Betway UK Championship Round 1 Betting

Several round one matches that are part of the Betway UK Snooker Championship are going to be in play later today and with that in mind I want to give you an insight into just which snooker players are expected to win each of those matches.

One thing that you are bound to spot as I am enlightening you on each of the following round one matches in that ever popular snooker tournament, is that the odds on the favourite player to win most of them are going to be very low in value, therefore it may be advised to consider placing an Acca bet, on which you have listed several of the following favourites.

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Snooker Matches Starting at 14:30

The really are some red-hot favourites taking part in many of the Betway UK Snooker Championship this afternoon, and each of the following matches have a scheduled starting time of 14:00 today the 27th of November 2018.

It is going to be difficult to see any other result in the Ding Junhui v Adam Stefanow match other than the former named player, for his win odds are tiny at just 1/50 and the odds of his opponent for reference are therefore high being 12/1!

There are some even short odds being offered on Neil Robertson to win his snooker match today against Kishan Hirani, for he can be backed at odds of 1/80 which does give you an insight into his actual realistic chance of winning, and the odds on offer on Hirani are 12/1.

As for the Yuan Sijun v Ken Doherty match, well Sijun is the favourite to win that match at odds of 4/11, however at 21/10 there is a chance that Doherty may just come out on top and win it, and in the Lu Haotian v Tian Pengfei snooker match it is Haotian that is the 8/11 favourite and Pengfei is 11/10 to win.

Moving onto the Zhou Yuelong v Soheil Vahedi match, the winner of that match should be Yuelong who is the 1/6 favourite to come out on top and as far as the most likely winner of the Martin O’Donnell v Xu Si match the player most punters are backing right now to win is O’Donnell are odds of 4/11.

There are two other afternoon matches that are being played off this afternoon as part of the Betway UK Snooker Championship and the first of those matches is the Jack Lisowski v Zhang Jiankang match in which Lisowski is likely to win at odds of 1/50, and the Michael Georgiou v Luo Honghao should go the way of the latter named player who is up for grabs at odds of 4/7 to win.

Evening Matches Starting at 19:30 Today

The action really will be coming thick and fast today in the Betway UK Championship, and there are plenty of matches all of which will be in play later on this evening.

Those matches all start at 19:30 and the very first one that does look an interesting one from a betting point of view is the Michael Holt v Chen Zifan match, for there is no way in the world I can see Holt losing that match, yet it odds at BetFred are still certainly worth taking right now being as they are 1/4.

You will probably not fancy betting on the Kyren Wilson v Andy Lee match, due in no small part to the simple fact that the favourite to win that match, that being Wilson is on offer at some very restrictive odds right now at BetFred of 1/40!

I think that Matthew Selt should easily beat Zhang Yong this evening and the odds you can get on him doing so are decent at 1/2, in fact you may fancy backing him in a double with Robert Milkins who can be backed at odds of 1/7 to beat Sanderson Lam.

The Dominic Dale v Gerard Greene match on the other hand is a much better balanced match from both a form of both players and a betting point of view for the odds on Dale coming out on top and winning hat match are 8/13 and you can also get odds of 5/4 on Greene winning that match too!

There are still three other snooker matches that are going to be in play this evening, however the odds on the first one, such more so on the favourites to win that match are not huge, and that player is Ricky Walden who at odds of 1/6 should beat Jak Jones who is available at odds of 18/5 quite easily!

The odds on Judd Trump beating David Lilley tonight are not what anybody could ever say are huge, however as those odds are currently 1/10 that does give you an insight into just what his chances of winning hat match are, and as for Lilley, well if you are a fan of his then you will certainly be interested in bagging his win odds of a very high 11/2!

The final match that is also starting this evening at 19:30 in this hugely popular snooker tournament is the one in which Ben Woollaston will be hoping to beat Alfie Burden, in fact the current set of odds on that match do give the impression that he is expected to beat his opponent and for reference the odds on offer are 1/2 on him doing so, but you can also get odds of 6/4 on Burden winning that match too,.