Betting Opportunities on This Year’s X Factor

I am sure you either tune in each week to watch X Factor on TV or you do everything possible not to watch it, for it is very true to say most people either enjoy watching it or cannot stand it!

However, there is no getting away that the X Factor talent show is one of the most watched TV shows on ITV, and never looking to miss out on giving their customers the chance to bet on absolutely anything, most betting sites will be offering a range of different betting opportunities on each series!

That is certainly the case over at sites such as Betfair and Betfred, and several of our other featured and fully approved betting sites.

You may never have thought of actually betting on a TV talent show before, and if not then do click onto the novelty betting tab found at those two betting sites, for when you do so you will realise there are plenty of other shows on television that you can bet on at different times of the year!

What I am going to be doing in today’s bets of the day betting guide is giving you an insight into just what types and categories of unique bets are going to be available to you through this series of the X Factor UK, for there are some interesting bets on offer, and being as it very early in this series of that show, you are going to get to take advantage of some rather tempting odds, if you are prepared to bet nice and early!

Win or Each-Way Betting

As soon as you do spot the most likely group or individual you think is going to win the X Factor 2018, you can then set about choosing whether you wish to back them to win the show outright, or bet on them via an each-way type of bet.

The one thing I would always advise you to do however it to ensure you pick a betting site that is offering you the very best odds.

I have just taken a quick glance over the early X Factor betting market that Betfred now have live, and can see that it is Anthony Russell at 7/1 that is leading the betting currently, however you will find that Brendan Murphy and Molly Scott are ones the bookies do think are in with a chance of winning as they are the joint second favourites at 12/1.

I know it is early days on this betting market but if any of the contestants or group you have so far seen are ones you think could win you can also bag odds at Betfred of 16/1 on both Misunderstood and Janice Robinson at 16/1 and also get some much bigger odds of25/1 and 33/1 on Danny Tetley and Olatunji Yearwood at 33/1.

Top 3 Betting

Another betting opportunity that to be fair will give you a slightly better chance of winning when betting on X Factor UK 2018 is placing bet on which contestant or groups you think will finish in the top three positions.

Now, when you do look up the odds on that betting market you will of course notice the odds on each group or individual contestant are going to be slightly lower than there outright win odds.

However, as long as the ones you bet on do finish in one of the top three positions then you are going to be paid out. Just keep in mind that each week the odds on this betting market are going to be changing, as contestants get through the auditions or are voted out.

Some betting sites are going to be offering you different odds on course on the top 3 betting markets so the onus is going to be on you at all times to shop around and secure the best possible odds.

Top Group or Make and Female Contestants

At the early stage of the X Factor Series you are also going to find that you can bet on the group or make and female constants that are the last ones standing or the ones that win.

But at some point in time those markets will close as soon as the individual contestants or groups have been reduced in number, so keep that in mind if you do fancy making use of that particular betting markets.

Laying Odds on Contestants You Think Will Lose

By you heading on over to the betting exchange that Betfair have on offer to their customers, you are faced with being able to place a bet on any contestant that you think will win this year’s X Factor, but you can also lay bets on any contestants you think have no chance what so ever of winning the show!

As that betting exchange is a peer to peer one, you are not actually betting against a bookmaker when you make use of it, instead all of the odds available are being offered by other users of that betting exchange.

Therefore what you tend to find is that the odds available are usually a tad higher than bookmakers are offering, and as such that is why betting exchanges have become so popular with savvy punters, as they know they can always lock in better betting value when using them!

If you do think any contestants isn’t going to win, and you would like to lay bets from other punters, you must first decide what odds on that contestant you would like to offer.

You then need to decide just how much you would like to put up onto the betting exchange in reference to the odds you have selected, once you have done so the odds and your liability will then be added onto the betting exchange and other punters can then choose to place a bet with you.

If that contestant does lose as you had predicted the stakes of the other users of that betting exchange that took your odds is yours to keep, but if that contestant you thought would lose actually wins, then you must pay out the users who placed abet with you.