Celebrity Big Brother 2018 Betting

It has been rumored to be the last ever Celebrity Big Brother, but love it or hate it that TV reality show did get off to a great start last night, with the usual mix of Z-listers and has-beens entering the Big Brother house, in the hope that they can revive their careers or cash in from the publicity and media storm the show always creates.

There are always betting sites that as soon as the contestants have made their way into the house, will then make live their very early betting markets on that show, and that is something that Betfred did last night.

Therefore, even though it is very, very early days allow me to give you an overview and an insight into what odds you can currently get at Betfred on the contestants that are at least still in the house.

I do need to point out however that as is often the case, there could be many other celebrity contestants that are going to be entering the big brother house as the show progresses, so do keep that in mind as when they do so and as contestants get knocked out of the house the odds will start to fluctuate on those still in the show!

As for the current celebrity who punters are latching onto as the most likely winner, that is Ryan Thomas, he has a warm personality and will be hoping to cash in from this new found fame, having recently been made bankrupt, Betfred currently have him available to win at odds of 5/2, which are a bit skinny in my opinion at this very easy stage of the betting and show.

Popular Celebrity Big Bother Contestants

It can and often does pay dividends for you to consider backing not the favorite to win at this very easy stage of Celebrity Big Brother, but also consider backing some of the contestants that have a huge following of fans.

For it is often those fans that carry such contestants right through to the end of the show thanks to the way the public gets to vote on who can stay in the house and who must be evicted.

Therefore there are currently four contestants that are not short of their own army of fans, and as such that means you should be considering backing people such as Roxanne Pallett at 5/1 and Dan Osborne whose odds do look generous at 8/1!

I have a sneaking suspicion that Kirstie Alley is going to be in the house for quite some time and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if she did make it right through to the end of the show and was crowned the winner of this season, and if that is a view you share her 9/1 odds are certainly very appealing for sure.

There is also a chance that Gabby Allen could at the very least make it to the final, and as BetFred are offering some fairly decent odds on her doing so, those odds being 10/1 it could be a speculative bet but one that does pay off if you decide to back her.

CBB Contestants with High Odds That Could Win

It can usually take a simple outburst at some point in the series that sees one contestant becoming a firm favourite with viewers of Celebrity Big Brother, but there can also be all manner of reasons why a contestant will become hated by viewers too.

When it comes to some of the people in the Big Brother house right now that could possibly win, and win at some huge odds, then a few to consider backing include Rodrigo Alves 12/1 and possibly have a small saver type of bet on Natalie Nunn whose odds at Betfred are 16/1.

Whether you are a fan of them or not, both Chloe Ayling and Nick Leeson should win over a percentage of the viewing public, and with both of them being available quite easily to back at odds of 20/1, I certainly wouldn’t put you off backing either of them.

I should also point out that you will find possibly a different set of win odds on each of the contestants listed above and those mentioned below at different betting sites. So as is always the case when betting on one of these novelty markets, make sure that you do shop around and try to get the best odds available at the point in time you want to place your bet!

Housemates with Little Chance of Winning CBBUK

Looking at the odds on offer on the final four contestants in the house this series, it is hard to see any of them winning, and as such one of the upshots of their collective lack of popularity is that the odds are high on each of them, so if you do fancy their chances you can secure some decent odds.

However, there are risks attached to betting on this likes of both Ben Jardine and Hardeep Singh Kohli who are both very easy to back at 25/1, however you may also fancy the chances of the medium Sally Morgan or even Jermaine Pennant and you will be rewarded for your loyalty in backing them with odds as high as 33/1!

The betting exchange over at Betfair is another place I suggest you visit if you want to place a range of other best on this series of Celebrity Big Brother, and also keep in mind that when using their betting exchange you can offer your own set of odds on any contestant you think isn’t going to win.

Just make sure that the odds you do decide to offer on any contestants you think are not going to win are high enough that they will tempt other punters to place their bets with you and take your odds, but not too high that you face paying out some huge winning bets if that contestant does then go on to win the show!