British Speedway Grand Prix Betting

You are going to be able to tune into the British Speedway Grand Prix this Saturday on the BT Sport 1 channel, and it promises to be an exciting race in which there are plenty of riders that could win the event outright.

In fact, plenty of fans of the sport are placing their bets right now at betting site such as Betfred, for by doing so they are going to find some rather appealing odds on offer, and as such if this is a sporting event you do fancy a financial interest in please do read on!

As for the punters current favourite to win, that honour goes to the multi-talented Kai Woffinden, and by visiting sportsbooks such as the Betfred Sportsbook you can take advantage of some generous odds on him winning of 11/4.

Many punters who are choosing to back the second favorites in this race and those riders are Fredrik Lindgren and Maciej Janowski who have been trading at 6/1 for quite a few days now, however another couple of riders that may be worth a punt include Bartosz Zmarzlik at 7/1 and Jason Doyle whose odds look steady at 8/1.

Lay Odds on Riders to Lose

As you will have no doubt noticed whilst looking around our website, we do have a very generous sign up bonus being offered to our website visitors from Betfair, and it is a bonus that you should seriously consider making use of too!

By joining Betfair you are then going to have the option of being able to lay odds on any riders you think have no chance of winning the British Speedway Grand Prix, and you will, if you odds are high enough, then start attracting interest from other users who will start to place bets with you at those odds!

Best Each-Way Bets to Place

Up to three places and one quarter of the win odds are on offer to punters betting with Betfred on the British Speedway Grand Prix, and that does of course mean there is some value waiting to be mopped up when betting on some of the higher priced outsiders.

Take for example Emil Saifutdinov  and Artem Laguta they are both worthy of an each-way punt at their current odds of 14/1 and there is also plenty of value to be had by backing Greg Hancock and Robert Lambert with Betfred for they are going 16/1 on both of those riders!

If you are prepared to back some of the rank outsiders then there are plenty of them to pick and choose from, but keep in mind when backing any of them you shouldn’t go overboard on your stakes!

The riders who do appear, on their current form at least to have very little chance of either winning or getting placed include the likes of Matej Zagar at 33/1, Martin Vaculik at 66/1 and you can also get huge odds of 100/1 on Przemyslaw Pawlicki, and Craig Cook but remember their respective odds are that high for a reason!