Betting Opportunities on UEFA League Matches This Week

There are a total of twenty six UEFA League matches scheduled to kick off at some point during this coming week, and as such for all of you out there who do fancy betting on any of those teams, you certainly have plenty of options available to you!

BetFred as they can always be relied to do when there is a very busy schedule of football matches lined up in the week ahead, have already got their betting markets on each of those 26 matches live, and with that in mind I have highlighted the matches I think are going to be worth betting on below.

Those matches are  in UEFA Leagues, A, B, C and D, and the odds on offer will also be mentioned below too, so you can then make up your own mind as to just which outcomes in any of the following matches are ones that you do fancy betting on!

Teams Worth Backing in UEFA League A

I have to say, that after studying the odds on many of the UEFA League A matches that are scheduled for this coming week, there are a handful of them that are very one-sided as to the most likely outcomes, but there are some of those matches that could go to either team or end in a draw.

Take for example the match between Belgium and Iceland which is scheduled for the 15th of November 2018, the match is a very easy one to predict the outcome of for I cannot see Belgium losing, nor can the odds compilers at BetFred who have them on offer at odds of 2/11 to win that match which let’s face it, they should do!

The next day there is a match starting at 19:45 between Netherlands and France and that looks a slightly better balanced match as far as both teams form and win odds go, but on reflection I think that France are going to play a much better game, which should see them win that match, and their current odds of doing so over at the BetFred betting site are worth taking being as they are 13/10.

If you think that England will win their match against Croatia that is kicking off at 14:00 on the 18th of November then get over to BetFred for they do have a fair set of odds on their betting platforms on an England win and those odds are 5/6, the draw for those of you who are interested is on offer at odds of 5/2 and as for the chances of Croatia their win odds t BetFred are 16/5.

UEFA League B Matches

As for where you should be placing your hard earned money, if you do fancy backing any teams playing in matches that are part of the UEFA League B, well I do have a couple of teams that you may fancy backing at some generous odds too.

Both of those two matches are kicking off on the 16th of November and they are both kicking off at the exact same time too and the first match is the Slovakia v Ukraine match, and it is the away team who are not the favourites to win that match who I think are going to beat their 21/10 odds an do so!

The draw and away odds on the Wales v Denmark match are 2/1, and the odds on Wales winning that match are 6/4, and I am of the mind that as far as the most likely result of that match, it is Denmark who may just win it, and those higher than average odds of 2/1 are there for the taking over at the BetFred betting site by the way!

This Weeks UEFA League C Matches

Whilst there are plenty of UEFA League C matches in play and kicking off this coming week I will only be backing two teams in those matches.

The first team I am backing is Greece, for there is no doubt in my mind they are going to win their match against Finland and I do like the very appealing odds on them doing so at BetFred, and for reference, just do you know, those odds will probably appeal to you too as they are 5/6!

The other match I will be betting on is kicking off on the 16th of November at 19:45, that match is the Cyprus v Bulgaria match and as far as who I think is going to win that match, well after hours of pondering I have made my mind up that it is going to BE Bulgaria that will win that match and I have already taken the 8/5 odds that BetFred are offering on them winning that match!

Featured UEFA League D Football Matches

Let me now finally move onto showcasing you a handful of matches that are in play this week that are part and parcel of UEFA League D, and the first of which is a match that will be in play on the 15th of November 2018.

That match has a kick off time of 15:00 and is the match between Kazakhstan and Latvia, I think the safest betting opportunity in that match is a home team win and as for the odds you can get on such a result, they are 8/13 at BetFred.

Moving swiftly onto the 16th of November 2018, my money is going on a double, for with Armenia on offer at odds of 2/9 those odds do indicate clearly that they should win their match against Gibraltar, and I will also be backing Fyr Macedonia at odds of 1/5 in that double too, for I cannot see them losing or even the draw being the outcome of their match against Liechtenstein!

There are two UEFA League D matches on the 17th of November, but I think the best bet of that day will be a win for Azerbaijan whose odds are 3/5 to come out on top and beat their opponents that day, that being the Faroe Islands.