Betting on the 2019 St Leger

Doncaster racecourse is of course hosting as usual this years St Leger horse race, and that is one race that I am confident plenty of fans of horse racing out there are going to be ever eager to bet on this week.

But it will be the usual battle with bookies when it comes to trying to secure the very highest possible odds on any horse you do think is going to go on to win the St Leger this year, and one horse that is being backed heavily at the moment is Logician, who has been backed down to odds of around the even money mark in recent days.

Whilst there is plenty of support for that horse there are plenty of other horses that may just prove good enough to beat it, and one that kay just do just that is Sir Dragonet, and punters that rate the chances of Sir Dragonet can secure odds right now of 10/3 if they shop around.

You may also fancy one of the other fancied runners in this race, but it’s fair to say that just two others are in with a realistic chance of winning this year and they are Il Paradiso at 5/1 and Sir Ron Priestley at 15/2, but whether they will be good enough to beat the current even money favourite does of course remain to be seen.

Bet Each-Way on the St Leger

As for whether it will be worth your time, money and effort placing an each-way bet on the 2019 running of the St Leger, well that is going to you your decision to make, but most bookies will allow you to place such a bet with them.

Just make sure though, that you are not going to be short-changed regarding the terms that you will be offered when playing an each-way St Leger bet this year, and the terms you will find appealing are those bookies, of which there are many that are paying out to three places and at one fifth of the win odds too.

Other Runners in the 2019 St Leger

I think it’s a fair bet that any of the horses that I have mention up above are going to be involved in the finish of this race and they are probably going to be the ones that you will be concentrating your betting efforts on.

However, as sure as night follows day there will always be punters out there that are prepared to place one or two speculative bets on some of the other runners that have much higher odds attached to them, in the hope one of them go on to win at big odds.

As for just which other horses are running in this race but have only a tiny chance of winning it, you have the likes of both Dashing Willoughby and Technician at 14/1 and you are also going to be able to back horses right now such as Nayef Road at 20/1.

There are four other horses that I haven’t yet mention and they are the ones that are not attracting much if any support currently by punters, and for reference those outriders are Norway at 25/1. South Pacific at 33/1 and then you have both Barbados at 40/1 and Western Australia at 50/1/.