So, you will always get plenty of additional value when betting at our top rated and fully licensed betting sites, so look at their restive website or more details.

In case you are sat there wondering just what types of virtual sport you can bet on they include Horse Racing, Greyhound races, virtual Football matches Motor Sports and Cycling races and even virtual Tennis matches.

Just be aware every signal outcome of those virtual sports is completely random, so the outsiders do have a chance of winning any of them and may just win some of them so do not be too downhearted if you continually bet on the favourites only to see them getting turned over time and time again!