Bookies Puzzled by the Speedway World Championship

2018 Speedway World Championship Betting

You will already have 6:00pm on the 26th of May pencilled into your diary if you are a fan of Speedway, for that is the time and sate when the Speedway World Championship starts.

However, for once I am pleased to announce that a quick look at the betting markets for this event, it appears that there is no common ground between bookmakers, and they all appear baffled as to who is going to win it.

Therein dear reader lays your chance of bagging some high odds if you do fancy placing a bet on it, for with no rock-solid odds-ion favourite, which has been the case in previous years, there is plenty of value to be had!

speedway world championship betting guide

In fact, if you do fancy placing an each-way bet, you are going to find plenty of betting sites and betting apps that will give you one quarter the odds on the first three finishers, so there is even more value to be had.

But make sure you get your money down as soon as you can, for I doubt some of the following odds are going to be around as the liquidity on the most likely winner increases.

If you are tempted to place a bet then below you will find the best odds I have so far come across on each of the riders, and as usual, the only betting sites and apps you should be using are those you see dotted around this website, as they offer fast pay-outs and hassle-free betting.

Can Frederik Lindgren Win the 2018 World Speedway Championship?

Whilst the early betting markets are not awash with cash, it appears that Frederik Lindgren is the current favorite, however by no stretch of the imagination is he a strong favorite for his odds are 3/1, so I know plenty of favourite backers will want some of those odds for sure.

Not far behind him though is Tai Woffinden, and you do have to admire his style of riding, for he does seem to be completely fearless when on the track, and in my opinion that is a help rather than a hindrance, and he is penciled up as the second favourite at 4/1.

You know that when Bartosz Zmarzlik is on the track you are in for a thrill, and he must be a rider the bookies are afraid of regarding the possible winner of this event, for they are going 6/1, and if there was ever a true valued bet it is on him winning.

I am not really convinced that Jason Doyle will lift the trophy and title this year, but it is fair to say he is in with a chance of doing so, however consider betting on him each-way if you do feel he is the chosen one, for you will get a decent return when doing so if you secure his current odds of 13/2.

Can you see Patryk Dudek winning this event this year? If so, then don’t hang around and mop up as much of the 7/1 on him winning as you can, for those odds may just shorten as the off time for this event approaches!

Plenty of Value in the Outsiders to Win!

With such an open betting book on this year’s Speedway World Championship event, you may fancy plumping for one of the outsiders, and if so then one rider that could deliver the goods on the day is Maciej Janowski at 10/1!

I really think it would be advisable and wise to consider placing possible a couple or even a few each-way bets on this event this year via the early betting markets for with riders such as Emil Saifutdinov on offer at 12/1, Artem Laguta and Matej Zagar readily available at 20/1 and even Nicki Pedersen at 25/1 you could back all three and get a fair return if one of them is placed.

To round off todays betting news story let me give you an insight into the odds on the other riders along with their current odds and they are Chris Holder and Greg Hancock at 25/1, Piotr Pawlicki looks a no hoper at 66/1 as does both Martin Vaculik at 100/1 and Craig Cook, who you are only going to want to bet on him if you are one of his friends or family members, for he is the total outsider at 150/1!