888Sports Review

bet £10 get £30 betting bonus at 888sport

You are often going to find yourself drawn to betting with huge companies that you have heard about before and see advertised all over the place. To be honest that is the main reason why 888Sports has become one of the best known and most popular online and mobile sportsbooks.

They have been in business since the early days on online gambling, and over the years have acquired millions of worldwide customers, and they continue to attract new sports bettors every single day of the wee.

Read on to find out why they are one of our fully approved betting sites and one you will always be assured of the very best betting experience too!

Grab Your Bet £10 Get £30 in Free Bets Offer

By looking at each of our sportsbook and betting site reviews, one thing that will become very apparent is that they all have some amazing deals and offers available to new customers, and that is certainly the case with 888Sports.

If you are prepared to sign up right now, then as soon as you have registered as a new customer, made a deposit and have placed a bet of just £10 you will then get £30 in free bets (Ts&Cs apply), and that will certainly ensure your initial sports betting session will be an interesting one!

However, the bonuses do not suddenly dry up once you have made use of that welcome bonus offer for a constant and very steady stream of weekly offers will hit your email inbox, so make sure you do keep your eyes out for those offers appearing each week too!

This welcome offer is only awarded to new customers of and be aware that Terms and Conditions Apply. I you do want to open an account with them you are required to be 18+ and follow the rules of their bonuses all at times after claiming them, by doing so you will never have any problems cashing out any winnings you do achieve.

Highly Respected Gambling Company

888Sports are a true force to be reckoned with in the online gambling environment and having been one of the pioneers of both the online and mobile gaming environment you are going to find their experience does shine through every single part of their operation!

They have also been granted full remote gambling licenses in lots of different countries across the globe too, and with some many licenses they have to be squeaky clean and abide by all manner of different gaming regulations too.

However, that does ensure that you have the complete peace of mind that in the event of any problems 888Sports are going to rectify those problems very quickly and will do so in a fast, efficient and completely hassle-free way.

When you want to have an enjoyable and first-class type of betting experience you really should not look any further than 888Sports for they offer punters everything they could possible need and plenty more besides, so do give them a try to see for yourself just who good a sportsbook they really are!

Bet on Anything and Everything

What my advice would be if you are tempted to bet at 888Sports is to set aside 20 minutes or so to study their website in much closer details, for it is via that website that you can instantly access their web browser-based betting platform.

You will then be able to click onto any of the sport categories and by doing so you can then see just what is available on each of them, and one important thing I do suggest you also do is to compare the odds you see on their betting platform and betting markets with some other sportsbooks.

That way you will realise why many other sports bettors do bet regularly at 888Sports, and just so you know their betting odds and money liens too are updated in real time, so the odds available truly are available and not just on display to get you to sign up!

It is also worth knowing that 888Sports bow additional offer live in-play betting markets that are going to allow you to keep on betting after any sporting event or sporting fixture has begun so can keep on betting as the sporting event unfolds before your very eyes!

Choose When and How to Bet

I have downloaded, installed and then have used probably dozens if not over a hundred or so different betting apps over the years, and if you have also tested out several of them you will not need me to tell you how cumbersome to use some of them really are.

However, thanks to the way that the tech team at 888Sports have designed and are continually developing their mobile betting app you are going to find it a complete breeze to use but one that comes packed with lots of additional built in features.

Having said that though if you are the type of sports bettor who is much more eager to bet on your computer or laptop then you will find nothing to complain or moan about when using the online betting platform.

Keep in mind that no matter which platform you originally sign up to use, either their online one or their mobile app, the log in details will also give you access to the other gaming platform or their app, and you will have the option of setting your own account limits when using either of them too.

Ongoing Value Packed Promotions

It is always good to know that you are respected as a customer of any online or mobile sportsbooks, and the one way to tell if the operator of such sites values you is by the regularity at which they will make available t promotional offers, deals and bonuses too.

As you have already found out from up above, the sign up welcome bonus on offer to all new customers at 888Sports is one worth claiming and making full use of but take it or leave it the floodgates are then going to be opened regarding additional offers and deals.

The types of promotions you will have at your disposal include deposit bonuses and reload bonuses, and on top of that you will also be offered odds boosts which will see the value of the odds that are on offer to you on different sporting events increased in value.

So, make sure that you check out their website regularly for details to those promotional offers and deals, but also check your email too, as their sportsbook hosts will often send you out tailored promotional offers and deals too.

Excellent Support and Fast Winning Pay-Outs

Speed is what you will be looking for if you ever need to contact one of the team at Bovada, and speed is even more important when it comes to you receiving your winning pay-outs too!

Therefore, I just know you are never going to be disappointed as a customer of 888Sports, for unlike many other betting sites they have their own team of support agents who are on hand nigh t and day to answer any questions you may have.

When you want to cash out your winnings, that is going to be just as quick and easy to do as when you made a deposit, which is a refreshing change by the way, as most sportsbook take a few days before they get around to even processing your winnings, never mind sending them out to you.

What you will be required to do however, as soon as you have registered as a new customer is to get your account verified, and you do that by sending in a copy of your passport or your driving licence and sending into them a copy of a recent utility bill, and once done you are good to go!

Why Bet at 888Sports?

I think I will leave it up to you to decide of 888Sports is the type of sportsbook for your gaming action, for I have no doubt in my mind that when you do give them a try you will not be disappointed in any way shape or form.

Keep in mind everything you have just read, for when it comes to picking out a handful of betting sites to remain loyal to, you will always be richly rewarded with ongoing promotional offers when you do bet regularly there.

But just as important as promotional offers and odds bosting deals are you want to have the peace of mind in knowing you will be paid out in full when you win and in your own home currency, and by the payment option you have request.

That is something that will be on offer to you all the time at 888Sports, and thanks to their completely user-friendly betting platform and their mobile betting app you are going to find it an absolute breeze to place a bet with them whenever you get the urge to do so!


Ladbrokes Bookmaker Review

online betting sites UK

Ladbrokes Online Sportsbook

Ladbrokes probably do not need an introduction, for they are one of the largest and most successful gambling companies based in the UK, who have massively expanded their operation over the last few years and now operate in many different countries of the world and do also operate online too!

In fact, they also launched their own state of the art mobile betting app that you may already have utilized, if not then boy are you going to be blown away with all its unique features and will always be able to place a bet when you want to bet.

Ladbrokes also have some very deep pockets too, so first and foremost if you are a high-stake sports bettor who is seeking some hug betting limits and always want to bet at a site that has the means to pay you out when you win, then Ladbrokes is the site for you.

However, irrespective of whether you bet big or simply like to place a much more modestly staked sports bet every now and then their range and types of ongoing promotions offers available to all customers of Ladbrokes is huge and ensure their clients do lock in even more betting value at the time!

Exclusive Free Matched Bet

Having to jump through hoops and then having to wait for days for a sportsbook free matched bet to appear in your betting account is something that you will often find you have to experience when signing up as a new customer of some betting sites, however that will never happen to you when you sign up to Ladbrokes.

As part of our exclusive sign up bonus that you will qualify for when you click onto any of our links you will then be able to place an initial bet of up to £50 (Ts & Cs Apply),  and for each pound you place on that initial bet Ladbrokes will give you another bet completely free of charge,

That free bet will be yours to make use of as soon as your first bet you place has been settled, win or lose, so to get the maximum value out of it if you can afford to place an initial bet of the full £50 (Ts & Cs Apply) claimable then make sure that is exactly what you do!

free £50 bet at ladbrokes

Ladbrokes Makes Betting Easy

Ladbrokes do a lot of cross promoting of all their betting brands, so if you ever visit one of their betting shops in person then do not be too surprised if you see advertisements for their betting app or their online betting platform as you watch their shop TV screens!

However, not only are you going to be able to place any type of bet you can think of when visiting their land-based betting offices, you will also find just as many betting markets and betting opportunities are also available online and on their betting app too.

In fact, they also offer a telephone betting service too, so if you are unbale to visit one of their betting shops and have a technical breakdown and cannot get online or use their app for whatever reason you can still get your bets and wagers placed by using their telephone service!

Their online betting platform is very easy to access and use and you sign up to it by visiting their website, and that is from where you will also be able to log into your account, once you do open account you an also move money around any of the other Ladbrokes owned and operated gambling sites.

So, if you fancy a few hands of blackjack, or fancy playing poker or even bingo then you can do so with relative ease.

I should point out that everything you can bet on online, and in their betting-shops will also be available on their mobile betting app too, so one thing you are always going to be guaranteed of doing as a client of Ladbrokes is to get your bets placed in one way or another.

They also allow the cross use of the betting promotions too, so if you want to take for example best odds guarantees or ante post betting odds you can do so online and via their app too

Experienced Odds Compilers and Plenty of Betting Markets

online betting sites UKIf there is one thing that Ladbrokes have in abundance it is experience, and that experience does shine through every single part of their operation, and they are up there with the very highest rated sportsbooks, bookmakers and betting sites.

Never be under the impression that their teams off odds compliers work a 9 to 5 job either, for as soon as one shift finishes in their head office for their odds compilers another team then come on duty, which means their betting platforms are constantly being fed the very latest betting odds and money lines too.

Never underestimate the real value to be had by utilizing the services of a betting site that has their own inhouse team of odds compilers, for some betting companies outsource their odds compiling to third party which means other sites often never off different odds!

Ladbrokes do have the power and deep pockets to allow them to take chances regarding offering to their clients much higher odds they have on many different sporting events which makes then a betting site worth signing up to and betting at when you do look for and demand the very best betting value of course!

Legal and Safe Betting at Ladbrokes

Having been in business in the UK for decades, Ladbrokes have always been a fully licensed and regulated betting company, so they probably know the laws surrounding betting as good as anyone working for the UK Gambling Commission does.

They are also licensed in many other parts of the world too, and as such when you do fancy giving them a try you will have the peace of mind in knowing that if they do permit you to sign up and gamble with them, then they are licensed in your own home country of residence.

Not only are they a law-abiding betting company that always adheres to the very highest of industry standards, which is always good to know of course!

They offer their customers fast winning pay-outs and a full audit trail of al deposits made, all pay-outs processed and sent out and you will also be able to look up every single bet you have placed with them, as they have a full audit trail of each players bets too, so they come highly recommended as a dependable betting site!

Ladbrokes Customer Support

Ladbrokes Sportbook User InterfaceAs with all big and truly international gambling sites and companies there is usually one aspect of their operation that at times can let you down and possibly disappoint you to, and that is of course the customer support services on offer to you.

Now, there is no getting away from the simple fact that Ladbrokes are a huge company and will millions of customers all over the world being customers of Ladbrokes when their support centre is busy it can get very, very busy!

That sadly can and will result in you facing some fairly long delays at times when you contact their support team, so I do need you to be aware of that fact, however there is of course the very real chance that you will never need to contact their support team, so it doesn’t matte how slow they can be at times to respond!

You will however find they have some very informative help guides located on their website and as such if you do find yourself unsure about anything and their customer team are busy then make use of those help files as you will often find the answers you are looking or when you do so.

My Thoughts on the Ladbrokes Sportsbook

Sportsbooks do come in all shapes and sizes, but you may be of the mind that the only one you want to sign up to and regularly bet at are those that have a solid infrastructure in place, and if that is the case you are going to be very hard pressed to find a better betting site than Ladbrokes.

With new innovations such as their online sports bettors being able to deposit or withdraw money from their online and mobile betting accounts in person and in cash at any of Ladbrokes thousands of betting shops, that may be something that really does appeal to you.

In fact, you will often find that is by far and away the quickest options for you, as with so many shops dotted around the UK you will always find there is one close by where you live.

This is one of those betting sites that has been around for a very, very long time and will also be around for many, many years to come too, so they are rock solid and are a betting company you can always trust and rely on.

Check Out Ladbrokes Yourself, Sign Up Today & Claim a FREE £50 Bet!

Winner Bookmaker Review

Winner Online Bookie Review

With a name like Winner you may be wondering what this sportsbook is all about, well one thing that will be certain if you do decide to give them a try is that you are going to find they will have betting markets on every single sporting event, and they are a huge company that have their headquarters over on Gibraltar.

As such they do abide always by some of the strictest of gaming laws and regulations, and over the years that’s led to the success of their betting operation, so much so that they have moved into many other gaming marketplaces too.

So, if you do want a bet then you will always be able to do so and at some appealing odds when gambling at the Winner Sportsbook, but you will also find you can play casino games, poker or even bingo by visiting one of their own fully branded gaming sites too.

However, let me stick to their sportsbooks in this review, for it is of the quality demanded by todays savviest of punters, and with their own in-house teams of odds compilers, if you do think you have the skill to beat them at their own game then this sportsbook should be right at the top of your list of betting sites you do gamble at!

Exclusive £200 Free Matched Bet Offer

£200 free new player bonusOne type of betting bonus that most sportsbooks and bookmaker’s sites will be offering you are those known as free matched bets, and to claim them once you have registered as a user of any sportsbook for the very first time you must make a deposit and then go about placing your very first initial bet.

Once that bet has been settled win or lose the betting site will then award you with a free bet up to the value of the initial once you placed, however they tend to only match a small amount of that bets value, but Winner have a much more generous bonus up for grabs.

For win or lose after you have placed your very first bet with them they will match its value up to £200,  (Ts & Cs Apply) however they will only do that if you use our direct links to sign up to their site, so give any of them a click, register and then make your first deposit and bet, and that matched bet will soon be yours!

Bet Quickly and Easily at Winner Sportsbook 

He who hesitates is lost, as the saying goes, and you will certainly lose out if you hang around when placing bets, as is often the case the one thing you want to bet on will often see its odds being reduced when you delay getting a wager placed.

However, the Winner sportsbook know what players look for when gambling online and as such their web-based betting platform is not going to be cumbersome to use, not is it going to slow down your browsing of their odds and available betting markets and betting opportunities.

Juts log into your account, chose the sporting category you wish to bet on and you will then be presented with all up and coming sporting events.

The betting app at Winner is just as simple to use as their online betting platform, however you are going to need to ensure you get used to the click and tap way in which you will be betting when using that betting platform.

If you are still unsure as to whether betting on your mobile is going to be as easy to do as when betting online you have nothing to lose by downloading and installing their app and scrolling through it, to see first-hand just how easy it is to use.

There is also no requirement or need for you to have to re-register again if you do hold an account at the online version of Winner, for you can use the same log-in details that you have for that platform on their betting app.

Your funds by the way will always be available irrespective of whether you log into their betting app or if you use their online betting platform, so there is no need to deposit again to bet if you do have money in your account.

All Sports Betting Markets

Having been around for several years now, Winner have put into place their own in-house team of odds compilers and therefore do not rely on third parties to put their betting markets in place, which does result in their often being plenty of value to be had on their sports betting markets.

Whilst at time you may find just an outright win betting markets on some sporting events and sporting fixtures, you are more likely than not going to find they will be offering a plethora of different betting opportunities on the sporting categories you like the most.

In addition to you being able to bet before the start of any sporting event, once those events do go live Winner then open the in-play betting markets, so you can continue to place bets and wagers and possibly hedge bets you placed before the off.

Look over their website as soon as you can do, for by doing so right now or at any time you are always going to be able to very clearly see just what their current odds and money lines are on every single type of sporting event!

Legal and Safe Betting at the Winner Sportsbook

No two betting sites will be offering you the same features and even odds, and that is why as you do take a good look around this website we have put together a handful of sportsbook reviews of the betting sites that we just know are going to be offering a unique type of sports betting experience.

But no matter which of those sportsbooks you choose to sign up to and play you will be getting a betting experience you will want to return to of that we can be sure.

There are many wants and demands that all sports bettors are going to have on their checklist, and one thing that should be high up on your own personal checklist if not right at the top of it is whether the sportsbooks you may be thinking of signing up to are fully licensed.

I am more than happy to let you know that the Winner Sportsbook is a fully licensed and regulated betting site, and it is one at which you are always going to find a fully rounded betting experience on offer to you!

Winner Customer Support

Having to wait around if you do run into any problems when trying to contact the support team at any sportsbook is going to be annoying, but not as annoying as having to then wait to be passed around from one department to another to get your problems rectified.

I should start off however by saying the chances of you running into any technical problems at Winner sportsbook are going to be very low, for as you have found out from above their website is highly advanced and has been tried and testing by many thousands of punters over the years.

But if you do need any help or advice or having any question related to the Winner betting site or their mobile app they always have support team members on duty who all are fully trained and will get your questions answered or your problems rectified rapidly.

Never underestimate the importance of having support on hand whenever you may need them, and that is something that you are always going to have if you make what I know to be the very smart decision of signing up to and then betting at the Winner sportsbook.

My Thoughts on the Winner Sportsbook

One thing I have become aware of with the Winner Sportsbook is that they are very strict regarding the terms and conditions associated and attached with each of their betting site promotional offers, deals and bonuses.

I do of course want you to have a hassle-free gambling experience as one of their customers and with that in mind I would encourage you to ensure that if you do ever wish of claim their ongoing bonus, or you are tempted to make use of their sign-up bonus, then please do read through their terms and conditions.

By doing so and making yourself aware of just how they have been written and structured you will then not fall foul of any of their rules and terms and conditions, failing to do so could see you then having your winnings voided out if you do break any of their rules.

Having said that though, if you do pay by their rules then you will get paid out your winning on time and always in full, which is all you can ask for from a betting sites you have won at really, so they are a betting site I have no difficulties or problems recommending to you.

Check Out Winner Sports Here!

Greyhound Racing Betting

A greyhound

greyhound racing betting

Adopting a Winning Greyhound Racing Betting System

It can often feel like the only way you can pick the winner of any up and coming greyhound race is to close your eyes, and then stick a pin into the list of runners, and whichever dog’s name the pin sticks in that will be the dog to bet on! 

Greyhound racing is a funny old game, and anything can and probably will happen when you choose to bet on any number of greyhound races. There is always the chance that your chosen greyhound could get knocked over at one of the corners or it could even go lame at any point in any race too.

However, over the years there have been plenty of different greyhound racing systems developed, and one that does have a bit of merit surrounding it, involves you looking for greyhounds that have shown an improvement in their form over their last few races.

A greyhound You will often notice that the form of any greyhounds can come and go, but if you do spot a greyhound that is improving in form, then that will be one worth betting on, and there may be a good chance it is going to win its next race.

Therefore, what you should do when you are looking through the newspaper and list of runners is to look at the form of each runner in each individual race, and then utilize a point scoring system whereby you look at each greyhound’s last three runs and then allocate several points to each of those last three races.

Once you have worked out the points each greyhound has scored via its placing in the last three races it has run, then you should place a bet on the greyhound or couple of greyhounds that have scored the highest number of points in each race.

By starting with the last race each greyhound runs in you should allocate 18, 12 and 6 points if that greyhound finished first, second or third it that race. On its second last run the points system is 12, 8 and 4 points for finishing in first, second or third place respectively.

On each greyhound’s third last race the number of points you should allocated for first, second and third are 6, 4 and 2 points respectively. If a greyhound finished in any other positions outside the top three positions in any of its previously run races, then you do not allocate any points to its score.

Whilst this is by no stretch of the imagination what I would call a fool-proof betting system for betting on greyhound races, it does have a reasonable amount of success. But always keep in mind what I said earlier, that being that you do need your greyhound to have a clear run and just be aware of the chances and risks that it could get bumped or even knocked over when making its way around the track.

This method of choosing which greyhounds to bet on is relatively quick to preform too, and you are not going to have to check out several different races and then work out the individual form of each greyhound which is something you do usually have to do when trying to pick out the ones with the best chances of winning!

Football Betting Strategies

Premier League Football Betting Strategy

When it comes to betting on football matches, such as those teams playing in the Premier League, you are always going to be best advised to research fully each team’s current form, and also be aware of some other facts and figures too, if you are to have a fair chance of winning.

All betting sites are going to be offering their own odds on the outcome of each Premier League match, and as such one way you can be assured of getting the best value and the highest amount of winnings paid out to you on any winning best is by ensuring the betting sites that you bet at are offering the best odds!

best betting odds for football and the EPL

The best Premier League betting strategy you can adopt is to place bets on home teams winning, as opposed to betting on away teams to win a match or even betting on the draw.

I say that since on average home teams in the Premier League win around 46.20% of their matches, whilst those matches that end up being a draw do so 27.50% of the time, and away teams only win over average around 26.30% of matches.

So, you are going to stand a much greater chance of winning when betting on a Premier League team to win at home that you would do betting on the draw or an away team win.

One way that you could bet on the home teams is by using a betting strategy that will see you slowly increasing your stakes on the next match a team plays if the team you bet on to win at home loses their previous match.

If you structure your betting strategy in such a way then it will only take one winning bet to return to you all your previous stakes and losses and will give you a small profit, and you should be able to afford to bet on a fair number of home matches without having to pay a small fortune if a series of them are losing ones.

However, there are plenty of different betting strategies that you could choose to adopt, so I would strongly suggest that you also checkout some other Premier League betting strategies as some of them may be more appealing than simply betting on the home team to win each time you place a bet!

What you should also be on the lookout for when you do place any type of football related bets, are betting sites that offer a range of different consolation money back bonuses to their customers.

Such sites will often give you the chance of winning your losing stakes back if something they have predicated happens in a football match does happen, and the bets you have placed is a losing one, as opposed to a winning one. 

Those cash back consolation bets can often see you getting your money back when otherwise you would have placed a losing bet, so they are worth hunting around for. In fact, many of our featured betting sites do offer such bonuses, so they should be the betting sites you consider placing all your football related bets and wagers at!EPL

Best Online Casinos

Play Online Casino games here.

Online Casinos

It was in the year 1994 that the first fully functional online casinos first started to go live online, however over the last two decades the technology utilized by such sites has changed, as have the laws surrounding online gambling in general.

Those early years of online casinos were often described as the Wild West, for as long as you had a debit or credit card you could sign up to any of them, make a deposit and then play any of the available games, and would then be left at the mercy of Lady Luck as to whether you ended up winning or losing!

Best online casino sites

These days however, most developed countries of the world have taken one of two different routes regarding the way they look at online casinos. Some of them have warmly embraced them and have put together infrastructures that allows them to regulate and license such sites and of course earn tax revenue from them too.

However, some countries have decided that online gambling and therefore online casinos are illegal and have done everything in their power to stop their citizens from being able to access such sites, and that is certainly the case in places such as the USA! This guide will help you make sense of online casinos so please do read on if you do ever fancy giving one of them a try!

Bonuses You Can Claim

There will be bonuses on offer to you at all online casinos, but you need to weigh up the odds on them giving you more winning opportunities, for whilst claiming things such as high valued deposit match bonus will give you more play time, the play through requirements will reduce your chance of winning!

Therefore, spend time reading through the bonus play rules, for that way you can work out whether claiming a bonus and the rules attached to them will give you a chance of improving your winning chances or will simply tie up your deposits and reduce your winning chances!

Free play bonuses are also available, and when you claim such a bonus the casino site will give you a huge no deposit type of bonus and will give you an hour or so to try and win, if you do win over and above your starting balance you can claim some of the winnings as a bonus, but a deposit will be required to claim those winnings as bonus credits.

No deposit bonuses are one much sought after casino bonus, be to be truthful the terms and conditions attached to them are so tight you will rarely if ever be able to cash out any winnings due to those terms and conditions and the number of times you must play through the no deposit bonus credits!

Depositing and Withdrawal Options

One aspect of choosing to gamble for real money at an online casino is that you will not want to have to lose out to things such as currency conversation costs and fee and you will also not want to pay to have the privilege of depositing into your casino accounts either!

Therefore, you should always first try to make deposits using a debit card, for if you have one you can use then not only will your payments be made instantly at all casino sites, but there will be nothing to pay on top of the amount you deposit.

But that will only be the case if you are playing at a casino site in your own home currency, so avoid playing at sites that force you to sign up and use a different currency other than the one you use at home, for forex fees will then come into force.

Web and e-wallets may be another option you could prefer using, but those do impose fees on you dependent on the method you use to top up such an account, however payments made from casino sites when you cash in your winnings are often much quicker when paid back to a web or e-wallet.

If you have none of the above options available to you then fear not you could choose to use a prepaid voucher, and to do so you will simply need to visit a nearby shop or retail outlet that sells Pay Safe Card vouchers, and you buy them with cash, and use the code printed on them to fund your casino accounts.

Games Available at Online Casinos

It does often surprise first time online casino players just how wide and varied the games on offer at such sites are, but if you have never played at such a site then you will of course need to have some ideas of what is going to be in store for you regarding the game son offer.

As such let me give you an overview of some of the most played online casino games. The most popular games, without a shadow of a doubt are the slot machines. You will find older styled classic and three-reel slots, fruit machines, video slots and of course plenty pf progressive games available to you.

Regarding just how diverse the range of video poker game variants are, it is not unusual to find dozens of different variants, plus you will find single hand games, multi-hand variants as well as a small number of progressive video poker games. Some casinos also offer level up poker games too that have in-built multipliers that boost the value of consecutive winning hand pay-outs.

All the usual table games are also on offer including games such as Sicbo, Roulette and Craps, and when it comes to card games include 3 card poker games, Blackjack games and Baccarat you really are going to be spoilt for choice!

Tips for Playing at Online Casinos

If trying your luck at any of our featured online casinos is something you are prepared to do, I would encourage you to first compare all bonuses that will become available to you at such sites, as by picking out the high valued one you will then get more play time and more winning opportunities.

Also, as each game will have a built-in house edge, or its own unique long term expected pay-out percentage, then do make sure the games you select do either have the lowest possible house edge or the highest available pay-out percentage.

When playing games such as Blackjack and Video Poker that have an element of skill built into them, try and turn on the auto hold option on the video poker games as that will ensure the best cards are held for you after the initial deal, or use auto play on Blackjack games as that will then see that option setting using the optimal strategy for the variant you have chosen to play!

It is important though that you play at a casino site that does offer certified fair and random games, and also sites that hare famed for their rapid winning pay-outs, so when you do next set about selecting such a site to play at make sure the final ones you select do pay you quickly when you win and have had every single one of their games certified as being completely random too.

Current State of the EPL

Current State of the EPL

Whether or not you agree with the decision to form the English Premier League back in 1992 or not, it has certainly proven to be a real money-spinner for all teams in that league. 

The money they earn from television rights and sponsorship alone dwarfs the amount of cash they take in at the turnstiles and from season ticket sales. However, it is always open to debate whether the EPL has lost its way or is much more than simple a money-making machine!

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Currently there are 20 teams that make up the EPL, consisting of 19 that are in England and one in Wales, and they are under the control of the UEFA Confederation, and the league has been designed in the usual pyramid structure.

This year has of course seen Manchester City being crowned the champions, even before the last games have been played. In fact, I do know of one UK bookmaker that paid out all winning punters who backed Manchester City when it was a forgone conclusion they were going to win the title!

Over the last few years, the top four clubs known as the dominant four, those being the four teams that always seemed to head the league in the decade known as the 00’s, have seen various runs of luck and form.

This year sees them also getting placed high up on the league table, but they are nowhere as dominate as they once were, those four teams for reference were, and still are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

Gone too have the leading players in that league, for you must look back to the likes of Alan Shearer to find a player that was the top goal scorer, and he has of course been out of the game for many years now, as a player anyway!

If there is one thing that does annoy the hell out of fans of the sport it is being forced to pay or sign up to subscription services to be able to watch the games that make up the EPL, and with the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sports holding the rights to the live matches, pay is something that fans of the sports will always have to do!

However, both Sky Sports and the BBC do show recorded highlights of all major matches on their free to air shows, so all is not lost if you don’t want to have to fork out to get your English Premier League fix!

Early Betting on the 2018/2019 EPL Season

You must hand it to the betting companies, they never want to miss out when it comes to offering odds to their customers, much more so when it comes to them betting on the English Premier League.

As such I have scouted around to find if any betting sites are currently offering a betting market on next season, and I wasn’t too surprised to discover a handful that are offering a partial betting market.

It wasn’t that long ago that Leicester City become title holders of the EPL, and that was some result, for on the early betting markets right at the start of the season many bookmakers were going 5000/1 that they would win the title. 

Obviously as the season progressed their odds dropped, but there were many fans who did secure those massive odds and won a fortune.

Therefore, if you do fancy placing what will admittedly be some speculative and long-term bets on next seasons EPL, then allow me to rattle through the teams that currently do have odds attached to them.

One bet that offers no value what so ever and one I would advise you not to place this early is on Man City winning the title next season, for the best odds I have so far come cross are a paltry 8/13!

Liverpool look a slightly better proposition at 5/1 as do Man Utd at 6/1, however you are bound to find some bookies offering better odds than that as next season gets closer!

Chelsea look a stonking bet at 12/1 to win the EPL title next year so that may be a value bet to snap up and grab with both hands, and the other teams that do have odds available current include Tottenham at 14/1 and Arsenal and with the recent changes at that team do look a risky proposition even at their current odds of 25/1!

The only other team that I have seen early odds being offered on them are Wolves, however I do think it is cheeky for the betting site I will not name, offering odds of them of winning the EPL title next season of just 250/1! For their true odds of doing so much be a few multiples of those odds at the very least, but it’s your decision to make on whether to bet on them or not of course!

Cricket Betting Scams

betting on fixed cricket matches is dodgy

Cricket Betting Scams

There have always been suspicions that some players or even whole teams have rigged cricket games in the past. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago we saw the pathetic sight of David Warner the Australian cricketer sobbing on television after being caught ball tampering.

Whether or not that was simply to win games or whether there had been bets placed on those matches as part of a much larger cricket betting scam does remain to be seen. However, there have been plenty of documented cases over the years that can and will shock sports bettors when they hear about them, and one was in 2000 when the police based in Delhi became aware of a conversation that they had intercepted between Hansie Cronje who at the time was the captain of the South African cricket team and a bookmaker that had been blacklisted.

betting on fixed cricket matches is dodgyIt was found that Cronje had been paid a fair sum of money to rig cricket matches he was playing in, which did of course mean the bookmaker had been able to use that knowledge that a game was rigged to his advantage and could lay and back bets that were guaranteed to be winning ones for himself. The South African authorities however refused point blank for any of their players to stand trial or even be questioned by the Indian authorities, they were probably hoping that the scandal would blow over and go away, which on reflection was not the best course of action!

But due to the scandal becoming major news at the time an inquiry was eventually launched and it didn’t take long for Cronje to admit his wrong doing and admit to rigging quite a few different cricket matches.He also saw sense and named many other people from other teams who he had conspired with to rig those matches, all of whom were banned from the sport for several years.

The problem authorities have regarding the throwing and rigging of cricket matches is that you do not need to nobble the entire team of players, for it only takes a small number of them to have wandered over to the dark side for any game to be thrown, and there is a huge amount of money placed on cricket matches by punters all over the world, so it can be very profitable for those who do rig games.

As both that case from 2000 and the very recent events surrounding the Australian cricket team proves, there are always going to be people who are prepared to cheat in cricket, but the chances of them getting away with it is dwindling, much more so with the advent of new technology, used on a and around the pitch.

The game overall though is fair and whilst there have been several other instances of cheating in cricket over the years they are quite rare, and as such I would not put you off betting on any major cricket matches if you fancy doing so!

2018 UK Flat Jockeys Championship

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UK Flat Jockeys Championship 2018

There are of course plenty of different bets and wagers you can place on horse races, why not read our guide on betting on Horse Racing , however one bet that can often bear fruits, if you are a fan of flat racing, is to have a bet on the jockey who is going to win the most races during the flat season. By keeping your eyes peeled for any trainers that are consistently in form and by checking out who their preferred jockeys are you can often get a good idea of just which jockey will achieve the most winner runs during a season. This is a contest that is based around both Flat and All-Weather races and the contest is live from Saturday the 5th of May 2018 until Saturday the 20th of October 2018.

The odds will of course change as the results of each race come in, but without a shadow of a doubt it is always going to be the jockeys that are riding for the in-form trainers that do stand a much greater chance of winning this content. Not all betting sites will be offering a betting market on the UK 2018 Flat Jockeys Championship, however you will find that all the leading UK based bookmakers will have a betting market in place, and as such if you are looking for one of the more unusual bets and wager you can place, then this is certainly one worth considering.
Below you will get an insight into the current betting market and I will also be passing you on some historical data concerning the results of this contest over the last few years too.

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Current Flat Jockeys Championship Odds

The current favourite to win the Flat Jockeys Championship in in 2018 season is Silvestre De Sousa, in fact so much so are the quality of rides this season he has already bene installed as the current 4/9 favourite to win this contest!
The second favourite is of course Andrea Atzeni, who has proven time and time again he knows just how to pull a race out of the bag, and if you think Andrea is going to win this content then his current win odds of doing so are tempting being 6/1.

It is always true to say that luck can play a huge part on whether a jockey is going to win this content, and as such some of the mid-priced jockeys that worth considering include Jim Crowley at 9/1, the vastly experienced Ryan Moore at14/1 and a couple of the younger up and coming jockeys including both Daniel Tudhope and William Buick who are both trading at around the 16/1 mark.

There has been some money on the betting markets recently for Oisin Murphy whose odds have dropped from 25/1 to 20/1 and James Doyle who started off at 33/1 to win this contest but is now available at 25/1.
Some other jockeys who are in with a chance of winning the title, albeit a small chance include both Adam Kirby and Paul Hanagan at 33/1, Luke Morris at 50/1, Joe Fanning at 66/1 and you will get odds of 100/1 on Fran Berry, Frankie Dettori, Jamie Spencer and P J McDonald.

Other Horse Racing Bets On Offer

The Flat Jockeys Championship is of course a novelty type bet, but with some luck it can be a bet that pays off, if you take advantage of the early betting markets. The odds of each jockey will start to fluctuate as the result of each meeting are known, so do consider placing a bet early.

If you are interested in placing a range of additional bets on horse racing, then one type of bet that will give you an interest in a race meeting all day is a placepot bet. That bet is a pooled bet where stakes of all bettors are placed into the pot, and a dividend less commission and other fees are removed from the pot will be declared are the end of a race meeting.

To win a share of that pot you must correctly predict one horse to be placed in each of the races at a racecourse, if each horse you do select does get placed then a share of the pot will be yours.

Another popular type of bet that can return some huge pay-out dividends is a Tricast bet. That bet requires you to pick out three horses in an up and coming horse race, and then hope they finish in first, second and third place as you have written them down on your betting slip.

Previous Winners of the Flat Jockeys Championship

One thing that you are bound to notice when you look at the previous winners list of the Flat Jockeys Championship, is that the same jockeys do tend to win the event year after year, and they are always the jockeys that are retained by the most successful trainers too.

bet on horse racing, horse racingIn 2017 it was Silvestre De Sousa who won the contest, and the year before that it was the turn of Jim Crowley to win, but the previous year to that was in 2015 it was Silvestre De Sousa who won.

In 2012, 2013 and 2014 Richard Hughes won the champion jockey and in the two years before he won his hattrick in 2011 and 2010 Paul Hanagan won the championship. One jockey won also won this content several times is Ryan Moore.
It was in 2009, 2008 and in 2006 that Ryan Moore was crowned champion flat jockey, but in 2007 the contest was tie with both Jamie Spencer and Sebastian Sanders sharing the title.

Jamie Spencer won this contest back in 2005 and everybody’s favourite jockey that being Frankie Dettori won it back in 2004. Kevin Darley won from 1997 to 1999 and again from 2001 to 2002 with Kevin Darley winning the title in 2000.
If this is a bet you fancy placing then currently the smart money is going on the favourite to win the title, that of course being Silvestre De Sousa.

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