Bruce Betting Review

Bruce Betting Bookmaker Review

Many punters like to swap and change the betting sites and betting apps they utilize these days, for by doing so when they make an initial deposit and then start to bet at any new site or app they have signed up to they can often make use of some high valued welcome bonuses.

If you are currently thinking of trying out a brand-new betting site then never rush to sign up to the very first ones you may come across online, for you will be far betting off signing up to one such as the Bruce Betting site, and the reason I say that will be revealed this review of their online and mobile sportsbook!

Weekly Free Bet Offer

You can often feel like you are trying to get blood out of a stone when it comes to getting your fair share of bonuses and offers from some online betting sites, but the team over at Bruce Betting have some up with a very novel and approach to giving their customers great valued deals.

One that is bound to grab your attention and is certainly worth making use of is their £10 in free bets per week for the first year after you sign up to their betting site! Obviously spread over the year that is a fair amount of free best you are going to be able to claim.

By claiming that offer you are going to be able to pick out a range of different betting opportunities each week, and to be fair you are going to have more than a fair chance of picking out a few winners when using those free bets too!

You must of course be a first time and new customer of Bruce Betting to claim that offer, and a full set of fair and reasonable Terms and Conditions Apply. To hold an account at Bruce Betting you must be 18+ and any additional questions about their bonus offer or anything else can be directed to their always available customer support team.

Mobile or Online Betting Options

No serious sports bettor should be without both at the very least one online betting account and must also have a mobile app downloaded onto their mobile phone, for that way you are always going to be able to get your bets on no matter where you are.

bruce betting has some great odds for football

Bruce Betting offer both an online betting platform, for reference it is completely web browser based which means there is no need to have to download anything to access it, you simply get over to their website use your log in details to log into it and then bingo you can place any type of sports bet in a second or two.

Their mobile betting app is nothing special to be perfectly honest, but it does give you access to every sporting event, betting markets and promotional offers as are to be found waiting for you on their online betting platform.

In fact, I would also suggest you open up a couple of other accounts at some of our other top rated sportsbooks and betting sites, then if one of them is offering you a special promotion one day when you do fancy placing a bet or have better odds on offer you wont then have to waste any time signing up to those sites to claim the better odds or promotional offers!

Full Audit Trail

To help you make sense of and always be able to keep track of every single bet you place, when you do place a bet small or large you will be given a transaction number, which you can then look up on your own personal audit trail to see where it standards regarding whether it won or lost or has been settled yet.

As soon as you do place a bet the stakes are removed from your account instantly and when you place a winning bey and the results have been declared your winnings are then going to show up in your betting account instantly too.

Bet Big or Bet Small

Ridiculously high minimum betting limits are something that can and do annoy the hell out of me as an online and mobile sports bettor, for it is I who should be able to decide how much I want to place on a bet not a sportsbooks operator!

By becoming a client of Bruce Betting, if you like to place sensible small and modestly sized bets and wagers then that is something you are going to be able to do, for they do cater for such punters and will always be happy to have you betting with them.

However, conversely, if you like to place the occasional high valued bet or you are a high-stake punter then they are also going to look after you just as well as their low stake punters.

You can place a bet of some very high amounts, and they banking interface will allow you to deposit high amounts too, and you are not going to put the frighteners on them if any of your high valued bets win either as they are always going to pay you out and in full, and not force you to have your winnings drip fed to you over weeks, months or even years, which some other sites will force you to put up with!

Help and Support Always on Offer

One other thing I would like to point out about Bruce Betting is that all their support staff are trained and know everything about their betting markets, betting platforms and banking interfaces too.

It never ceases to amaze me how totally clueless the support team members at some other betting sites can be when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of what their company offers!

So, if at any time of the day or night you have any questions or in the highly unlikely even of you experiencing any problems fire up the instant chat button and get in touch with their team who will have your all sorted out in no time at all.

You can however contact them via email, but I have often found there is a short delay before they get back to you, and as such by using the instant chat feature you are not going to be set there waiting for a reply which you could end up doing if you simply drop them an email!

You Win They Pay

Do you want to know that as soon as you have hit the cash out button your winnings are the going to be winging their way back to you? If so then Bruce Betting is the site to bet at, for they offer lightning fast pay-outs to all their betting clients irrespective of how much they win or how often they win.

Take a look at just how long some other betting sites and online and mobile sportsbooks take to pay-out their winning players and you will then see why it really is going to be beneficial for you to stick to betting at this site.

As someone who may live in the UK you do have the ability of betting in UK pounds Sterling, and as such your deposits, bets and withdrawals will be paid straight back out to you in GBP, so unlike some other betting sites that force you to cash out using another currency you won’t be stiffed for transaction and currency exchange rate fees, when depositing and/or withdrawing your winnings.

All transactions you make into and out of their betting site come with a full audit trails and whenever you have placed bet you can also look it up to see when it was placed the odds you took, the stakes any winnings paid out to you and also the time the bet was settled too, and all bets are settled automatically once each sporting event ends and the results are known.

Why Bet at Bruce Betting?

Whilst you could be put off betting with any of the much more recently launched sportsbooks and betting sites of which Bruce Betting is one of them, it will always be worth your while opening an account at as many different betting sites as you can do.

That way each day when you are working out which betting sites are offering you the highest odds and the most generous money lines if you always have an account at Bruce Betting and they are offering you betting odds then placing a bet will be quick and easy.

If you do not hold an account at a betting sites offering you higher odds than any other, by the time you have registered, made a deposit and finally get around to placing a bet the odds may have changed.

Get on over to the Bruce Betting website and open an account, for that way you will be able to make use of their welcome bonus offer, which may just get you off to a flying and possibly winning start if you do claim it, and everything then goes to plan!